Glory Day
~Kagayaku Sono Hi~
(ver. 02)

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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation Songs

Glory Day

About ten episodes after Glory Day made its debut, the lyrics were rewritten.  Here are the lyrics for this second version of Glory Day.

To see the various animation updates made for the ending theme, click here.

  • Used in episodes  AG #110-???
  • CD('s) found on:  ???

    GLORY DAY Doshaburi no ame mo
    GLORY DAY Tsuyoi kita kaze mo
    GLORY DAY Zenbu uke tomete
    Tsuki susume!!  GLORY DAY

    Honki de butsukatta toki shika
    Mienai keredo
    Kitto deau hazu sa
    Koboreru yo na egao

    "Yatta ne!!" tte kake yoru nakama wa
    Kirameku daiya
    Zettai kumoranai
    Shinjita nara minna o

    GLORY DAY Mabushii taiyou mo
    GLORY DAY Nagareru kumo mo
    GLORY DAY Zenbu hiki tsurete
    Tadori tsuku sa!!  GLORY DAY

Performed by:  GARDEN & The Pikachu Gakugei-bu (Arts and Sciences Department)
Lyrics:  GARDEN
Music:  GARDEN



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