Mewtwo -
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Mewtwo - The Prologue to Its Awakening
Human Characters | Pokemon Characters

Virgil (バージル) / Virgil

Japanese VA:  Kaji Yuuki


Virgil is a member of the Pokemon Rescue Squad, the leader of Team Eevee, and an extremely powerful trainer who was able to win the Isshu League.

Anna (アン ナ) and Oscar (オスカー) / ??? and ???

Japanese VA:  Katou Emiri (Anna) & Satou Masaharu (Oscar)

Anna and Oscar

Both Anna and Oscar were helped by Mewtwo in the past.  Anna is a mysterious girl who is able to understand the feelings of pokemon while her grandfather, Oscar, used to be a member of the rescue squad out in the mountains.

Dunk (ダンク) / ???

Japanese VA:  Koyasu Takehito


Like Anna and Oscar, Dunk was also helped out by Mewtwo in the past.  Dunk seems to know a lot about the man-made pokemon...but what is he after?

Mewtwo - The Prologue to Its Awakening
Human Characters | Pokemon Characters



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