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Ishii Takashi

"Nice to meet you.  I'm Ishii Takashi.  Is everyone out there enjoying Pokemon Battles?  I'm out there fighting everyday with my partners Nokocchi and Lizardon, among others.  What's that?  Yeah, I guess I'm getting distracted and aren't making any progress on my work..." - Ishii Takashi, inside the dust cover for the graphic novel version of Pocket Monsters XY Pokemon - The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh

Pocket Monsters XY Pokemon - The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh
is written by Ishii Takashi (石井敬士).

Mr. Ishii was born on May 22nd, 1986 in Hokkaido.  His university required him to create the final chapter of an original manga as a graduation assignment, so he submitted The Super Mobile Mountain Fujiyama

He received one of the 70th Annual New Comics Awards from Shogakukan for his manga Mint, the Boy of Dreams and Reality! (夢現少年ミント!) in 2012.  That same year he made his debut in CoroCoro Comics Special with
Akumaru-sensei Leads the Conquest (征服指導アクマル先生).  He's mostly been doing short one or two chapter series and so none of his work has been long enough to collect into graphic novel collections.

His official website is called Choco no Ma, named in part after his favorite Digimon Chocomon, and features a number of his works that you can read directly off his website.  His official blog can be found here.

Work by Ishii Takashi
2010 - The Super Mobile Mountain Fujiyama (超機動巨山フジヤマ)
2010 - The Super Speedy Legend of the Dragon God Grimo! (超速竜神伝グリモ!)
2010 - The Super Police Fish Samedeka! (超警察魚類サメデカ!)
2011 - Dan, the Boy who Seals Away the Jagetto! (邪月兎封印ダン!)
2011 -
At Yuuma, the Super Space Delivery Boy! (超宇宙配送アット・ユーマ!)
2012 -
Mint, the Boy of Dreams and Reality! (夢現少年ミント!)
2012 - Akumaru-sensei Leads the Conquest (征服指導アクマル先生)
2013 - Pocket Monsters XY Pokemon - The Legend of the Ryuu-Oh (ポケットモンスターXY ポケモン竜王伝)




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