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Characters | Synopsis | About the Author

Pocket Monsters Legendary Encounters was originally printed in the Winter 2010 issue of CoroCoro G.

Note:  The following summary will be taken down and replaced with a less detailed summary if Viz ever picks the series up for distribution in the United States.

Chapter One

CoroCoro G Winter 2010

Printed in the Winter 2010 issue of
CoroCoro G
View the title page

Outside the Dragon Spiral Tower, Touya, Cheren, Bel, and Hachiku stand.  The men all have a look of determination on their faces, while Bel looks frightened.  Touya looks up and thinks to himself how they're going to go after "him."

Some unknown amount of time earlier, in a city in the Isshu region, Touya is engaged in a pokemon battle.  A young boy with shorts orders his Baokey to use Flame Burst, and Touya orders his Futachimaru to use Shell Blade.  Futachimaru's attack hits the fire-type and knocks it out, winning the battle for its trainer.  After thanking each other for the battle, the trainers part ways.

Touya is walking with Futachimaru when he spots a group of people gathered in the distance.  The group consists of six members, five of who are wearing uniforms that include hoods and gloves.  In the center of the group is a man with long hair and a cloak.  Everyone in the group has a coat of arms on their chests with the letter P on it, and two of the members of the entourage hold standards that show the same symbol.  One of the hooded women calls for order and announces that G'cis-sama of the Plasma-Dan will begin his speech soon.  Touya moves in closer to have a listen.

G'cis steps forward and addresses the townspeople who have gathered around them.  He begins by stating that it's been said that humans live in harmony with pokemon and that the two have come to depend on each other as partners.  G'cis challenges this, however, and says that this relationship is too one-sided.  Humans give orders to pokemon whenever they please, and they're allowed to boss them around as much as they like.  "Pokemon are not tools for humans!," he declares.  G'cis has therefore decided that the only responsible thing for humans to do is to "liberate" pokemon.  This is the only way to make them truly equal, he says.  He thanks everyone for their attention and excuses himself.

As the Plasma-Dan walks away, the assembled townspeople start to murmur amongst themselves.  One man wonders what they should do after hearing that speech.  Touya follows G'cis and the others with his eyes and reflects on the difficult speech they just gave.  He asks Futachimaru what it thinks, but the pokemon simply tilts its head up at its trainer and gives him a quizzical look.  As Touya pats it on the head, an unknown voice tells him that Futachimaru said that it wanted to be with him always.

Touya turns around and sees a man with a cap.  The man tells the young trainer that he could "hear" Futachimaru's voice.  Touya thinks he's joking, but the man assures him that he's being serious.  He introduces himself as N and tells Touya that he's a good trainer.  He adds that if there were more trainers like him around, there wouldn't be any injured pokemon anymore.  Touya doesn't know what to make of these compliments.

N then asks Touya if he has any dreams.  The young trainer thinks about it for a moment and replies by telling N about how he met Futachimaru.  He explains that he got the pokemon as a Mijumaru from Araragi-Hakase before setting out on his inaugural journey.  He battled lots of trainers until one day, his pokemon evolved into Futachimaru!  He was ecstatic to see all his hard work bearing fruit.  Therefore, his dream is to become stronger and stronger and eventually challenge the Pokemon League.  Touya then asks N if he has a dream.  N tells him that his dream is to become the hero that befriends "that pokemon."  He then bids Touya farewell, telling him that he has a feeling that they'll meet again.  As he walks away, Touya wonders how N knew his name since he never got around to telling him what it is.  He remembers N saying that he could hear Futachimaru's voice, so he turns to his pokemon and asks it if it can really talk.

Suddenly, a new voice asks Touya what he thought of the Plasma-Dan's speech.  When he turns around this time, he sees his old friends Cheren and Bel!  As the three humans and Futachimaru walk through the city together, they continue to talk about the Plasma-Dan.  Cheren tells his friends that he thinks the Plasma-Dan's logic is pretty strained.  Bel outright states that she can't stand the idea of being "liberated" from her pokemon and begins crying at the thought of being separated from her Charbu.  As the trio continues walking, they see a little girl crying under a tree.  The pokemon trainers ask her what's wrong, and she tells them that the Plasma-Dan stole her Chillarmy from her!  Touya is appalled that the "liberation" G'cis was talking about meant stealing pokemon, even from little children!  Cheren adds that he thought the group seemed shady and that they're seeing the results of their true work before them.  Touya asks Bel to stay by the little girl's side while he promises her that he'll get her Chillarmy back for her.  Cheren excuses himself and asks Touya if he can leave it up to him; he's going to try to catch up with G'cis and the others and try to figure out what their next plan of attack is.  Touya agrees.

Near a mountain, two Plasma-Dan grunts - one female, and one male - hold the little girl's Chillarmy in a small net.  The female grunt marvels at how good their harvest was, and the male grunt says that they should go ahead and show their newest capture to G'cis.  Suddenly, the two grunts hear someone shout that he's found them.  Touya appears from behind a bush, covered in twigs and leaves, and demands they return the pokemon they stole from the little girl right away.  The grunts laugh and send out a Meeruhog and Koromori to deal with the young trainer.  Futachimaru rushes ahead and uses Aqua Jet to strike first, knocking both pokemon out in one blow.  The Plasma-Dan grunts look on in shock at Touya's strength before abandoning Chillarmy behind and running off.  Touya picks up the little girl's pokemon and makes sure it's OK.

Suddenly, Futachimaru begins to glow!  A metamorphosis takes place, and before long, Futachimaru has evolved into Daikenki!  Touya runs over to his newly evolved pokemon and hugs it.  At that moment, N appears and tells Touya that he really is an amazing trainer.  Touya asks N why he's there, so he tells him that the time when he'll become the hero is at hand!  He then announces that he'll become the hero at the Dragon Spiral Tower.  As he walks away, Touya thinks about how uneasy this all makes him feel.

Later, Chillarmy is reunited with its trainer.  Bel is happy for the little girl and thanks Touya for getting her pokemon back.  As the little girl runs off, Touya thinks about how N always shows up wherever the Plasma-Dan is.  Before he can think about it any further, his Live Caster rings with an incoming call.  Cheren shows up on the tiny monitor and tells him to rush over to Hachiku's Gym!

Touya and Bel arrive in Sekka City.  Cheren rushes out to meet Touya and Bel and explains that the Plasma-Dan have appeared at the gym to "liberate" Hachiku's pokemon!  Inside the gym, Hachiku and his exhausted looking Tsubear stare down a group of Plasma-Dan grunts and their pokemon.  One of the grunts tells Hachiku to hand over the gym, saying that all it does is cause pain for pokemon.  Suddenly, a voice commands Daikenki to use Surf.  The grunts' attention all turn to Touya, his Daikenki, and the huge wave headed their way.  The water sweeps the grunts away and out of the gym.  As the remaining Plasma-Dan members run away, they tell Touya that their victory is meaningless since N-sama is about to revive Zekrom and shape the Isshu region the way they want!

It looks like Touya's suspicions about N being involved with the Plasma-Dan were right all along!  He remembers N saying that he'll become the hero at the Dragon Spiral Tower, so he tells the others that he thinks Zekrom will appear there.  Hachiku tells Touya and his friends that Zekrom is a legendary dragon pokemon from the Isshu region who cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of the Plasma-Dan.  He tells them that they have to stop them, no matter what!

Outside the Dragon Spiral Tower, Touya, Cheren, Bel, and Hachiku stand.  The men all have a look of determination on their faces, while Bel looks frightened.  Cheren looks into the distance and sees G'cis entering the tower.  They have no time to lose, so the quartet charges into the tower after them.  A group of Plasma-Dan grunts stand in their way, so Hachiku and his Freezio, Cheren and his Janovy, and Bel and her Charbu all prepare for battle.  Hachiku tells Touya to leave the Plasma-Dan to them, and Cheren tells Touya to go ahead without them.  Touya thanks his friends and heads toward a staircase alone.

Touya reaches the roof.  There, he witnesses N standing in front of Zekrom with his arms spread out.  Without looking at Touya, N asks the young trainer what he thinks of Zekrom, the pokemon who appears before the hero who will guide the world.  Touya demands to know what N's planning.  N hops onto Zekrom's shoulder and tells Touya that he's aiming to surpass the champion at the Pokemon League.  After that, he says, his dream will be realized.  Zekrom flies up into the air and hovers around for a bit.  N completes his explanation by saying that his dream is to create a world where only pokemon live.  Touya yells at N to stop what he's doing and says that no one is wishing for a world like that.  N ignores his plea and tells Touya that if he wants to stop him, he'll have to become a hero just like him.  In order to do that, he says, he'll have to be acknowledged by Zekrom's counterpart, Reshiram.  N and Zekrom fly away.  As N flies over the Isshu region, he thinks that if anyone can do it, Touya can.

The End

Characters | Synopsis | About the Author




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