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"Save the Amusement Park from the Extreme Speed Genosect!" (神速ゲノセクトから遊園地を救え!) is a theme park attraction being held at Yomiuri Land.  The attraction, billed as a collaboration between Pokémon, SCRAP, and Yomiuri Land, is being called a "Riddle Solving Event" (謎解きイベント)


"They key to solving the riddles is the Awakened Mewtwo!"

A shooting star streaks through the sky above an amusement park in the middle of the day.  That shooting star ends up being the Red Genosect, a legendary pokemon whose speed is so great that it frightens the people around it!  There's only one way to stop the Red Genosect:  Mewtwo, the legendary pokemon who's said to be hiding somewhere in Yomiuri Land!

Can you solve various mysteries and, together with Mewtwo, save Yomiuri Land?


The attraction was held at Yomiuri Land, an amusement park in western Tokyo, from July 13th until September 1st, 2013.  Players could play the game during Yomiuri Land's business hours.

According to the map available on the Yomiuri Land website, players could pick up a "Participation Kit" (参加キット) from Location #18 on the map for 300 yen.  They then have to go around the park and solve various puzzles, collect numbers, and then bring all that they've collected to the goal located below the ferris wheel.  Players who successfully finished the course received a special six piece jigsaw puzzle.

The puzzles in this attraction were recommended for those who are third grade elementary school students and older.

The event was hosted by SCRAP, producers of a free magazine produced for the Kyoto area.

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