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"Meowth's Party" has a strange tale to it.  The song, which is the only Japanese ending theme to get dubbed, was aired one Saturday morning after the new episode of the day, "Pokémon Food Fight," premiered.  Fans were quite shocked when, instead of announcing that "Pikachu's Jukebox" would be coming up, they heard Ash's voice say "Stay tuned for Meowth's Party!"  And after the commercial break, the song aired right before the ending credits.

The strange thing is, it's only been aired once and only once on Kids' WB!  Why they've never rebroadcast it is a mystery, as it's actually very well-done.  I dunno, if I were 4Kids and spent the time and effort to get this thing dubbed, I'd be pretty pissed if the network only aired it once.  I finally found the video clip of the dubbed version at, so without further ado, the English lyrics!!

  • Used in place of "Pikachu's Jukebox" on August 19th, 2000.  It has only aired once on Kids' WB!
  • CD('s) found on:  none

    Bumblin' and fumblin'
    Screwin' up and stumblin'
    Looks like Team Rocket's blastin' off again!
    We're always stinkin'
    It got me ta tinkin'
    And now Me-owth...has got da perfect plan!

    I'll throw a party!
    Admission will be free!
    It'll be a snap
    When they walk right in my trap!

    It's never been such fun
    Stealin' lots of pokémon
    Humans ain't invited cuz I said soo~!
    Once they hit the dance floor
    That's when they're done for!
    This is one scheme even we can't blow!

      (Meow-meow-meowth, the party is so exciting)
    It's gonna be the biggest bash of da year!
      (Meow-meow-meowth won't you tell us who you're inviting?)
    Everyone who's anyone is gonna be here!
      (Meow-meow-meowth ooh!  this party's not for fighting!)
    Ice cream for everyone!  There's nuttin' to fear!

    (Go Cat Go!)
    Mm!  Mm!

      (At Me-owth's Party, blast off at the speed of light!)
    For one night only no pokémon is lonely!
      (At Me-owth's Party, Team Rocket's not gonna fight!)
    So move your feet to the sound of the beat.
      (At Me-owth's Party, don't tell the boss 'bout tonight!)
    I wish this party could go on forever!

Composer / Arranger = Tanaka Hirokazu 
Guests = Jessie and James 
Singer = Addie Blaustein (Meowth)
Guitar = Furukawa Nozomu 
Track Programming = Tanaka Hirokazu 
Manipulation = Iwase Satoshi 




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