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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters XY Songs

Peace Smile

"Peace Smile" (ピーススマイル)
is the second ending theme to Pocket Monsters XY.  It will also be used as the ending theme to the Pikachu short Pikachu, What is This the Key To?  It is sung by J☆Dee'Z.

  • Used in XY 028 - ???
  • CD(s) found on:  TBA

Ashita wa motto kagayaku yo
明日は もっと かがやくよ
Shinjite Piisu Piisu Sumairu!
信じて  ピースピーススマイル!
Pika-Pika no mirai ni Chuu
ピカピ カの未来にチュウ
Junbi wa Okkee!
準備は オッケー!

Kyou ga tokubetsu na hi janakutemo
今日が 特別な日じゃなくても 
Itsumo omoi ukabunda
いつも 思い浮かぶんだ
Kimi wa doko ka na nani o shiteru no
きみは どこかな なにをしてるの
Aitaku naru yo
会いた くなるよ

Don'na ni hanare tatte
どんな に 離れたって
Hora tsunagatteru kokoro
ほらつ ながってるココロ
Nakitaku nattari kujikesou na toki wa
泣きた くなったり 挫けそうなときは
Kitto ne yuuki ga tsuyoku nareru kagi
きっと ね 勇気が 強くなれる鍵
Ii koto dake janai demo utsumu kanaide
いー ことだけじゃない でもうつむかないで
Issho ni koete ikou yo!
一緒に 超えていこうよ!

Ima yori motto yume o miyou
今より もっと 夢をみよう
Ookiku Piisu Piisu Sumairu!
大きく  ピースピーススマイル!
Pika-Pika no mirai ni Chuu
ピカピ カの未来にチュウ
Shichao shichao!
しちゃ お しちゃお!

Te to te o kyutto tsunaidara
手と手 をきゅっと つないだら
Uki-Uki Piisu Piisu Sumairu
ウキウ キ ピースピーススマイル!
Hitori janai tte happii!
ひとり じゃないってハッピー!
Yasashii yasashii sono egao ga daisuki
やさし いやさしい その笑顔がだいすき
Kaerou kaerou kimi no moto e!
帰ろう 帰ろう きみのもとへ!

The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

Tomorrow will shine even brighter than today
You'd better believe it!  Peace Peace Smile
Plant a kiss on your sparkling future
Everything's all set!

Even though today isn't a special day
I always have moments when I think
Where are you?  And what are you doing?
I wanna see you

Look, no matter how far away we are
Our hearts are connected
When I want to cry and it seems like I'm about to collapse
My courage definitely becomes the key that makes me stronger, y'know?
It's not always easy but don't let that get you down
Let's get through the tough times together!

I want to see my dreams now more than ever
A huge Peace Peace Smile
Plant a kiss on your sparkling future
Let's do it!  Let's do it!

When the two of us are holding hands tightly
We have an excited Peace Peace Smile
You're not alone so be happy!
You're so nice, you're so nice, and I love that smile of yours
Let's go back, let's go back, back into your arms!

Lyrics:  PA-NON
Tanaka Hirokazu (たなか ひろかず)
Tanaka Hirokazu (たなか ひろかず)
Performed by:  J☆Dee'Z



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