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Pika Pika-massai-chuu

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Order it now on CD Japan

Released by Media Factory
Number of Discs  One
Released July 18th, 1998
Pika Pika-in-the-middle-chu)

Track Listing
01)  Natsuyasumi Fan Club
02)  Pika Pika-in-the-middle-chu
03)  Pool
04)  A New Friend
05)  Pika Pika-in-the-middle-chu (Karaoke)
(ピカピカまっさいチュウ (カラオケ))

Kaze to Issho ni

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Released by Columbian Music Entertainment
Number of Discs  One
Released September 3rd, 1998
Together with the Wind)

Track Listing
01)  Together with the Wind
02)  Wonderful Collection
(す てきなコレクション)
03)  Together with the Wind (Karaoke)
(風といっしょに (カラオケ))
04)  Wonderful Collection (Karaoke)
(す てきなコレクション (カラオケ))

mewtwo no Tanjou

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Order it now on CD Japan

Released by Media Factory
Number of Discs  One
Released February 12th, 1999
(The Birth of Mewtwo

Track Listing
Disc One
01)  Episode One "The Phantom Pokemon "Mew" "
(第1 話「幻の「ミュウ」」)
02)  Episode Two "The Birth of Mewtwo"
(第2 話「ミュウツーの誕生」)
03)  Episode Three "Mewtwo and Ai"
04)  Episode Four "The World's Strongest Pokemon"
(第4 話「世界最強のポケモン」)
05)  Episode Five "Mewtwo Strikes Back"
(第5 話「ミュウツーの逆襲」)

Disc Two

1.  Prologue (
01)  The Phantom Pokemon "Mew"
02)  Mewtwo's Awakening
03)  Powerful Mewtwo
04)  The Beginning of the Counterattack

2.  An Invitation from the Strongest Pokemon Master (2.最強のポケモンマスターからの招待状)

05)  Aim to be a Pokemon Master '98 (Matsumoto Rika)
(めざせポケモンマスター’98 (松本梨香))
06)  We Won't Give up on Pikachu Nya~
07)  Flying Kairyuu
08)  The Messenger
09)  Omen of the Storm

3.  Let's Go to Pokemon Castle!  (3.いざ! ポケモン城へ)
10)  Let's Set Off for Pokemon Castle!
11)  Crossing the Stormy Waters
12)  Pokemon Castle
13)  The Shadow Hanging Around the Rocket-Dan

4.  Mewtwo Enters the Scene (4.ミュウツー登場)
14)  Mewtwo Enters the Scene
15)  The Copy Pokemon Wake Up!
16)  Showdown!  Real Pokemon vs. Copy Pokemon
(対決! 本物対コピーポケモン)
17)  The Monsters Balls Wildy Flying About
18)  Watch Out Pikachu!
(危うし!  ピカチュウ!)

5.  An All-Out Brawl!! (5.総力戦!!)
19)  Satoshi's Determination to Battle
20)  The Real Pokemon and the Copies!  Which One's the Strongest?
(本物とコピー! 強いのはどっちだ!)
21)  Things That Have Life

6.  Epilogue (6.エピローグ)
22)  Miraculous Tears
23)  Toward the Hopeful Sky
24)  Clear Skies After the Storm
25)  Together With the Wind (Kobayashi Sachiko)




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