Rocket-Dan Danka
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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters XY Songs

Rocket-Dan Danka

"The Rocket-Dan's Team Song" (ロケット団団歌)
is an image song originally created for the Pocket Monsters XY&Z Character Song Project. It is sung in-character by the voice actors of the Rocket-Dan; Hayashibara Megumi as Musashi, Shinichirou Miki as Kojirou, Inuyama Inuko as Nyasu, and Ueda Yuuji as Sonansu.

The "TV size" version was released exclusively on iTunes. Its mere existence hints at the song being used as an ending theme at some point down the road though nothing has been confirmed at the moment.

  • Used in Pocket Monsters XY&Z as an insert song
  • CD(s) found on:  "Pocket Monsters XY&Z" the Animated Series Character Song Project Collection Volume 1

Roketto-Dan no "ro" no ji wa "roman" no "ro"
ロケッ ト団のロの字はロマンのロ
Roketto-Dan no "ke" no ji wa "kedakai" no "ke"
ロケッ ト団のケの字は気高いのケ
Roketto-Dan no chicchai "tsu" wa
ロケッ ト団の小っちゃいツは
"ttarimee yo, aku da mono~
「ッた りめーよ、悪だもの~
rrasshai rrasshai kakatte koi!
ッラッ シャイッラッシャイ かかって来い!
tteka, Pikachuu tsuyosugi Nya~!"
ッて か、ピカチュウ強すぎニャ~!」
Da yo~no ttsu!!!
だよ~ のッツ!!!

"Ya na kanji" to tobasarete
「やな 感じ~」と飛ばされて
Shita ni mieru wa, chiisai na chikyuu
下に見 えるは、小さな地球
Mori mo yama mo Pokemon mo
森も山 もポケモンも
Minna hitotsu sa ii kanji
みんな 一つさ いい感じ

Ochita saki ga doko da to te
落ちた 先がどこだとて
Ashita ni sonaete hara goshirae
明日に 備えて腹ごしらえ
Miagerya tsuki ga kagayaite
見上げ りゃ月が輝いて
Me to me o awasete waraiau waahahhahha~
目と目 を合わせて笑いあう わーはっはっは~

Warera fukutsu no Roketto-Dan
我ら不 屈のロケット団
Naku kodomo damasu Roketto-Dan
泣く子 もだますロケット団
ソー ナンス!

The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

The "ro" in "Roketto-Dan" stands for "romanticism"
The "ke" in "Roketto-Dan" stands for "keeping it classy"
The first "t" in "Roketto-Dan" stands for
"Tryin' to say we're not evil?
Take a load off and come on in!
To be honest Pikachu's too strong Nya~"
And so on!!

We're sent blasting off as we say "ya na kanji"
And when we look down we see how small the Earth is
The forests and the mountains and the Pokemon
Are all one and the same~ Ii kanji!

Where are we going to land today?
Let's eat something to get ready for tomorrow
If we look up we'll see the shimmering moon
And then when we catch each other's eyes we'll all start to laugh Waahahhahha~

We are the indomitable Rocket-Dan
We even pull one over on crying children...the Rocket-Dan

Translation Notes
Because of the way the Japanese language works "Rocket-Dan" is actually written out as ロケットだん, or Ro-ke-t-to Da-n.  Those six syllables therefore become the basis for the parts of the song that talk about what each letter of their organization's name stands for. Other translations you see online change those six Japanese syllables to six English syllables
(Ro-c-ke-t Ga-ng) or into letters of the alphabet (R-O-C-K-E-T) but I've decided to leave the Japanese syllables as-is for my translation.

Lyrics:  Rocket-Dan (Musashi, Kojirou, Nyasu)  (ロケット団 (ムサシ、コジロウ、ニャース))
Tanaka Hirokazu (たなかひろかず)
Arrangement:  Watanabe Cher (渡辺チェル)

Recording Engineer:  Abo Masahiro (英保雅裕)
Mixing Engineer:  Sakata Kosuke (bluesofa) (サカタコスケ(blusesofa))
Mastering Engineer:  Nakamura Yuta (中村優太 (Sony Music Studios Tokyo))

Performed by:   Rocket-Dan (Musashi, Kojirou, Nyasu)  (ロケット団 (ムサシ、コジロウ、ニャース))



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