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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | AG Movie 03

Myuu to Hadou no Yuusha Rukario Music Collection
(Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario Music Collection)
Released August 3rd, 2005

Myuu and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario Music Collection

The soundtrack to the third Advanced Generation movie features all of the instrumental music heard in the movie as well as the opening and ending themes.  Song titles that are underlined lead to that song's lyrics page.

01)  Pokemon Kazoe Uta (Eiga Baajon)
(The Pokemon Counting Song (Movie Version))
02)  Shiro, Heian~Semari Kuru Kiki
(The Crisis that Threatens the Peace of the Castle)
03)  Aaron 1
(Arlon's [Theme] 1)
04)  Hajimari no Ki
(The Tree of Beginning)
05)  Gekijou Taitoru Teema 2005
(Theatrical Title Theme 2005)
06)  Orudoran Jou
(Oldoran Castle)
07)  Fanfaare
08)  Batoru Furontia (Eiga Baajon)
(Battle Frontier (Movie Version))
09)  Souteishiki
(The Presentation Ceremony)
10)  Butoukai
(The Dance Party)
11)  Kiddo (Sasupensu)
(Kid (Suspense))
12)  Yaneura no Yuuenchi
(The Attic Playground)
13)  Manyuura Taikenzan!!
(The Meeting with the Manyula Team)
14)  Paatii
15)  Myuu ~ Hajimari no Ki 2
(Mew ~ The Tree of Beginning 2)
16)  Kiddo (Shoutai)
(Kid (Unveiled))
17)  GO!!  Hajimari no Ki e
(Go!!  To the Tree of Beginning)
18)  Fure'ai
19)  Yuujou ~ Hajimari no Ki e 2
(Friendship ~ To the Tree of Beginning 2)
20)  S1 Rejirokku
(S1 Rejirock)
21)  Chitei Sekai
(The World Underground)
22)  Ousen da!!
(It's a Counterattack!!)
23)  Pikachuu to Saikai e
(To a Reunion with Pikachu)
24)  Hajimari no Ki 3 ~ Kyoumei
(The Tree of Beginning 3 ~ Resonance)
25)  Houkai
26)  Aaron 2
(Arlon's [Theme] 2)
27)  Inochi Kakete
(Take Your Life)
28)  Wakare ~ Rukario
(Parting with Lucario)
29)  Aaron no Teema ~ Saraba Rukario
(Arlon's Theme ~ Farewell Lucario)
30)  Hajimari no Uta
(The Song of Origin)




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