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Pokemon Fan

Pokemon Fan

Pokemon Fan is a magazine centered entirely around Pocket Monsters.  This periodical, released every three months or so, consists of multi-page spreads that offer previews of upcoming episodes of the TV series, updates on any new games that may be coming up, and information on new products that are about to hit store shelves.  Each issue usually comes packaged with small items like pencil cases, Pokemon Tettra pucks, and keychains.  The cost of an issue of Pokemon Fan varies from issue to issue but usually hovers around the 800 yen range.

The magazine published a preview of Pocket Monsters Special B2W2 Version in its twenty-fifth issue.  The series would start its regular publication in Issue 31.

You can check out the magazine's official website here.

Table of Contents

Pokemon Fan version
Viz Graphic Novel version
Issue 25
Issue 31
Issue 32

Pokemon Fan Issue 25

Release Date:  September 20th, 2012

Pokemon Fan Issue 025 Pokemon Fan Issue 25

24 pages
In Hiougi City, a young boy named Hugh picks out a Choroneko to give to his kid sister for her birthday.  He later presents her with the pokemon and is amazed at how quickly it takes to her.  Meanwhile, G'Cis addresses the members of the Plasma-Dan who have gathered at their headquarters.  He also gives the members of the Seven Sages their orders; Sumra will spread the Plasma-Dan's message, Azul is to find information about the legendary dragons, Ryokushi is told to research the desert near Hiun City, Giallo is asked to find out about the Kami trio, Rot is told to research Victini, and Vio and the Dark Trinity are told to help out in other ways.  Back in southwest Isshu, Hugh presses his sister to have a pokemon battle with him.  They go out to Route 19 and spar for a bit until two members of the Plasma-Dan show up and tell them that they'll "liberate" their pokemon for them!  Hugh and his sister try to fight back, but the grunts overpower them and manage to leave with Hugh's sister's Choroneko.  Beaten and humiliated, Hugh promises that he -will- become strong enough to pay the organization back for what they've done.

It is stated twice that this chapter takes place "three years ago":  G'Cis says that N will be worthy of being their king in three years (あと3年もすれば「王」にふさわしい存在となるでしょう) in the middle of the chapter while the ending narration tells us that the Plasma-Dan will begin their operations in earnest in three years (そして3年後…、プラズマ団の「ポケモン開放」のよびかけは本格化、やがてポケモンリーグをもおびやかすようになる).  Assuming the B2W2 chapter of Pocket Monsters Special mimics the games it's based on and takes place two years after the BW chapter, we can deduce that this prologue takes place one year before the start of the BW chapter.


Pokemon Fan Issue 31

Release Date:  July 1st, 2013

Pokemon Fan Issue 31
Pokemon Fan Issue 31

24 pages
A young Futachimaru Trainer named Laktoo walks with Petashi, one of the contestants who made it into the Top Eight in the Isshu League two years ago, to the Trainers' School in Hiougi City.  The two of them get to their class late and are scolded by Hugh, causing a commotion that gets all three of them kicked out of the classroom.  As they sit outside waiting, their teacher, Cheren, announces that they have a new student joining them:  a young girl named Hitetoo.  Later, Cheren announces that everyone in the class will get to practice battling today.  A mini tournament is held on the school grounds and the winners  - Laktoo and Hitetoo - are approached by Araragi-Hakase's assistant and given Pokemon Zukan to take with them.  Later, Hitetoo sits in her dorm room, worried that she's not keeping a low enough profile and wondering when she'll be able to return to her beloved N.  Over in the boys' dorm, meanwhile, Laktoo does research on his classmates to find out which one of them is connected to the Plasma-Dan.  Suddenly, the International Police Agent "Handsome" pays him a visit!  And it seems as if Laktoo is actually Handsome's superior!?

Laktoo's name is written out as Rakutsu (ラクツ) and is a corruption of "Black Two" (ブクツー).  Similarly, Hitetoo's name is written out as Faitsu (ファイツ) and is a corruption of "White Two" (ー).  The official website romanizes their names as Lack-Two and Whi-Two.


Pokemon Fan Issue 32

Release Date:  October 1st, 2013

Issue 32
Issue 32

24 pages
Cheren is taking his students on a field trip to Pokewood!  As Handsome watches the bus leave the Trainers' School, he tells his Gureggru that Laktoo is investigating a former Plasma-Dan agent who supposedly has the key to stopping Achroma's mind control machine.  When the students arrive at the movie studio, Hitetoo, the girl Laktoo suspects of being in the Plasma-Dan, gets pushed into starring in one of the films opposite the former Sekka City Gym Leader Hachiku!  She resists at first but starts to get into the role when she puts on her "Tamagetake Girl" costume and is reminded of her days in her Plasma-Dan uniform.  Just as her battle against Hachiku's Komatana and Vulchai wraps up, a giant Bangirasu robot from one of the other movies wanders onto the set!  Luckily, Laktoo jumps in as "Futachimaru Kid," saving the day and embarrassing Hitetoo in the process.  After shooting is finished, Hachiku tells Cheren that he remembers him from his Gym Badge quest and implies that he should sign up for the Gym Leader position that's recently opened up in Hiougi City.  As the day's activities come to an end, White comes by Pokewood to pick up her Vulchai.

This chapter is billed as a "special edition" (特別編).  It seems to take place after Laktoo's and Handsome's battle with Genosect in the CoroCoro Ichiban! chapters.

Barbara, the Vulchai White caught in the chapter that was printed in Issue 24 of Pokemon Fan, makes its second appearance in this chapter.




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