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Boku no Best Friend e

Boku no Best Friend e (ぼくのベストフレンドへ), or "To My Best Friend," is the eleventh ending theme to the original Pocket Monsters TV series.  A slightly shorter version of the full version of the song was used as the ending theme for the TV special Mewtwo!  I Am Here.

  • Used in Mewtwo!  I Am Here
  • CD(s) found on:  The version heard in Mewtwo! I Am Here is not available on CD, but the original version from which it was edited can be found on the CDs Boku no Best Friend e, Pocket Monsters TV Theme Song Perfect Best (1997 - 2003), Pokemon Song Best Collection 2, and Pokemon TV Animation Theme Song Best of Best 1997 - 2012.

Akai hoppe ki'iro no shatsu
あ かいほっぺ きいろのシャツ
Giza-giza moyou no boku no besuto furendo
ギ ザギザもようの ぼくのベストフレンド
Shiroi peeji rakugaki shite
し ろいページ らくがきして
Dekitate no uta utatta yo ne
で きたてのうた うたったよね

Wasurenai yo kimi to no episoodo
わ すれないよ きみとのエピソード
Ryoute ippai no "arigatou"
りょ うていっぱいの 〝ありがとう

Yuuyami ni somaru oozora o goran
ゆ うやみにそまる おおぞらをごらん
Pika-pika atatakai hoshi ga warau yo
ピ カピカあたたかい ほしがわらうよ
Atarashii kaze ga yondeiru kara
あ たらしいかぜが よんでいるから
Kimi to aruite ikitai
き みとあるいていきたい

Kusa no umi o hadashi no mama
く さのうみを はだしのまま
Hashaide odotte koronda koto
は しゃいでおどって ころんだこと
Hikaru bajji narabe nagara
ひ かるバッジ ならべながら
Kokoro tsunaide nemutta koto
こ ころつないで ねむったこと

Wasurenai yo kimi to no episoodo
わ すれないよ きみとのエピソード
Kazoe kirenai "takaramono"
か ぞえきれない たからもの

Doko made mo takaku habataite ikou
ど こまでもたかく はばたいていこう
Kira-kira akogare no hoshi o oikoshi
キ ラキラあこがれの ほしをおいこし
Massara na asa ga me o samashitara
まっ さらなあさが めをさましたら
Dekakeyou ano basho e
で かけよう あのばしょへ

Doko made mo tsuzuku michi o...
ど こまでも つづくみちを...


The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

With red cheeks, a yellow shirt
And a zig-zag pattern, you're my best friend
We've scribbled all over a fresh white page
And sang the song we just finished

The unforgettable episodes we share
Both my hands are filled with the words "thank you"

Look up at the sky dyed by the light of dusk
The sparkling, warm stars are smiling
A new breeze is calling out to us
So I want to go walking with you

Running barefoot through a sea of grass
Frolicking and dancing and falling down
As we lined up our shining badges
Our hearts were connected and we went to sleep

The unforgettable episodes we share
There are too many treasures for me to count

No matter where or how far we fly
Chasing after the sparkling stars
If a brand new morning comes
Let's head out for that place

On the road that continues forever...

Lyrics:  Kawamura Kunimi (川村久仁美)
Composition:  Tanaka Hirokazu (たなかひろかず)
Arrangment:  Tanaka Hirokazu (たなかひろかず)
Performed by:  Iwasaki HIromi (岩崎宏美)




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