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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story"

Satoshi (サトシ) / Ash Ketchum

Japanese VA:  Rika Matsumoto (松本梨香)
Pokemon on Hand:  Pikachu

Satoshi is a boy who aims to be the world's number one Pokemon Master. He's continuing his journey with his partner Pikachu to seek out pokemon he's never seen before.

Largo (ラルゴ) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Mana Ashida (芦田愛菜)
Pokemon Befriended:  Zeraora

A little girl who lives in Fuura City and is the daughter of the mayor. She's a young lady with a consistently kind personality. It seems like she has something to do with the mythical pokemon Zeraora...

Comments from Largo's voice actor, Mana Ashida

I was so happy when I got the call for this part because I'm actually kind of jealous of how wonderful the bonds are between Satoshi and Pikachu and also of people and pokemon in general. I just want to live with pokemon so much and plus they're just so cute! By playing Largo as someone who's strong willed while also being really sweet and innocent I want make everyone think about how they've done their best and gotten stronger to protect the things that are important to them. I want everyone to come together and do their best!

Lisa (リサ) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Rina Kawaei (川栄李奈)
Pokemon on Hand:  Eevee

Lisa is a high school girl and novice to pokemon. Her younger brother is hurt and wants an Eevee so she's come to the Wind Festival to get him one.

Comments from Lisa's voice actor, Rina Kawaei

I am really honored to be able to join the Pokemon world that everyone from children to adults all recognize. I don't have many opportunities to do voiceover work so I happily accepted it and am now busy practicing at home!! Of course I want to convey Lisa's energetic side but I also want to be sure I give it my all to show you her bonds with Eevee as well as her connections to the other characters.

Torito (トリト) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Gaku Hamada (濱田岳)
Pokemon on Hand:  Lucky

Torito is a Pokemon Researcher who's no good at being sociable. He's participating in the Wind Festival to present his research but he doesn't have enough self-confidence and so he's constantly being cheered up by Lucky.

Comments from Torito's voice actor, Gaku Hamada

I've played the video games, can sing "Pokemon Ieru Ka Na?", and came from the generation that got to see Pokemon make it big and so when I got the offer for this role I was so excited I just blurted out "YES!!" without even thinking about it. When you see this year's movie, and especially when you see my partner Lucky, feelings of nostalgia will sweep over you. I hope to bring you this new story while being careful not to tarnish the legacy of Pokemon.

Kagachi (カガチ) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Koji Ohkura (大倉孝二)
Pokemon on Hand:  Usokki

Kagachi is a man filled with hot air who can't stop himself from telling lies. He's come to enjoy the Wind Festival together with his beloved niece. He's also endeared himself to an Usokki for a certain reason. He tells everyone that "there are some su~per rare pokemon around here" but can we really believe that...?

Comments from Kagachi's voice actor, Koji Ohkura

I've been told that I wouldn't fit in with Pokemon and so the day arriving of me actually having something to do with it is...well, surprising, to say the least. I thought taking on Kagachi would be difficult but I think it's a role that will resonate especially well with other adults. That's because I'm great at playing people who have to face something about themselves (laughs). I will give it everything I've got to first of all fit in with the rest of the movie but, more importantly, to make all the kids out there happy.

Hisui (ヒスイ) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Masako Nozawa (野沢雅子)
Pokemon on Hand:  Waninoko, Togepi, Moochul, Maril (unconfirmed)

Hisui is an old woman who lives in Fuura City and hates pokemon. An incident in her past caused her to want to avoid pokemon but for some reason a bunch of pokemon, starting with a Waninoko, have started following her around.

Comments from Hisui's voice actor, Masako Nozawa

I was very happy to be able to join this movie even though at first I thought I was being offered the role of "Waninoko" instead (laughs). Pokemon has this cute worldview that's quite different from me so when I was surprised that I was considered for this movie. This Hisui character sees herself as a perfectly normal person but when others see her they might think something's a little off...while at the same time feeling like she's a close friend. That's what I hope to be able to express that in this film.

Riku (リク) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Shoko Nakagawa (中川翔子)

Riku is Lisa's younger brother and is a young boy who loves pokemon. He's currently in the hospital after injuring his leg.

Comments from Riku's voice actor, Shoko Nakagawa

A new wind is blowing on this year's Pokemon movie and I'm already so excited for it! In addition to all the nostalgic pokemon that'll show up in this year's movie there will also be new things, including the fresh new look of Satoshi's face, coming at you one after the other. I hope to be able to be able to express the unique strengths and weaknesses you're only able to feel because this is Pokemon!

Mayor Oliver (オリバー市長) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Kouichi Yamadera (山寺宏一)

Mayor Oliver
Mayor Oliver is the mayor of Fuura City and Largo's father.  His sense of responsibility is strong and doesn't take any nonsense from anybody. He's busy going around town to make sure the Wind Festival is a success.

Comments from Mayor Oliver's voice actor, Kouichi Yamadera

After the 20th anniversary I thought I'd have to move on from the Pokemon movies but I was relieved to be able to join this year's film as well. Last year I ended up making "that voice" to meet the director's ridiculous demands so I'm really looking forward to see what's going to be thrown at me this year. Since I'll be playing the father of Mana-chan's character Largo I'm going to do my best not to be an embarrassing dad! I'm going to play the heck out of this role to make sure no one ever says "I'm so sick of that Yama-chan!"

Zeraora (ゼラオラ) / Zeraora

Japanese VA:  TBA

Category:  Thunderclap Pokemon
Type:  Electric
Height:  1.5 m
Weight:  44.5 kg

Zeraora is a mythical pokemon who lives deep in the mountains of Fuura City. It can create large electrical currents from the paws of both its hands and feet and can move around in the air as fast as thunder.

Lugia (ルギア) / Lugia

Japanese VA:  TBA

Category:  Diving Pokemon
Type:  Psychic, Flying
Height:  5.2 m
Weight:  216.0 kg

Lugia is a legendary pokemon who is said to appear on the last day of the Wind Festival and bear the blessing of the wind to the town.

Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyarth (ムサシ・コジロウ・ニャース) / Jessie, James, and Meowth

Japanese VA:  Musashi - Megumi Hayashibara (林原めぐみ), Kojirou - Shinichiro Miki (三木眞一郎), Nyarth - Inuko Inuyama (犬山イヌコ)

Rocket Trio

The Rocket trio and their voice actors are listed in the credits on the official website but no additional information about their role in the film has been announced at this time.

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