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Anakubo Kousaku

Pocket Monsters Black & White artist / writer Anakubo Kousaku (穴久保幸作) was born in the Iwate Prefecture on April 18th, 1957.  He made his debut as a mangaka in 1980 with "Super Gyaru Love" (スーパーギャルはお好み), printed in the Weekly Shounen Sunday manga anthology.

Manga by Anakubo Kousaku

1983 - An Interesting Science Game (おもしろ科学あそび)
1984 - Manga Quiz Guiness Book (まんがクイズギネスブック)
1991 - The Legendary Mechanized Master Fencer (からくり剣豪伝 ムサシロード)
1992 - I Am a Boy!  Kunio-kun (おれは男だ!くにおくん)
1996 - Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター)

1997 - Origin Boy Gyao (原始少年ギャオ)
2003 - Pocket Monsters RS Version (ポケットモンスター R・S編)
2006 - Pocket Monsters DP Version (ポケットモンスター D・P編)
2010 - Pocket Monsters HGSS Version (ポケットモンスター HG・SS編)

Characters | Synopsis |  About the Author




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