Jari Boy, Jari Girl

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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon Songs

Jari Boy, Jari Girl

Jari Boy, Jari Girl (ジャリボーイ・ジャリガール)
, also known as "Twerp Boys and Twerp Girls," is the second ending theme to the Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon TV series. It is performed by Taiiku Okazaki (岡崎体育), the same guy who performed the series' first ending theme Pose!

  • Used in Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon episodes 061 - present
  • CD(s) found on:  TBA

Minami kaze fuwari minna de nonbiri
南 風 ふわり みんなでのんびり
Sunahama ni suwari yume o katattari
砂 浜に座り 夢を語ったり
Kaipan yarou mo tanpan kozou mo onota no oneesan mo
海 パン野郎も短パン小僧もおとなのおねえさんも
minna ga minna dai bouken
み んながみんな 大冒険

Norikoeta shiren wa kuzuna no akashi
乗 り越えた試練は絆の証
Itsuka hanasaku omoide banashi
い つか花咲く思い出話
Masara no mama ni marasada motte kaette agetai na
マ サラのママにもマラサダ持って帰ってあげたいな
Minna ga minna dai bouken
み んながみんな 大冒険

Yuuyake sora no shita ichinichi no owari
夕 焼け空の下 いちにちの終わり
Nanda ka samishiku nacchau na
な んだか寂しくなっちゃうな
Demo "Tanoshikatta ne bai bai!"
で も「楽しかったね バイバイ!」
Egao de te o futta nara oyasumi mata ashita
笑 顔で手を振ったなら おやすみ また明日

Pu purii pupuru pu purin
プ プリー ププル プ プリン

Furee furee tobikome jari booi mada minu sekai e
フレー フレー 飛び込めジャリボーイ まだ見ぬ世界へ
Rettsu goo habatake jari gaaru hitori janai ze
レッツゴー 羽ばたけジャリガール ひとりじゃないぜ
Shippai shitatte ii yo bokura mada hajimatta bakari
失敗したっていいよ 僕らまだ始まったばかり
Nan datte yareru sa nan'ni datte nareru sa
何だってやれるさ 何にだってなれるさ

The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

Everyone's lazing about as the southern wind wisps by
Sitting on the sand and talking about our dreams
From Swimsuit Guys to Shorts Youngsters to Adult Misses
We're all on this great adventure

The Trials we've overcome are the proof of our bonds
That will someday bloom into the stories we'll talk about
I want to bring back malasadas to my mama in Masara
We're all on this great adventure

Another day comes to an end under the setting sun
And for some reason we start to feel a little lonely
But we wave goodbye and smile as we say "It was fun! Bye bye!"
And then say goodnight and see you tomorrow

Pu Puri~ Pupuru Pu Purin~

Hooray hooray! Jump headfirst into the unseen world, Twerp Boy
Lets go, flap your wings! You're not alone, Twerp Girl
It's OK to mess up because we've only just begun
You can do anything, you can be anything

Translation Notes

Lyrics:  Taiiku Okazaki (岡崎体育)
Taiiku Okazaki (岡崎体育)
Arrangement:  Satori Shiraishi (シライシ紗トリ)

Performed by:   Taiiku Okazaki (岡崎体育)



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