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(アーロン) / ???

Japanese VA:  Yamadera Kou'ichi
Pokemon in Hand:  Pijotto


Aaron was the Wave-Guiding Hero during the time before Monster Balls were invented.  The tale of how the young man used his hadou to help stop the great war causes him to be revered in the kingdom of Oldoran.  Aaron is honored in Rohta Town each year by a festival which includes a tournament to decide who will act as the "Wave-Guiding Hero" for the year.  Satoshi is chosen to be the Wave-Guiding Hero one year, and before long it is determined that his hadou is identical to that of Aaron.

The pokemon Lucario is his companion, and the two appear to have been very close.  Lucario looks up to Aaron as his master and is extremely loyal to the young hero.  Aaron teaches Lucario many things, including how to control his hadou, the functions of the jikan no hana ("flower of time"), and, ultimately, what true friendship is all about. 

Leen (リーン) / ???

Japanese VA:  Kikuchi Momoko


Leen was the queen of Oldoran Castle during the time Aaron was alive.  In that era, Leen was forced to remain at the castle while Aaron went off to save the kingdom.  She is Aileen's ancestor.

Kid Summers (キッド・サマーズ
) / ???

Japanese VA:  Becky
Pokemon in Hand:  Manyula

Kid SummersKid as a SoldierKid in a dress

Kid Summers is a famous adventurer known for her many daring exploits.  She comes to Rohta Town to participate in the tournament that is to determine who the year's "Wave-Guiding Hero" will be and is defeated during the finals by Satoshi and his Pikachu.  Once the young trainer from Masara Town is named the hero, Kid sneaks off to gather data on the Mew that she had heard was supposed to be in the area.  However, when she tries to place a homing device on the pokemon, it disappears, taking Pikachu and Nyasu with it!  Kid spends the rest of the movie traveling with Satoshi and his friends on their journey to the Tree of the Beginning of the World, where Mew is said to live. 

Kid Summers is also tied to the Summers Corporation, a massive company that has access to some very advanced technology.  She is constantly in contact with Banks, a butler of sorts who aids her in the various research and tracking she gets involved in. 

Naturally, Takeshi falls for Kid, but she seems to preoccupied by her research to notice his advances.  Takeshi doesn't seem to mind, however, as the two travel throughout the Tree of the Beginning of the World, gathering data on the various life forms there.

Aileen (アイリーン) / ???

Japanese VA: 
Kikuchi Momoko
Pokemon in Hand:  Manene


Aileen is the current queen of the Oldoran Kingdom.  This descendant of Aileen is mistaken for the former queen by Lucario, but Aileen quickly corrects the pokemon by telling it that the era in which Leen was alive passed by a long time ago. 

Aileen, like Leen, stays behind while Lucario and the others go on their adventure.

Jenny (ジェニー) / ???

Japanese VA:  Okae Kumiko


Jenny is a maid in Oldoran Castle.  The old woman has a great amount of knowledge about Oldoran Castle and its many legends, especially those involving the "Wave-Guiding Hero."  She places value in the old traditions and refuses to allow anyone break them. 

Banks (バンクス) / ???

Japanese VA:  Aono Takeshi

Banks in a suitBanks in his exercise clothes

Banks is an employee of the Summers Corporation.  Throughout the course of the movie, Banks is seen feeding information to Kid (via radio) about the various places and life forms she comes across. 

Freddy (フレディ) / ???

Japanese VA:  Nishino Akihiro (King Kong)


Freddy is a young man who is seen at the party celebrating the crowning of the new "Wave-Guiding Hero."  He dances with Haruka and Musashi, both of whom seem to have a bit of a crush on him.

Mother (母親) / ???

 Mother of Rohta Town

Japanese VA:  Hidaka Noriko

As far as I can tell, the character credited as haha-oya ("mother") in the movie's end credits is the woman who is seen telling her son the legend of Aaron and Lucario during the beginning of the movie.  Click here to view the full version of the scene the above picture was taken from.

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