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Tankoubon Two
Released July 28th, 1999

Chapters (NOTE:  Chapters are called "GETTO," which basically means "Get."  Chapter One is "GETTO One," Chapter Two is "GETTO Two," etc.)

    PROLOGUE:  "Shuu ni Shitsumon"
          (Questions for Shuu)
    GETTO 01:  "Enmaku no Naka no BATORU"
          (The Battle Within the Smokescreen)
    GETTO 02:  "Madatsubomi wo Tsukamaero!"
          (Catch Madatsubomi!)
    GETTO 03:  "GYAGU de Shoubu da, Tsukkomi NYASU" 
          (Gag Battle, Straight Man Nyasu)
    GETTO 04:  "Bouken BIIDORU, Taifuu ni Makeru na!" 
          (Adventure Beedle, Don't Run from the Typhoon!)
    GETTO 05:  "GETTO Shoubu da, PARASEKUTO!" 
          (Catching Contest, Parasect!)
    GETTO 06:  "POKEMON Onsen, Atsukiatsuki-tatakai" 
          (Pokemon Hot Spring, Atsukiatsuki-tatakai) (??? help ???)
    GETTO 07:  "VS Nazo no Chounouryoku POKEMON" 
          (Versus the Mysterious Psychic Pokemon)
          (Shuu's Christmas)
    GETTO 09:  "Ko'ori no Ouja FURIIZA" 
          (King of Ice, Freezer)
    GETTO 10:  ???
    GETTO 11:  ???
    GETTO 12:  ???
    GETTO 13:  ???
    GETTO 14:  ???
    GETTO 15:  ???
Ketsuban's Comprehensive Guide to Pokemon Getto da ze Volume 2!
(Subtitle: I was bored and Doga was desperate. Don't let him tell you otherwise.)

Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off, with Shuu and Pikachu off on more Pokemon-catching adventures. Sadly, Ryuuko's not in this or any other volumes --;; Dammit, why can't this writer see how obviously MADE FOR EACH OTHER Shuu and Ryuuko are?!

Special thanks to Ketsuban, webmaster of Law is Q, for writing these summaries for the site.  Thanks a bunch!

Prologue:  "Questions for Shuu"

Here Shuu is basically explaining how he sets up his tent at night (he has Caterpie use its Ito o Haku [String Shot] around a tree branch or something), what he does when he gets sick, and what he eats (when he's out of food, Metamon transforms into a steak o_O). Cute.

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GETTO 01:  "The Battle Within the Smokescreen"

Shuu and Pikachu are in a cave, battling Zubats and so forth. Shuu catches a Zubat, and then a mysterious voice speaks to him out of the darkness. In comes a boy named Ken, riding a Kairyu. Ken says that he's the greatest trainer in the world, which angers Shuu, so they battle. Ken's Dogasu uses its Enmaku attack [Smokescreen] and causes everything to be obscured by smoke. Ken takes the first move, his Pidgeon, Dugtrio, and Karakara attacking both Shuu and Pikachu. Shuu is unable to see to attack, so he sends out his newly-acquired Zubat, which doesn't need to see to move around. Pikachu then attacks Dogasu, knocking it out, which causes the smoke to fade away. Then Pikachu knocks out Ken's other three Pokemon. As a reward for beating him, Shuu gets Ken's guitar and is simply thrilled. --;;

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GETTO 02:  "Catch Madatsubomi!"

While enjoying a nice sunny day, Shuu accidentally angers a Madatsubomi, causing it to attack him with Shibire Gona [Stun Spore]. He decides to catch it, but when he next approaches it he is attacked with Nemuri Gona [Sleep Powder] and falls asleep. Pikachu wakes him up and then launches into battle with Madatsubomi... wait, make that, "launches into an ass-kicking by Madatsubomi." Shuu looks up Madatsubomi on his Zukan to see how to beat it, and sends out Ponyta. After an attack, he tosses a Monster Ball... straight up into the air ^^;; So Ponyta attacks Madatsubomi some more, and Shuu tosses more Monster Balls... all of which are deflected away by Madatsubomi. However, the Monster Ball he tossed straight up decides to come down right about then, capturing Madatsubomi in a moment of distraction! Shuu pretends that that was his plan all along, which Pikachu doesn't buy, so the chapter ends with another fight between the two ^^;;

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GETTO 03:  "Gag Battle, Straight Man Nyasu"

Shuu and Pikachu are wandering through the woods, looking for more Pokemon, when they find a Nyasu playing a shamisen. When it's done playing, a boy named Masatoshi appears, holding out his hand, saying that the Nyasu is his and that he wants money for its performance. (I'm not all that skilled with various Japanese dialects, but I believe Masatoshi is a stereotypical kansai, or Western Japanese, which is often portrayed as a con man. Also, in said dialect sentences are ended with "ya" instead of "da." Masatoshi speaks mainly with extended predicates, which in Tokyo dialect are "nda" but in Kansai dialect would be "n'ya." So it's a pun on the fact that he cons people out of their money and he has a Nyasu. Just thought I'd share that tidbit. And I'm probably wrong, too.)

Masatoshi comically hits Shuu with a paper fan, and Shuu thrusts his arm in the air, accidentally hitting Masatoshi, and refuses to give up any of his money. Masatoshi claims that Nyasu is number one, to which Shuu replies no, Pikachu is. Masatoshi gets pissed, saying he won't forgive such slander, and acts very melodramatic. He puts on a Nyasu hat, complete with ears, and demands a battle with Shuu. It turns out that those ears allow Masatoshi to communicate with his Nyasu in the same way the In-com allows Shuu to talk to Pikachu.

Nyasu goes first, using Nekonikoban [Pay Day]. Shuu orders Pikachu to attack, but Masatoshi and Nyasu are busy collecting the coins that appeared from the Nekonikoban attack. The battle resumes and Pikachu uses 10-man Boruto [Thunderbolt]. Masatoshi grabs Nyasu and dives out of the way, exclaiming, "That's dangerous!" Then he says Nyasu is better than Pikachu, Shuu says Pikachu is better than Nyasu, and Pikachu shocks both Masatoshi and Nyasu. The end.

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GETTO 04:  "Adventure Beedle, Don't Run from the Typhoon!"

The story starts with Shuu standing dramatically in the middle of wind and rain, pretending to be a weather reporter and announcing that a typhoon is on the way. Pikachu yells at him to stop being a moron and get in the tent, but then they see a Beedle atop a cliff, sitting on a leaf. It leaps off and flies in the air, the wind billowing the leaf up. Shuu decides that such a Pokemon would make a great addition to his team, so he and Pikachu rush at it from opposite sides... but it jumps out of the way into the raging river! Pikachu also winds up in the river... though not quite as on-purpose as Beedle. Shuu dives in, then remembers he can't swim ^^;; Beedle, now riding on a piano, pulls the two to safety with its Itowohaku. Then they're about to crash into a rock, so Shuu has Metamon turn into a rope and wrap around a tree... which breaks, and they continue rushing toward the rock. Beedle begins playing two notes over and over on the piano - so and la. "So and la... so... la... sola..." Then, in a flash of inspiration, Shuu looks upward. ("Sola" [sora] is Japanese for "sky.") There are some Spear, which carry Shuu and Pikachu and Beedle to safety. After the storm ends, Shuu and Pikachu are ready to get set on their journey again... and Beedle decides to go with them! Yay for you, Shuu!

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GETTO 05:  "Catching Contest, Parasect!"

Shuu and Pikachu are collecting chestnuts to eat when Shuu sees a yummy-looking mushroom. He goes to get it, but it's really a Parasect which releases its Nemuri Gona on him, causing him to fall asleep. Pikachu wakes him, and he sends the mouse Pokemon out to attack Parasect and capture it. But before Pikachu can reach Parasect, an Onidrill and Purin appear in the way! It's Rin and Ran from Volume 1! They, too, are trying to capture this same Parasect. However, Parasect is able to fend off attacks from Pikachu, Onidrill, and Purin at the same time, because it's at such a high level. Shuu tells the girls to give up because Parasect's too strong, but they refuse. Pikachu helps Purin get up, and finds out why the twins want Parasect - their father is sick and needs a special medicine which can only be made from the Parasect's mushroom. Being stubborn, Shuu tells Pikachu to shut up. He corners Parasect, but then realises he's out of Monster Balls, so he shouts at the twins to hurry up and capture it. Ran tosses a Monster Ball and catches it; Shuu walks off away from them. Then the next morning he and Pikachu wake up dressed in frilly clothing and find a note thanking them for allowing Rin and Ran to capture Parasect.

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GETTO 06:  "Pokemon Hot Spring, Atsukiatsuki-tatakai"

Shuu and his Pokemon are relaxing at a hot spring with some wild Pokemon. Suddenly a Monster Ball flies in, capturing a wild Arbo! It was thrown by a boy names Yuta who calls himself a Pokemon Collector. Shuu says he shouldn't capture Pokemon who are relaxing with their guard down, and Yuta demands to know who the person is who gets in his way. He sends out Buubaa, having it attack Shuu and Pikachu. Then it jumps into the water and makes it all evaporate! Shuu's Pokemon try to fight Buubaa, but aren't strong enough. Then he has Digda create an earthquake, which opens up a hole that Buubaa falls into. Yuta looks down to see if his Pokemon is all right, only to find the fire-type relaxing in a pool of magma. Yuta realises that he really shouldn't disturb Pokemon when they're so relaxed, and Shuu invites Yuta to join him in a different spring (which isn't evaporated). Buubaa appears, running after Shuu and Yuta for a hug. The end.

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GETTO 07:  "Versus the Mysterious Psychic Pokemon"

Shuu and Pikachu take a rest out in a field, and somebody else begins to narrate. He says that he hates humans, how they always catch all of his friends, and he hates Pokemon that cooperate with humans even more. He vows to take revenge upon Shuu and Pikachu, just for shits and giggles. Meanwhile Shuu senses that someone is watching them, but Pikachu thinks he's imagining it. Shuu thinks it must be a girl who's a fan of his, then points to the tree behind which our mysterious narrator is hiding and exclaims that their watcher is there. He hides, and Pikachu and Shuu get in a random fight. 

Later Shuu finds a Poppo and sends Pikachu out. The mysterious Pokemon realises that Shuu uses the In-com to talk to Pikachu, and figures that if he no longer has the In-com Pikachu will no longer obey him. The Pokemon uses telekinesis to grab the In-com away from Shuu. Shuu and Pikachu chase the Pokemon to the edge of a cliff, and Shuu demands that he return the In-com. But the Pokemon drops it off the cliff into a river! Pikachu jumps down after it and grabs it, but slips and falls into the river. Shuu jumps down after him, astonishing the psychic Pokemon. Shuu grabs Pikachu and puts the In-com back on, then Pikachu attacks the Pokemon, which turns out to be a Yadoran. When Yadoran sees how Shuu and Pikachu are good friends, he gives up his grudge against humans.

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GETTO 08:  "Shuu's Christmas"

It's Christmas, and Pikachu surprises Shuu by dressing up as Santa Claus! Shuu responds that the outfit is stupid and he HATES Christmas. His entire family likes Christmas, they would eat cake and pass around presents, but he hates it. Pikachu points off in the distance, exclaiming "It's Santa!" Shuu looks around frantically, wondering "Wherewhere?!" Pikachu infers that Shuu really does want Christmas, which gets them into another one of their fights. Then they see a Koratta, and Pikachu attacks it, but Shuu shouts at him to stop. The Koratta's mother, Ratta, came out to protect her child. Shuu turns and walks off, claiming, "I'm done for today."

Later they sit by a fire in a cave. Pikachu asks why he didn't catch the Koratta, and Shuu answers that the Ratta was protecting her child and today's Christmas and you do things like that on Christmas. Shuu falls asleep then, and dreams that his mother is talking to him, saying, "Let's eat cake, it's Christmas! Let's go to a party!" Shuu jolts awake, calling for his mother, but when he realises that it was a dream he swears to himself and says, "Of course, I'm spending Christmas alone this year..." Pikachu comes into the cave and takes Shuu's hand, and leads him to a huge tree, which has been decorated by the Pokemon of the forest just for him, with a Starmii at . ^_^ Shuu says that he was stupid when he said he hated Christmas, but when he saw that tree... He thanks all the Pokemon, which promptly fall out of the tree, hurt by Pikachu's electricity which was used to light it up.

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GETTO 09:  "King of Ice, Freezer"

Shuu and Pikachu are wandering along in the snow, freezing, when Shuu sees a Freezer atop a cliff! He sends out Sawamuraa to attack it, but without even moving a muscle Freezer causes Sawamuraa to freeze into a block of ice! Next Shuu has Kameel use Hydro Pump, which freezes in the air. Freezer whips up a cold wind, sending Shuu-tachi flying off. Shuu decides that his Pokemon need to become more accustomed to the cold, and throws his own shirt onto the ground, declaring that they will train to catch Freezer. Of course, he gets cold and puts his shirt right back on. The pokemon train to withstand the cold, and then they find Freezer again and do a rematch. Kameel's Mizu Deppou [Water Gun] freezes in the air above Freezer, and comes crashing down as several blocks of ice. Pikachu then attacks with Denki Shock [Thundershock], but Freezer lashes back at Shuu and his Pokemon with an ice beam. Shuu loses consciousness, then wakes up later in a cave on a blanket. Pikachu explained that Freezer rescued them from dying because Shuu risked his own life to save Pikachu when he was being attacked. Darn, this chapter ends on a non-joking note... --;; LOL, ah well.




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