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Name:  Male Protagonist (主人公)
Partner Pokemon:  Eevee

The male protagonist of the game is set to appear in the manga spin-off.  Little is known about him except for the fact that he has an Eevee.

In the game, the male protagonist is from the Hajime no Kuni (ハジメの国), or the "Nation of Beginnings."

Name:   Oichi (オイチ)
Partner Pokemon:  Purin
Oichi is set to appear in one of the first installments of the series.  Her partner pokemon is a Purin.

At one point in the story, it appears she will encounter a group of Bipper.

In the game, she shows up in the Nation of Beginnings and offers support to the player character.

Characters | Story Synopses | About the Author / Artist



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