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Pocket Monsters Réburst is written by Kusude Jin (楠出 尽) and drawn by Tamura Mitsuhisa (田村光久).

A lot of the information below comes from the Japanese Wikipedia pages for these people.  I have done my best to check the claims made by the articles, but some inaccuracies may remain.

Kusude Jin

Not much is known about Kusude Jin (楠出 尽).  Maybe Pocket Monsters Réburst is his debut work?

Tamura Mitsuhisa

Tamura Matsuhisa

Tamura Mitsuhisa (田村光久) was born on July 17th, 1980.  In 2003, he received an honorable mention award in the Weekly Shounen Sunday "Manga College" competition for his work on The Spring Rain (ハルのアメ).  He made his official debut the following year in Weekly Shounen Sunday with his work Comical Magical (コミカルマジカ ル).  His first full series was Bakegyamon (妖逆門), published in Japan from 2006 to 2007.  It was later released in the U.S. under the title Bakégyamon.

His most recent work is The Yellow Dragon Has Appeared! (イエロードラゴンがあらわれた!).  His official blog can be found here.

Work by Tamura Mitsuhisa
2004 -
Comical Magical (コミカルマジカル)
2005 - Chicken Fly!  Chicken Run!  The Fastest Postman (チキンフライ!チキンラン!最速の飛脚)
2006 - Bakegyamon (妖逆門)
2007 - He Might Be an Alien (宇宙人かもしれない)
2009 - Today is Also Weighed Down (今日もすずなり)
2009 -
The Yellow Dragon Has Appeared! (イエ ロードラゴンがあらわれた!)

Pre-Release Information | Characters | Plot Synopsis | About the Author / Artist




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