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Synopsis (Part One, Two, & Three) | Differences between the movie and the comic | About the Author

Inoue Momota

"When I was a kid, I was in love with Pokemon and would use my pencil to draw Pokemon comics in my notebook.  I never could have dreamed that, as an adult, I'd be drawing a real Pokemon comic." - Inoue Momota, inside the dust cover for the graphic novel version of The Illusionary Conqueror, Zorro'ark.

The Illusionary Conqueror, Zorro'ark
adaptation was written and drawn by Inoue Momota (井上桃太).  The 24-year old artist is a graduate of the Japan Designer School (日本デザイナー学院).

She made her debut in 2006 with the series 赤きエンザ (Akaki Enza, "Red Enza").  The series, which ran in CoroCoro Comics from 2006 until 2008, earned her the
58th semiannual Shogakukan Newcomer Comic Award (第58回小学館新人コミック大賞).

Manga by Inoue Momota

2007 - Red Enza (赤きエンザ)
2010 - The Legend of the Demon Ninja, Tsumuji (少年鬼忍伝 ツムジ)
2010 - Theatrical Edition Pocket Monsters DP - The Illusionary Conqueror, Zorro'ark (劇場版ポケットーモンスターDP 幻影の覇者ゾロアーク)

Synopsis (Part One, Two, & Three) | Differences between the movie and the comic | About the Author



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