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Mew (ミュウ) / Mew

Japanese VA: 
Ko'orogi Satomi

Mew is the mysterious pokemon who lives in the Tree of the Beginning of the World.  Mew is a playful creature who has a collection of toys at its home, but it doesn't seem to have any friends.  In the movie, Mew teleports with Pikachu and Nyasu to its home, where it spends the rest of the movie trying to make them forget about their trainers and play with it instead. 

The Mew in this movie is believed to be a different Mew from Mewtwo Strikes Back due to the fact that it's voiced by a different VA (Ko'orogi Satomi instead of Yamadera Kou'ichi).  It is also able to use Transform, a technique the Mew in the first movie never used. 

Lucario (ルカリオ) / Lucario

Trainer:  Aaron
Japanese VA: 
Namikawa Daisuke


Lucario is Aaron's loyal companion.  The pokemon trained extensively with the Wave-Guiding Hero, learning how to manipulate its hadou to help others.  Lucario and Aaron were inseparable until the day Lucario's master seals it in his scepter and and then leaves it there, causing the pokemon to spend the next few decades wondering why it was "thrown away" so carelessly.  Lucario remains in the scepter until Satoshi, who seems to have the same hadou as Aaron, breaks the seal placed on the pokemon. 

After being thrust into an era it is unfamiliar with, Lucario accompanies Satoshi and his friends due to the orders of Aileen.  At first the pokemon distrusts its new allies, believing that Satoshi threw away his Pikachu the same way it was thrown away by Aaron.  Before long the pokemon discovers the genuine love Satoshi has for his pokemon and decides to protect him as he would Aaron.

Lucario's abilities include speaking telepathically and firing powerful bursts of energy.  It is also able to close its eyes and "see" by detecting the hadou of its surroundings, feeling out the path in front of it.  This enables the pokemon to traverse areas covered in a thick fog, an ability that Lucario finds useful on the way to the Tree of the Beginning of the World.

Regirock (レジロック), Regice(レジアイス), and Registeel (レジスチル) / Regirock, Regice, and Registeel

Japanese VA:  Miyashita Eiji (Rejirock), Kawamoto Kunihiro (Regice), and Kakehashi Atsushi (Registeel)


Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are the guardians of the Tree of the Beginning of the World.  The three pokemon stand guard, preventing those they perceive as being enemies from progressing through the tree. 

Manene (マネネ) / ???

Trainer:  Aileen
Japanese VA:  Itou Miyako


Manene is a mime pokemon who is said to evolve into Barriered.  The pokemon, who belongs to Aileen, playfully mimics the people and pokemon around it.

Usohachi (ウソハチ) / Bonsly

Japanese VA:  Kajiwara Yuuta (King Kong)


Usohachi is the pre-evolved form of Usokkii.  This pokemon is said to cry fake tears and encounters Satoshi and his friends on the way to the Tree of the Beginning of the World

Manyula (マニューラ) / ???

Trainer:  Kid Summers
Japanese VA:  Sakaguchi Daisuke and Fukushima Jun


This pokemon is said to be the evolved form of Nyula.  Kid Summers uses Manyula in the tournament to face off against Satoshi's Pikachu, but the pokemon is defeated by the mouse pokemon's electric attacks.  Later, at the new Wave-Guiding Hero's congratulatory party, Kid attempts to have her two Manyula put a tracking device on Mew, but the two pokemon are unable to after Mew teleports away with Pikachu and Nyasu. 

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