Ware wa Collector

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Ware wa Collector

"I Am a Collector" (我はコレクター) is an image song performed by Kaga Takeshi (鹿賀丈史) in-character as Gelardan.  It was included in the soundtrack for the second movie, Revelation Lugia, though it wasn't actually used in the movie itself. 

  • Used in episodes  None
  • CD(s) found on:  Pocket Monsters The Movie "Revelation Lugia" Original Soundtrack

Watashi wa dareka no ousama de wa nai
私 は 誰かの王様ではない
Watashi wa dareka no heitai de mo nai
私 は 誰かの兵隊でもない

Kudaketa kagami o hariawasete iku you ni
く だけた鏡を はりあわせていくように
Kowareta sekai o hiroi atsumeteiru no da!
こ われた世界をひろい集めているのだ!

Ware wa korekutaa!
我 は コレクター!
Ware wa korekutaa! Korekutaa!
我 は コレクター! コレクター!

Watashi wa ashita o tebanashi wa shinai
私 は 明日を手放しはしない
Watashi wa kinou o houmuri wa shinai
私 は 昨日を葬りはしない

Gosenfu no ue ni naranda onpu no you ni
五 線譜の上にならんだ音符のように
Chigireta jikan o narabe naoshiteiru no da
ち ぎれた時間を並べなおしているのだ!

Ware wa korekutaa! 我 は コレクター!
Ware wa korekutaa! Korekutaa! 我 は コレクター! コレクター!

Miru ga ii...shifuku no hikari o
見 るがいい…至福の光を
Kiku ga ii...tenjou no shirabe o
聞 くがいい…天上の調べを

Watashi wa chijou ni shibarare wa shinai
私 は地上に しばられはしない
Watashi wa sora kara mioroshi wa shinai
私 は空から 見下ろしはしない
Purizumu no naka ni tojikometa yume o
プ リズムの中に閉じ込めた夢を
抱 きしめていたい…
Sore ga watashi no...korekushon!
そ れがわたしの…コレクション!


The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

I am not anyone's king.
But I am not anyone's soldier, either.

I will pick up the pieces of this broken world and gather them together
Like a cracked mirror that's been put back together

I am a Collector!
I am a Collector! Collector!

I will not let go of the future
I will not bury the past

I will rearrange the broken memories
Like the notes lined up at the top of the music scale

I am a Collector!
I am a Collector! Collector!

You may look at the glorious light
You may listen to the melody of the heavens

I will not be bound by the earth
I will not look down on you from up above
I wanted to hold
The dreams that have been kept safe in a prism
That is my...collection!

Lyrics:  Yuyama Kunihiko (湯山邦彦)
Composition:  Tanaka Kouhei (田中公平)
Arrangment:  Miyazaki Shinji (宮崎慎二)
Performed by:  Kaga Takeshi (鹿賀丈史)




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