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Tankoubon One
Released February 24th, 1999

Chapters (NOTE:  Chapters are called "GETTO," which basically means "Get."  Chapter One is "GETTO One," Chapter Two is "GETTO Two," etc.)

    GETTO 01:  "Shuu & Pikachuu Toujou!" 
          ("Shuu's and Pikachu's Entrance!")
    GETTO 02:  "Kyouteki Fushigibana!" 
          ("The Powerful Enemy Fushigibana!")
    GETTO 03:  "Pokemon GETTO Shoubu Da!!" 
          ("Pokemon Catching Match!")
    GETTO 04:  "Ame Furi no Suishou Dama"
    GETTO 05:  "Itazura Kameeru" 
          ("Kameel's Prank")
    GETTO 06:  "Tamamushi Daigaku ni Chousen!" 
          ("Tamamushi College's Challenge!")
    GETTO 07:  "Tsuji geri' Taijida!"
    GETTO 08:  "Kamonegi  Kenshi iza Shoubu!"
    GETTO 09:  "Nyoromo GETTO Da!  Daikikusen"
          ("I'll Get Nyoromo!  The Big Strategy!")
    GETTO 10:  "Tsuukai!  Diguda Tataki!!"
    GETTO 11:  "Futago TOREENAA Rin & Ran" 
          ("Twin Trainers Rin & Ran")
    GETTO 12:  "Faiyaa GETTO Da Ze?" 
          ("I Got Fire?")
    GETTO 13:  "Mori de Mushi tori Daikikusen!"
    GETTO 14:  "Pokemon Ryouri.  Itadakimasu!" 
          ("Pokemon Cooking.  We Humbly Accept!")
    GETTO 15:  "Tokubetsu Hen-Pikachu GETTO Da Ze!"

Giant huge gigantic special thanks to OSeagullo for scanning (and in some cases, rescanning) these images.  This person came to me and OFFERED to scan these for me, so I feel loved :).  For each image, click on the image itself to see it in its full size.  I've also got a bunch of scans of the pages themselves, just click on the hyperlinks in the appropriate chapters.

GETTO 01:  "Shuu's and Pikachu's Entrance!"

After a quick, one-page introduction of Shuu, Pikachu, and Shuu's In-com, we see Shuu in a field with Kyatapi and Butterfrii.  Shuu wants a Kyatapi, and sends Pikachu out after it.  However, Pikachu won't cooperate (it lunges forward as if it's going to attack, and then quickly goes into a sack to sleep).  Therefore, Shuu is on his own.  At first, he attempts to throw rocks at the pokemon, but a swat of its tail repels all of the rocks away.  Next, Shuu goes after Kyatapi with a bug net, but soon it's Kyatapi who's chasing Shuu with its string shot attack.  Shuu then wraps himself in leaves, but Kyatapi tackles him away.

A final attempt is made when Shuu dons a Kyatapi outfit.  It's a pretty good costume, except that Shuu's about 10 times bigger than an average Kyatapi!  He fools Kyatapi, though, and emerges from the costume with a Monster Ball.  He catches Kyatapi!  However, a flock of Poppo, seeing Shuu's costume, mistakes him for a REAL Kyatapi and start attacking Shuu.  Shuu cries out for Pikachu, who quickly fries all of the Poppo.  Shuu is happy, but then he and Pikachu start to argue again.  The last panel shows a Kyatapi on the Pokemon Zukan's screen, with Shuu saying "Kyatapi getto da ze!!"

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GETTO 02:  "The Powerful Enemy Fushigibana!"

Shuu's in a jungle-type area, treking through some very tall grass.  As he's wading his way through, he bumps into a large flower.  He angrily picks the flower up and it turns out to be a Fushigibana!!  Shuu falls backwards at the towering pokemon as Pikachu prepares a Thunder shock.  Pikachu shocks Fushigibana, but it has no effect.  Now Shuu orders Pikachu to use Speed Star ("Swift" in the dub) on Fushigibana, but this only angers Fushigibana into a retaliation.  It uses a Happa Kattaa (Hyper Cutter--aka "Razor Leaf") on Pikachu.  A bruised and angry Pikachu attempts one final attack:  a goofy face. There's a staring contest until Fushigibana breaks it up with a vine whip.  Pikachu is able to dodge the whips, but Shuu notices that the next attack is about to hit.  Yelling Pikachu's name, he runs in front of Pikachu and takes the vine whip in the back.  As Fushigibana continues whipping Shuu's back, Shuu tries to reassure Pikachu.  Admiring Shuu's selflessness and compassion toward his pokemon, Fushigibana turns its back and leaves.  Shuu and Pikachu, even though they didn't catch Fushigibana, rejoice in their victory.

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GETTO 03:  "Pokemon Catching Match!"

This chapter begins with Pikachu shocking a Morphon.  Shuu throws a Monster Ball at it, but it ricochets off a tree.  He throws Monster Ball after Monster Ball, but every ball misses.  Suddenly, a Monster Ball comes plummeting down towards the sky, captures Morphon, and goes back up.  He looks up to see a young boy named Tomio.  Tomio brags about his wonderous super-accurate Monster Ball on a string (similar to a yo-yo) as he releases Morphon.  Shuu and Tomio argue--then, Tomio shows off his skills with a yo-yo as he effortlessly catches an Onisuzume.  Shuu vows he's accurate enough to catch pokemon without the aid of a special Monster Ball.  We see Shuu wrestling with a Nasshii, throwing a rock at a Paras but hitting Pikachu, and being chased by a Hitokage while Tomio effortlessly catches pokemon after pokemon.  A tired Shuu then notices a baby Nidoran and decides to catch it when he notices that it's wounded.  He bandages its leg and lets it go free.

At the end of the day, Tomio and Shuu compare the number of pokemon they've caught.  Tomio has caught 20, but Shuu only has 19.  Shuu's angry at losing until Pikachu notices the Nidoran he helped earlier.  He begins to catch it, and then notices a ton of Nidoran surrounding them.  Thinking all these Nidoran belong to Shuu, Tomio decides to use a regular Monster Ball, and Shuu and Tomio part ways as friends.  Shuu had just caught a Nidoran.

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GETTO 04:  "Ame Furi no Suishou Dama"

Shuu and Pikachu are running in a rainstorm until it suddenly clears up.  The sun's shining very brightly, in fact too brightly.  Shuu walks into an area where there are a bunch of pokemon passed out from dehydration.  A girl walks up from behind Shuu and introduces herself as Ryuuko ("Dragon Child").  She tells Shuu of the drought that's crippling all the pokemon, and Shuu wishes to help.  Pikachu splashes water on the pokemon while Kyatapii carries water from far away on its back.  Suddenly, two beads in Ryuuko's hair start to shine, and she starts to faint.  Shuu catches her and turns around to see his pokemon fainted as well.  Being the only conscious one left, he starts to dig furiously into the ground for water.  After a while he becomes frustrated because he can't find any.  Suddenly, there's a glowing from the ground and a pearl is uncovered, and Shuu hands the pearl to Ryuuko as she smiles.  Suddenly, she starts glowing and turns into a Hakuryuu!  Hakuryuu flies into the sky, and the pearl on its neck starts to glow.  The glowing pearl makes rain appear from the sky, and the drought is over.  Shuu is happy as he hugs the pokemon as Hakuryuu flies away.

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GETTO 05:  "Kameel's Prank"

Shuu and Pikachu are at the beach enjoying themeselves when Shuu notices three kids kicking a Kameel.  Shuu steps in and tells the boys to go away, and they angrily obey.  Shuu looks down to see if the pokemon is okay, but it responds by blasting Shuu with a water gun!  Shuu flies towards the sky, grasping on to Kameel, as a helpless Pikachu looks on from below.  Shuu and Kameel land on an island far away.

Shuu trying to catch Kameel

Kameel blasts Shuu with its water gun again on the island, so he angrily calls Pikachu forth.  When Pikachu doesn't come, he remembers that Pikachu's not with him.  So to get his revenge, he'll have to beat Kameel himself.  Kameel's standing on a large leaf, so Shuu pulls it out from under Kameel.  Kameel withdraws into its shell and spins, kicking up dust around it.  Kameel uses the smoke screen it created to escape.  Shuu dives towards Kameel, but misses and is hit by a water gun instead.  Kameel starts toward the ocean but notices that the only way out is down a very tall cliff.  Kameel stops just in time, but Shuu mindlessly continues off the cliff.  Now Shuu's hanging off the cliff, unable to climb his way back up.  He looks into the distance and sees a giant wave coming.  He then notices something riding the wave--it's Pikachu!!  Pikachu's on a surfboard with Shuu's hat and stuff, including all his pokemon.  Shuu calls forth Kyatapii to use its string shot on Kameel and Nidoran to hit it with a horn attack.  Shuu throws a Monster Ball and catches Kameel.  Suddenly, the island begins to shake, and it is revealed that the island is on the back of a Kamex!  The island floats away, with Shuu on it.

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GETTO 06:  "Tamamushi College's Challenge!"

To tell you the truth, I have no idea what's going on in this chapter.

Shuu going from shop to shop (notice Imakuni from the group Suzukisan...he's the guy in the black mouse suit)

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GETTO 07:  "'Tsujigeri" Taijida!"

Shuu and Pikachu are walking down a road when Shuu is kicked in the face by an unknown foot.  He goes to a house to get bandaged up (his nose got mooshed), and soon he's on the road again.  Suddenly, a foot comes flying towards Shuu.  It almost hits him, but Shuu is able to dodge the kick.  Instead, the kick hits a rock, smashing it!  Shuu finally sees the kicker--a Sawamuraa!  Shuu orders Pikachu to attack, but a kick that knocks Shuu's hat off frightens it.  Shuu's angry that his hat got knocked off and that Pikachu won't fight, so they argue.  While arguing, Sawamuraa kicks the two of them high into the sky.

When they land, Shuu calls out Kameel.  Kameel and Pikachu both lunge towards Sawamuraa, Pikachu dodging Sawamuraa's kicks while Kameel attacks its foot with a Mizu Deppou (Water...something.  Let's just say "Water Gun" for now).  Now it's time for some teamwork.  Pikachu uses its agility to dart around Sawamuraa until its leg gets tangled up.  Next, Kameel attacks with its Mizu Deppou.  Now Pikachu uses a 10,000 Bolt ("Thunderbolt") to shock Sawamuraa.  Beaten, Sawamuraa agrees to go with Shuu.  Now he has a new pokemon!

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GETTO 08:  "Kamonegi Kenshi, Igishoubu!"

Shuu sees a Kamonegi and decides to capture it.  He throws a Monster Ball, but he throws it too high.  Then he throws another one, but that one almost hits Pikachu.  The third ball he throws actually reaches Kamongei, but the pokemon uses its twig to slice it in two!  On second glance, though, it is revealed that a young samurai, Ryouma, is the one who owns Kamonegi and that he cut Shuu's Monster Ball in half.  Shuu's angry and challenges Ryouma to a fight.

Inside a dojo-like area, Kamonegi and Pikachu face off.  Pikachu uses its electric shock, but Kamonegi dodges all the bolts and hits it numerous times with...a paint brush.  Now Pikachu's covered in ink!  Shuu laughs at how ridiculous Pikachu looks until Pikachu points out that Shuu's pants are down.  Kamonegi had stolen Shuu's belt and painted all over Pikachu's face just to mock them.  Now Ryouma orders Kamonegi to attack seriously and starts swinging at Pikachu.  Pikachu dodges for a while, but it is eventually hit on the head with Kamonegi's twig.  Shuu's angry and Pikachu's about to faint, but it won't give up.  Now Kamonegi's going in for the final blow, but at the last second Pikachu turns around and uses its tail as a sword to block Kamonegi's twig.  Pikachu uses its thundershock, which sends electricity through the twig and through Kamonegi.  Kamonegi's beaten, but more importantly, Shuu gets his belt back!

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GETTO 09:  "I'll Get Nyoromo!  The Big Strategy!"

Shuu is proclaiming that he must catch more pokemon when spots a Nyoromo.  He rushes toward the pond it's in, but he doesn't stop and falls right into the icy-cold water.  Shuu stomps off with a plan.  He dresses up as a fisher and tries to catch it with a net.  This isn't very successful, so he tries using a fishing rod.  After getting punched by Pikachu, he yanks Nyoromo out of the water!  Now Nyoromo's running off, so Shuu sends Pikachu after it.  Pikachu uses its agility to go after it, but runs a bit too far.  While Pikachu's making its way back, Nyoromo's getting away.  Shuu lunges towards it, but it uses its bubble attack to stop Shuu.  Shuu falls into the water and can't get Nyoromo, so he asks Pikachu to do what it can.  It uses an electric attack to stop Nyoromo, knocking it out!  However, Shuu is also knocked out, as the water he was in conducted the electricity used to zap Nyoromo!

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GETTO 10:  "Tsukai!  Diguda Tataki!!"

Shuu's very happy with his new Nyoromo.  He calls it from its Monster Ball, then retrieves it.  Calls it, then retrieves it.  Calls it, then retrieves it.  He does this all night until an annoyed Pikachu whaps him on the head.  Nyoromo's now dizzy so Pikachu storms off.  As it's walking, a Digda pops its head up, knocking Pikachu down!  Shuu tells Pikachu to grab Digda, but it zooms down its hole and pops up another.  Pikachu dashes to its new hole, but Digda's much too fast and escapes again.  This happens many times until Pikachu gets so annoyed that it uses its electric shock on it.  No effect!  Ground-type aren't affected by electricity, but water types are.  Shuu calls time out, and tells Digda to wait while they form a plan.  Pikachu will go underground and force Digda to pop out of a specific location where Shuu will be waiting.  As it pops its head up, Shuu will whack Digda with a mallet to stun it.  Now Nyoromo will attack with its water attacks and weaken it enough to capture it!

So Pikachu, adorable with its little construction worker's hat, burrows underground.  Pikachu can't find Digda, so Pikachu pops up and calls out for Digda.  Shuu, not thinking, whacks Pikachu on the head, mistaking it for a Digda.  Shuu's apologizing to the unconscious Pikachu while Digda burrows underneath and headbutts Shuu and Pikachu away.  Nyoromo approaches and is intimidated by the fierce-looking (at least to Nyoromo) Digda.  Suddenly, Shuu lands head-first on Digda, stunning it!  A dazed Shuu orders Nyoromo to attack, and Nyoromo uses its water gun to hit the stunned Digda.  Now Shuu throws a Monster Ball and catches Digda (how he has such good aim when he's dizzy and terrible aim when he's not is beyond me...).  Shuu's very happy and lets Digda out of the Monster Ball to play...Whack-a-Mole!

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GETTO 11:  "Twin Trainers Rin & Ran"

Shuu's walking down a forest when he notices a young girl with a hair bow crying.  Shuu thinks she's cute as he helps her out.  But watch out--she takes a marble-shaped Monster Ball-look alike and throws it down.  It's a smoke bomb!  A Purin with a bow on its head (because it's female?) emerges, and sings Shuu and Pikachu to sleep.  When Shuu awakens, he notices that Pikachu is missing!  He looks all around until he sees a very mature-looking girl.  He recognizes her as the girl with the hair bow he met earlier and accuses her of stealing his Pikachu.  She throws him to the ground and walks away to her house (which is only about five feet away).  Inside, Shuu sees the young cute girl with the hair bow and the mature girl at the same time!  Actually, they're twins:  Rin is the girl with the hair bow who created the smoke, and Ran's the one who Shuu accused of stealing Pikachu.  Shuu looks around the room and spots Pikachu--in a dress!  Pikachu was forced to play dress-up, and doesn't look too happy about it!  Shuu's angry, and Rin decides to fight him.  She sends out an Ivui, Pippi, and Purin.  All three super-kawaii pokemon who are dressed up with hair bows and dresses.

Rin lets Pippi go first, and Pippi uses a metronome attack.  Shuu's slammed against a wall as Rin laughs.  Pikachu doens't seem to have much confidence in Shuu.  It's now Shuu's turn, and he calls forth Nyoromo.  Rin screams at the sight of it, and shivers and hides when Shuu brings it near.  Rin throws Pikachu to Shuu and forfeits rather than look at Nyoromo.  Shuu's done with the house, but Ran still wants to fight.  With her Onidrill, Arbok, and Onidrill, she chases Shuu and Pikachu down for a battle.

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GETTO 12:  "I Got Fire?"

Shuu's at a fair with Pikachu (who's eating some cotton candy ^_^) when one of the vendors calls him, asking him if he wants to be a Pokemon Master.  The guy (who reminds me of the guy who sells Kojirou a Koiking in the anime) unveils a cage with a Fire, one of the legendary birds.  However, it's much too expensive for Shuu to afford, so he uses Pikachu, Nyoromo, and Digda to earn money.  Pikachu's the advertiser (giving out fliers and such), Digda'a a living Whack-a-Mole game, and Nyoromo's a Ski Ball game (it's swirly pattern on its belly makes a great bullseye!).  Soon, Shuu earns the money to buy Fire.  He purchases the mythical pokemon while the seller leaves happily with the money.

The next day, Shuu and Pikachu are walking outside when they encounter a Konpan.  Shuu figures that this will be a good chance to use his new pokemon, so he calls Fire forth.  However, it is unable to breathe fire!  Soon, it is revealed that the pokemon Shuu has isn't a Fire, but a Metamon disguised as a Fire!  Shuu feels REALLY cheated, but is able to call Pikachu into battle.  Konpan bodyslams it while Shuu devises a plan.  He whips out a can of bug spray and sprays Konpan.  KO!  Shuu used Metamon to turn into the bug spray, and thanks Metamon (who has turned into another Shuu).  But as soon as Pikachu turns around, he sees Shuu buying something else that's too good to be true.  Here we go again!

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GETTO 13:  "Mori de Mushi tori Dai Kikusen!"

Title Page

Shuu's in a forest, picking an insect off from a tree.  He pretends that it's a Kabuto, but Pikachu crashes his disillusion by telling Shuu it's not.  Shuu calls out Digda, Metamon, and Nyoromo to help him catch a real bug pokemon (Kyatapii's not good enough?).  Metamon camoflauges itself like a chameleon against a tree, and Digda hides in some tall grass.  With Nyoromo and Pikachu by his side, Shuu kicks a tree in hopes of scaring out some insects.  Shuu turns around to see a Kairos coming from the ground.  Shuu orders Metamon to turn into a bug net and capture Kairos, but Kairos uses its pinsirs to stop Metamon dead in its tracks.  Pikachu tries to electrocute Kairos, but Pikachu's electricity only affects Metamon.  Shuu tries to comfort the dazed Metamon while Kairos charges toward Pikachu.  It misses, hitting a tree behind Pikachu.  Kairos' pinsirs appear to be stuck in the tree, but it merely crushes the trees with one squeeze of its mighty pinsirs!  Astonished at Kairos's strength, Pikachu does what it can...runs away!

Pikachu dodges when it notices that Kairos has almost leveled the entire woods!  Pikachu looks around frantically, hoping to find a place to hide behind when it spots one last tree standing.  Pikachu climbs the tree, followed by Kairos.  Pikachu reaches the top of the tree, as does Kairos.  Kairos is about to close in on Pikachu when the tree shakes.  It's Shuu and Nyoromo!  The boy and his pokemon are pushing the tree from the bottom, shaking it.  Kairos is knocked off, followed by Pikachu.  It looks like Pikachu's about to become a pancake when Nyoromo uses its water gun to create a water spout with which to cushion Pikachu's fall.  Shuu's happy that Pikachu's safe.  Then he wonders where Kairos is...it's underground!  The impact of the fall made Kairosu burrow underground!

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GETTO 14:  "Pokemon Cooking.  We Humbly Accept!"

There's a new Pokemon Contest!  As Pikachu reads the rules aloud, Shuu brags about how easy it would be for him to win any contest involving pokemon (just as conceited as Satoshi, ne?).  The prize?   The pokemon Lucky!  Suddenly, Shuu's interested in the contest and can't wait to win.

The announcer at the contest announces that Shuu will be using Pikachu, Nyoromo, and Digda, while his opponent, a lovely girl named Yuuki will use a Buubaa, Strike, and Wanrikii.  The contest?  Prepare a delicious meal with the egg of a Lucky!  Yuuki brags that she'll win and goes first.  Strike uses its blades to slice a vegetable, Buubaa provides the fire that'll heat the food, and Wanrikii pounds the ingredients to a fine paste.  Pikachu admires Yuuki's pokemon as Shuu reminds it that he should get started.  Pikachu uses its electricity to heat a pot, but winds up burning it.  Digda's to carry the egg, but headbutts it instead!  Finally, Nyoromo is supposed to fill a bowl with water, but fills it with bubbles instead!  Yuuki laughs at this when Shuu remembers that the judges will be children...

Time for the judging!  Yuuki reveals her dish, a Lucky egg filled with ramen!  The judges are very happy with the meal, and Yuuki challenges Shuu to top that.  So, Shuu reveals his treat:  Lucky Ice Cream!  The judges, being children (though they don't look like children) love the ice cream and award Shuu as the winner.  Shuu's happy that he'll win a Lucky, but reading the fine print of the contest rules reveals that he's won a lifetime supply of Lucky eggs, not an actual Lucky!  Shuu's angry at Pikachu for not pointing that out as he carries the large basket filled with eggs away.

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GETTO 15:  "Tokubetsu Hen-Pikachuu GETTO Da Ze!"

The narrator narrates (just like the announcer announces!) that this is the world of Pokemon and comments on how peaceful it is.  That is until we see Shuu and Pikachu arguing again!  In fact, the two get so mad at each other that they decide to split up!

Shuu angrily talks to himself about Pikachu as he throws rocks into a pond.  He recalls when he first got Pikachu...

A younger Shuu (by about 2 months) walks down a street when he notices people gathered around in a crowd.  They tell of horrible electricity coming from the forest and how much it frightens them.  Shuu sees this as an opportunity for an adventure, and rushes toward the forest.  Once there, he notices a Monster Ball with electricity coming from it. Shuu reaches for the Monster Ball to release the pokemon inside, but it electrocutes him.  Shuu tries again and is able to push the button that releases Pikachu.  Pikachu angrily shocks Shuu, but Shuu puts his hand out in friendship.  Shuu hugs Pikachu, and thus their friendship begins.

Now Shuu's in the present, and is determined to find Pikachu and apologize.  He sees Pikachu, but it's with another trainer!  Shuu begs Pikachu to come back, but his pokemon's still angry with him and wants to stay with its new trainer.  So, Shuu and the girl (don't know her name) decides to battle for Pikachu.  Shuu sends out Metamon, who transforms into a Pikachu, while Pikachu comes out to fight.  The two pokemon fight and beat each other up.  Shuu can't stand it anymore and goes to Pikachu's side.  Both Shuu and Pikachu apologize, and they reunite.  The girl lets Shuu keep Pikachu, but as soon as they're reunited, they start arguing again!




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