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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story"

I reached out to fans to find out what they wanted to know about the 21st Pocket Monsters movie, Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story," when it finally came out on July 13th. The answers to those questions are below.

Everyone's Story

If you have some question about the movie that's not answered below, please let me know via
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Q:  Is this movie a continuation of Movie 20? Is it in the same universe?
A:  Unclear. The movie makes absolutely zero references to anything that took place in I Choose You!, and neither Makoto nor Souji make their expected cameos during the film's end credits. At the same time, however, the movie doesn't really do anything to contradict the events of last summer's film either. It could honestly go either way.

Q:  How many Movie 2 references are there?
A:  Basically none. The Lugia flute music we hear a few times throughout the movie is all we get.

Q:  What pokemon does Satoshi have?
A:  Pikachu...and that's it! If Satoshi does have other pokemon then he never so much as brings them up. The Heracross seen in the various trailers for the film is a wild one that follows Hisui around.

Q:  OK, well then...what moves does Pikachu have?
A:  I remember it using Quick Attack and Thunderbolt. That might be it...?

Q:  Does this movie take place in Jouto?
A:  No idea! No information about where Fuura City is in relation to anywhere else is ever given.

Q:  Does Eevee evolve? Are there any new Gen 8 pokemon?
A:  No and no.

Q:  How does the movie do balancing so many characters?
A:  I think it does a great job actually. Pretty much every character sees some kind of growth throughout the film and nobody ever feels like they're just there for the sake of being there. No one's a filler character. Every character's story eventually intersects with the others but the movie also makes it clear that the main characters - Lisa, Kagachi, Torito, Hisui, and Largo - all have their own lives outside this movie. The only characters to really suffer from not enough screentime are Lugia and Zeraora, really.

Q:  What are the Rocket trio's roles?
A:  They have a bigger role than they did in the last movie! For the first 30 minutes or so they're not doing much - they basically decide that selling juice is more worth their time / effort than stalking Pikachu - but then at around the halfway mark they decide to sneak into Torito's lab and steal whatever they think looks valuable. When they're eventually noticed they recite the first two lines of their motto before making a run for it. Satoshi chases after them but they're able to get away thanks to Musashi's Sonansu. Later, it's revealed that the item they stole, some special Spore Medicine that Torito was doing research on, was dropped as they were escaping into the woods. The medicine eventually gets released into the air and more or less sets off the chain of events that make up the main conflict at the end of the movie. Later, they contribute to making the antidote to the Spore Medicine they inadvertently released onto the city.

Q:  How was the animation?
A:  It was mostly good. The pokemon don't look too different in the new art style so the humans are where you'll see the biggest differences. The XY fingernails are back, for what that's worth. There were a few shots that looked a little unfinished and / or awkward but the majority of the movie looked fine. The Pikachu vs. Zeraora battle at the end was really fantastic looking and was the definite highlight. There were a few shots of Lisa that were borderline "we like perving on teenage girls" thing that Japanese animators tend to have problems with but it's nothing too terrible.

Q:  What's the soundtrack like?
A:  It's nice! There's like five nostalgic tracks but everything else is brand new. Lugia's theme from the second movie is used twice - a short one that plays during the film's title screen and a longer one that plays at the very end - but that's the only Movie 2 music we get. Other nostalgic pieces include a really jazzy remix of the Route 1 music used in lieu of an opening theme, the Wild Pokemon battle theme from Red & Green that plays during a battle between Pikachu and Gomazou, the Rival's theme from Gold & Silver used during a chase scene with the Rocket-Dan, and the title screen music from Gold & Silver used to close out the movie. Other standout pieces include the PokeChannel theme and the music that plays as the Spore Medicine is spreading throughout the city.

Q:  Do any characters from the previous movies appear?
A:  Nope.

Q:  What is the mayor's secret about Zeraora?
A:  The secret basically boils down to the fact that Zeraora is still alive. Fifty years ago the local government decided to tell the townspeople that Zeraora had died in a big fire and that its ghost was haunting a nearby forest so they wouldn't all swarm into the forest to try to get it for themselves.

Q:  Is there a connection between Lugia and Zeraora?
A:  Doesn't seem to be, no.

Q:  What's up with that strange Monster Ball we see Satoshi throwing in the trailer?

A:  That's a special Monster Ball used for the "Pokemon Get Race." The idea is that you have try to catch as many pokemon as you can within a certain amount of time. You can use one of your own pokemon to help you weaken the ones you're tying to catch. Whoever catches the most is declared the winner. The pokemon you're allowed to catch are all wearing special blue stickers to make them stand out from regular pokemon. After the competition is over you have to give the pokemon back.




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