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The Pokemon Counting Song (Movie Version)

This Pokemon Ondo-like song serves as the theme song to the 2005 Theatrical Edition Illustration Contest.

  • Used in episodes  2005 Theatrical Edition Illustration Contest, shown after the ending credits to Myuu and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario
  • CD('s) found on:  Myuu and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario Music Collection

    A, Sore A, Getto

    Hitotsu kazoerya Hitokage no hono'o (Hono'o)
    Fuyu wa chouhou kedo natsu wa tamaran
    Futatsu kazoerya Furiizaa no to'iki
    Natsu wa chouhou kedo fuyu wa kanben

    Utatte odotte pokemon-mon (A, Yoisho)
    Odotte kazoete ima ikutsu?

    Mittsu kazoerya Mizugorou warau (warau)
    Mizu mo shita taru ii pokemon?
    Yottsu kazoerya Yomawaru mawaru
    Hitokage no shippo ni hi no youjin

    Utatte odotte pokemon-mon (A, Yoisho)
    Odotte kazoete ima ikutsu?

Performed by:  ???
Lyrics:   ???
Music:  Tanaka Hirokazu
Arrangement:  Tanaka Hirokazu



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