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CoroCoro Comics
is a magazine that covers a number of kids' franchises in Japan.  The magazine is primarily known among Pocket Monsters fans for getting exclusive first dibs on news regarding the newest Pocket Monsters video games, TV series, movies, trading card game, and more.  It is released on the 15th of every month.

Table of Contents

Graphic Novel version
CoroCoro Comics version
"Seek Out a New Type of Evolution!!"

December 2013 Issue
January 2014 Issue
February 2014 Issue
March 2014 Issue
April 2014 Issue
"Prologue:  The Story of Mega Gablias"

November 2013 Issue

"Seek Out a New Type of Evolution!!"
December 2013

Originally published
in the December 2013 issue of CoroCoro Comics (on-sale November 15th, 2013)

December 2013 December 2013

34 pages

A young boy watches as a number of Dragon-Type pokemon gather in a place known as the "Valley of Dragons" (竜谷).  Flying in the air before the assembled pokemon is a Lizardon.  Suddenly, the Mega Ring of an unseen Trainer glows, causing Lizardon to transform into Mega Lizardon X!  The black dragon swats all the other Dragon-Type pokemon away with a powered up Dragon Tail attack before turning back into a regular Lizardon and flying off.  The young boy, a Hitokage Trainer named Akira, wonders if this is the "Mega Evolution" he had heard so much about.

Five years later Akira tells a boy named Futoshi and his friend about seeing this alternate Mega Evolution.  "I saw it!" he says.  "A Lizardon that became a black dragon!  It was definitely another more of Lizardon's Mega Evolutions!"  Futoshi and his friend laugh at him for believing that there's more than one Mega Evolution for the pokemon so Akira gets angry and challenges the two of them to a battle.

Akira's Lizardon starts things off by letting out an attack that looks a lot like Ember, causing the other two to laugh at him even more; what is a Lizardon doing still knowing a pathetic move like that!?  His Goronda charges forward, ready to attack with Arm Hammer when it suddenly falls down to one knee!  It turns out that the attack Akira's Lizardon let out was actually Will-O-Wisp, not Ember, and that Goronda is now suffering from a Burn!  Akira finishes off the weakened Goronda with a Daimonji attack.

Next up is Futoshi and his Onvern.  Akira has his Lizardon transform into Mega Lizardon Y and attack with another Daimonji but Onvern is able to use Kage Bunshin to avoid the attack.  As the battle continues, a mysterious man named Kunio asks the crowd that had gathered around the trainers about the young Lizardon Trainer.  As Kunio watches, Lizardon is ordered to use Flamethrower.  Kunio observes that Akira is smart enough to have his Lizardon remember "Flamethrower" in case its powerful yet not-all-that-accurate "Daimonji" attack misses and praises him for thinking things through.  The Flamethrower attack KOs Futoshi's Onvern.

Futoshi shrugs off his loss, saying that it doesn't matter how strong Akira's Lizardon is because that doesn't change the fact that Akira can't join the "Ryuu-Oh tournament" (竜王戦) that's coming up soon.  He explains that Pokemon Trainers are only allowed to enter the tournament with a Dragon-Type pokemon and that Akira's Lizardon, being a Fire and Flying-Type, is therefore inelligible.  Futoshi tells him he should just give up on Lizardon and start over with a brand new Dragon-Type pokemon but Akira rejects this proposal, saying he absolutely has to enter with Lizardon no matter what.

recalls the Mega Lizardon X he saw five years before and is convinced that it's at least part Dragon-Type.  If only he could figure out how to turn his Lizardon into this black dragon then it'd turn into a Dragon-Type and he'd be able to enter the Ryuu-Oh tournament!  Kunio steps forward and offers to help by pointing the way to the Valley of Dragons and tells him that the secrets to Lizardon's other Mega Evolution can be found there.

Later that night, Akira tries to sneak out of the house only to be caught by his older sister Kanna.  He asks her to please let him go, saying that he absolutely has to find a way to get his Lizardon into the competition.  Kanna, who initially had reservations about her little brother going somewhere so dangerous, sees how eager Akira is to go and finally relents.  She gives her little brother a map to the arena where the Ryuu-Oh tournament is going to be held and then watches as the young boy hops on his Lizardon's back and flies off.

Elsewhere, a Kairyuu is fighting against Kohji's Mega Gablias.  Kairyuu is ordered to use Dragon Dive but Mega Gablias disappears before the attack can connect!  The Mega Evolved pokemon reappears behind its opponent and uses Dragon Claw, KO'ing Kairyuu in just one hit. 

When the battle is over, Kohji declares that he'll be the one to become the "Dragon King."

This was the second chapter of Pokemon The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh to be printed in CoroCoro Comics but is used as the first chapter in the graphic novel release.  The first chapter printed in CoroCoro Comics was "Prologue:  The Story of Mega Gablias."

Futoshi's friend, the kid with the glasses, is named Shou (ショウ) according to the dust cover of the graphic novel collection.

The "Valley of Dragons" Kunio tells Akira to head to appears to be the same "Valley of Dragons" he
went to five years ago.

The "X" and "Y" at the end of Mega Lizardon's name is never used in this manga.  They are only being used in this summary to help make things easier to understand.


"The Secrets of the Black Mega Lizardon!!"
January 2014

Originally published in the January 2014 issue of CoroCoro Comics (on-sale December 15th, 2013)

January 2014 Chapter 3

28 pages
Akira begins his search for the secrets to Lizardon's other Mega Evolution in a forest covered in fog.  He starts to wander aimlessly when, all of a sudden, a net springs up from the ground and traps both him and his Lizardon!  The old man who helped Kohji in the first chapter reveals that he was responsible for the trap and demands to know what Akira's doing there in the valley.  Akira quickly tells him about his quest before having his Lizardon Mega Evolve into Mega Lizardon Y and break the two of them out of their prison.  The old man is shocked.

Later, the old man guides Akira and Lizardon through a forest.  He turns toward the young boy and asks him a question:  "What does Mega Evolution mean to you?"  Akira thinks about it for a moment and declares that for the two of them, Mega Evolution is the feeling of wanting to become even stronger than they are now.  The old man jumps back and announces that they'll have to defeat him in a battle with his Kingdra to earn the right to inherit the black dragon's secrets.

Rain starts to pour thanks to Kingdra's Rain Dance, pushing aside the fog and revealing a battle arena.  Kingdra then uses Waterfall Climb followed by Twister, hitting Lizardon so quickly that Akira is able to tell that his opponent has the "Swift Swim" Ability.  The old man orders Kingdra to use Hydro Pump and confidently declares the battle to be over.

Once the smoke clears, however, Mega Lizardon Y emerges!  The old man is surprised that Akira's Fire-Type pokemon was able to withstand the attack but says that he can still win as long as his Kingdra is faster.  Suddenly, he notices that the rain has stopped and that the sun is shining!  Akira explains that Lizardon gains the "Drought" Ability when it Mega Evolves and that it's able to cancel out the effects of Rain Dance, which in turn nullifies Kingdra's "Swift Swim" Ability!  Mega Lizardon Y starts to charge up a Solar Beam attack and, thanks to the sunny weather, is able to fire it off right away.  The attack bathes Kingdra in sunlight and instantly KOs its target.

The old man is impressed with the way Akira used Mega Lizardon's Drought Ability and announces that he has passed the trial.  He leads the two to a chamber at the top of a long staircase where a treasure box rests atop a pedestal.  The old man opens the box and explains that the red Mega Stone that Akira has now is known as the Red Lizardonite and that the Black Lizardonite resting in the treasure chest there is what he'll need to turn his pokemon into the black dragon.  After handing the Mega Stone over to Akira the old man tells him that the black Mega Lizardon is completely different from the pokemon he's used to and will require him to relearn how to conduct himself in battle.

Akira takes the Black Lizardonite and activates his pokemon's evolution into Mega Lizardon X.  He then shouts, to no one in particular, that he'll enter the Ryuu-Oh tournament and win.  Akira thanks the old man, hops on his Lizardon's back, and flies off into the distance.  The old man smiles.

After Akira leaves, Kunio appears from behind the old man.  The two of them excitedly wonder what kinds of battles they'll be able to see at the tournament.


"The Curtain Finally Rises on the Ryuu-Oh Tournament!!"
February 2014

Originally published in the February 2014 issue of CoroCoro Comics (on-sale January 15th, 2014)

February 2014
February 2014

27 pages
The opening day of the Ryuu-Oh Tournament has arrived!  The application deadline is approaching and Akira hasn't even made it to the stadium yet, causing his sister Kanna to worry that the whole "black Lizardon" thing he was going on about was really just a legend after all.  Suddenly, the young Trainer is seen flying toward the stadium on his Lizardon.  The two continue diving forward and end up coming in so fast that they crash into a wall!  His flashy entrance attracts the attention of a Denryuu Trainer named Taichi and the two quickly become friends.

Suddenly, the boys are approached by two young men who laugh at them for trying to enter the tournament with those non-Dragon Type pokemon.  Taichi brings his hand to his face, revealing a Mega Ring, and says that his pokemon is OK to enter despite what they may think.  The two ignore this and decide to humiliate these "clueless idiots' " in front of everyone by challenging them to a battle.  Akira and Taichi, knowing about each other's Mega Rings, smile.

In a special box located at the top of the stands, Kunio
, the man who told Akira about the Valley of Dragons, and an unidentified staff member watch the boys fight.  The staff member wants to send someone down there to stop the two from fighting but Kunio orders him let them go ahead.

The fight begins as one Trainer's Gachigaurus uses the Rock-Type move Double-Edged Headbutt on Lizardon while the other's Flygon uses the Ground-Type move Earth Power on Denryuu.  The two challengers say that there's no way that either of their pokemon were able to stand up to those super effective attacks but Akira and Taichi simply smile.  Their Mega Rings are glowing.

As soon as the smoke clears, Mega Denryuu stands before its opponents slightly damaged but otherwise OK.  Taichi states that Denryuu's Special Defense rises when it Mega Evolves, enabling it to withstand Flygon's attack.  Well at least Gachigaurus' Rock-Type attack took down Akira's Fire and Flying-Type, right?  Akira smiles as Mega Lizardon X emerges from out of the smoke.  The Trainers announce that Mega Lizardon is now a Fire and Dragon-Type and Mega Denryuu is now an Electric and Dragon-Type, making them both qualified to enter the Ryuu-Oh Tournament!!  Mega Lizardon takes out Chigaurus with Dragon Claw while Mega Denryuu defeats Flygon with Dragon Pulse.  Kanna looks on from the audience, relieved.

Akira's and Taichi's pokemon revert back to their normal state as the two celebrate their victory.  But it seems that one of their opponents is a sore loser; Chigaurus comes charging toward the unsuspecting Lizardon with another Double-Edged Headbutt!  Kohji's Gablias jumps in between the two pokemon from out of nowhere and stops Chigaurus' attack from connecting.  Kohji tells the Trainer that Akira and Taichi are able to use Dragon-Type pokemon and are therefore qualified to participate in the tournament. 

Just then Kunio arrives on the scene riding on a flying cushion (!!) and confirms this.  He then turns to everyone gathered in the stadium and tells them that the title of "Ryuu-Oh" is about to be decided.  Akira wonders what's going on and so Taichi tells him that the cooky old Kunio is actually the man responsible for sponsoring the Ryuu-Oh tournament!  Akira is shocked as Kunio officially brings the tournament to a start.

The first match up we see is Akira and Lizardon vs. a Trainer named Goro and his Bohmander.  Round One...begin!

Ryuu-Oh (竜王) is romanized as "RyuOu" in this chapter.  Akira (アキラ) and Goro (ゴロー) are written out in English as "Akira" and "Goro" on the scoreboard seen at the end of the chapter.

"Red Hot Battle!  Akira vs. Taichi!!"
March 2014

Originally published in the March 2014 issue of CoroCoro Comics (on-sale February 15th, 2014)

March 2014
March 2014

29 pages
Akira quickly defeats Goro and his Bohmander in the first round of the Ryuu-Oh Tournament!  Akira cheers and tells his pokemon that even though 2,000 people have entered the tournament they'll be the ones to reach the top.  Taichi comes up to Akira and congratulates him on his victory.  The two friends then say that they'll give it their all even if they end up having to go up against each other at some point down the road.

Akira continues to advance through the Ryuu-Oh Tournament.  In a series of one-panel battles, Akira defeats an Ononokusu in Round Two, a Doramidoro in Round Three, a Numerugon in Round Four, a Kairyuu in Round Five, and an Onvern in Round Six.  The announcer is amazed at Mega Lizardon's seemingly unbeatable strength.

Eventually, it's time for the Best Four, and sure enough, it's Akira vs. Taichi!  Kanna, who's watching from the stands, notices how calm Taichi seems to be and begins to worry.  Back on the battlefield, the two friends talk about how they've been watching each other throughout the tournament and therefore have a good idea how strong the other Trainer is.  They renew their promise to give their battle everything they've got.

The semi-finals begin with Akira Mega Evolving his Lizardon into the Black Mega Lizardon.  The pokemon rushes in with Dragon Claw, kicking up a huge amount of dust that covers the battlefield.  Akira cheers, thinking that his attack had to have done some major damage, but Taichi tells Akira that he should be more concerned about his own pokemon instead.  When Akira looks over at his Mega Lizardon, he realizes that it's paralyzed!  As soon as Taichi announces that his Denryuu has the Ability "Static" Akira notices that Taichi hadn't Mega Evolved his pokemon yet!

Taichi explains that he purposely waited to Mega Evolve his pokemon because he knew that Denryuu's "Static" Ability would be replaced with a different one when it made the transformation.  He also states that after watching so many of Akira's battles he was able to predict that he'd be the one to make the first move.  Therefore, he figured that by keeping Denryuu as-is, he could both paralyze Mega Lizardon with its "Static" Ability and stand up against his opponent's Dragon-Type attack at the same time.

Taichi Mega Evolves his Denryuu at that moment.  Akira orders his pokemon to attack again but it's not able to move thanks to its paralysis.  Mega Denryuu uses Cotton Guard, a move that boosts its defense, and then fires off a Dragon Pulse attack that hits Akira's Mega Lizardon head-on.

Akira refuses to give up and orders his Mega Lizardon to use Swords Dance!  He explains that he purposely trained his Mega Lizardon to both gain the "Tough Claws" Ability and the ability to use Sword Dance so it could max out its attack stat.  Because of this, Mega Lizardon is able to charge in with Dragon Claw and defeat Taichi's Mega Denryuu with only one hit!  After Akira is declared the winner, Taichi congratulates his friend.  Kunio pops up and cries tears of joy about being able to witness such a wonderful fight.

The tournament continues with Kohji and his Mega Gablias completely overtaking a Sazandra.  With that battle out of the way, the finals of the Ryuu-Oh Tournament is going to be between Akira and his Black Mega Lizardon and Kohji and his Mega Gablias. 

Who will win the tournament and be declared the "Dragon King"?

On the page where we see Akira winning his way through the Ryuu-Oh Tournament a note is made at the bottom of the page pointing out that the battles in the video game portion of the real world tournament are double battles.  This note was removed from the graphic novel collection.

"A Victory of Bonds!  The Birth of the Original Dragon King!!"
April 2014

Originally published in the April 2014 issue of CoroCoro Comics (on-sale March 15th, 2014)

April 2014
April 2014

29 pages
The time for the finals has begun but Akira is nowhere to be seen!  As Kanna wonders where her brother is, Akira appears in the commentator's booth and takes the mike!  He uses the PA system to tell Kohji that while he is thankful for the way he helped him out during the opening ceremonies he's not going to let him have the title of "Dragon King."  Akira puts down the mike and heads to the arena while Kanna wonders if he really can win.  After all, she recalls, Kohji's been able to defeat all of his opponents in less than a minute.  How can Akira possibly win? 

The match starts and...neither Trainer orders their pokemon to Mega Evolve!  Instead, Akira has his Lizardon use Fly while Gablias is ordered to use Dig, figuring that Gablias' Ground-Type move won't affect his pokemon as long as it's still a Flying-Type.  Lizardon plans to strike Gablias as it comes up out of the ground but is surprised when its opponent's incredible speed!  Gablias unleashes a flurry of Dragon Claw attacks before Lizardon is finally able to grab Gablias' claw and strike with a single Dragon Claw attack of its own.  The two Pokemon Trainers decide that now is the time to Mega Evolve their pokemon.

Mega Evolve

Akira has Mega Lizardon grab Mega Gablias' arm, thinking that his pokemon can at least defeat Kohji's pokemon in a strength contest but the nails on Mega Lizardon's claws begin to crack as it squeezes its opponent's rock-hard fin!  Mega Gablias is ordered to deliver a devastating double slash-like attack that knocks Akira's pokemon down.  A minute has now passed.

Down for the count?

As a dejected Akira lowers his head, he remembers a battle he had when he was little between his Hitokage and another kid's Zenigame.  His pokemon was knocked down at that time as well but Akira refused to give up and ordered his pokemon to fire off one last Ember attack.  The attack ends up afflicting its target with Burn, delivering just enough damage to knock it out.  Akira didn't give up then so why should he give up now?

Mega Lizardon stands up again and is ordered to use Swords Dance.  Kohji, impressed with his opponent, orders his Mega Gablias to use its strongest attack - Draco Meteor!  Akira considers one final strategy, but it's risky - there's no guarantee that the attack will do what he wants it to do and he doesn't know if his pokemon will even be able to withstand the recoil damage.  Akira looks to his pokemon and his pokemon nods back at him, indicating that it's willing to give it a shot.

Flare Drive

Mega Lizardon is ordered to use Flare Drive.  The attack allows Mega Lizardon to push through the onslaught of meteors and attack its opponent.  Once the two attacks have subsided, the pokemon stand there for a while...until Mega Gablias faints from a Burn!  With his opponent now defeated, Akira is awarded the honor of being crowned the very first Dragon King!!

Kohji congratulates his opponent as Akira and Lizardon cheer.  The old man who met Akira in the Valley of the Dragons tells himself that he knew there was something about that young boy the day he saw him in the forest, revealing that -he- was the Trainer of the black Mega Lizardon Akira saw five years before.  As the Ryuu-Oh Tournament comes to a close, all the Dragon-Type Trainers set off on journeys to become even stronger.

The End

The End


"Prologue:  The Story of Mega Gablias"
November 2013

Originally published in the November 2013 issue of CoroCoro Comics (on-sale October 15th, 2013)

33 pages
A young man named Kohji is in the middle of a battle with a mysterious man and his Bossgodora.  As Kohji dodges the rocks that the Bossgodora flings his way, the Bossgodora trainer demands he hand over the bracelet he has on around his wrist.  Kohji wonders how many people are going to keep coming after him like this.

Kohji decides to stop running and calls on his Gablias to stop his assailant.  He orders the pokemon to use Draco Meteor but the attack has no effect even though it hits Bossgodora head on!  Kohji sees that it's useless to continue to fight and so he turns around and makes a run for it.  At that moment, an old man pops up from behind some bushes and leads Kohji to safety.

Hiding in the bushes

Once the Bossgodora and its trainer have lost track of Kohji, the old man turns to the boy he just rescued and asks him what his name is.  He replies by saying that he's Kohji and that his goal is to become the world's strongest Dragon pokemon user!  The old man then asks him where he got the bracelet that the Bossgodora trainer seems to be after from, so he tells him that he just picked it up off the street one day!  Ever since then, he says, shady characters have been coming after him, one after the other.  The old man tells Kohji that the bracelet he has is something called a "Mega Ring" and that he will take him somewhere that will reveal its incredible secrets.


Kohji is led into a cave that opens up into a large area where a very old tree is growing.  Light pours in through a large hole in the ceiling.  The old man tells Kohji to place his hand on the tree, saying that if he really is qualified to wield the Mega Ring and that if his bonds with his Gablias really are deep enough then something amazing will happen.  Kohji obeys and, sure enough, the tree begins to glow!  Before long, a "Mega Stone" known as
"Gablianite" materializes in the air above them and hovers down toward Kohji!  The old man says that with both the Mega Ring and the Mega Stone, Kohji will be able to witness an evolution that surpasses regular pokemon evolution!

Suddenly, the Bossgodora trainer from before jumps out and takes the old man hostage!  He repeats his demand for the Mega Ring, adding that if he can get Kohji's Mega Ring then all he'll have to do is find a Mega Stone for his Bossgodora and he'll be able to Mega Evolve his pokemon!  Kohji refuses and orders his Gablias to use Dragon Claw.  The attack, just like the Draco Meteor attack from before, has no effect.  Bossgodora is ordered to use Bulldoze, shaking the entire cave and causing the ceiling that covers the rest of the cave to come crumbling down.  Gablias rushes over to Kohji to shield its trainer from the falling debris but it ends up getting trapped under the rubble in the process!  Kohji rushes over to his pokemon and apologizes for being so weak.  With tears in his eyes, Kohji screams out.

Kohji screams out

Suddenly, Kohji's Mega Ring reacts to his feelings and engulfs Gablias in a terrific light!  The pokemon, who is now overflowing with power, breaks through the rubble, rises up into the air, and begins its evolution into Mega Gablias!  The Bossgodora trainer laughs off this new power up and orders his pokemon to use Rock Slide but Mega Gablias is able to slice through the oncoming rocks with its Dragon Claw attack.  Mega Gablias' powered up attack continues to rip through the ground until it hits both the Bossgodora and its trainer, sending the two of them blasting off.

Dragon Claw

Some time later, the old man says that his work there is done and that he must now go off to find another trainer who needs his help with Mega Evolution.  He then turns to Kohji and tells him that he definitely has what it takes to become the worlds' strongest Dragon-Type pokemon trainer someday.  As the two part ways, a mysterious young boy with a Lizardon watches from above, eager to battle.

This was the first chapter to be printed in CoroCoro Comics.  In the graphic novel release this chapter gets moved to the end of the book.


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