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Name:  Kasumi (Japanese), Misty (American), Ondine (French).  Many people believe that "Waterflowers" is Misty's last name, but no solid proof from Nintendo exists to varify this

Voice Actors:  Iizuka Mayumi (Japanese), Rachel Lillis (American), Angela Wiederhut (German)

Name Meaning:  Kasumi refers to the baby's breath plant.  Her American name, Misty, comes from the word "mist," the gaseous form of water.

Age:  10

Known Relatives:  Sakura (Daisy)-elder sister, Ayame (Violet)-elder sister, and Botan (Lily)-elder sister

Hometown:  Hanada City (Cerulean City)

Badge Information: Yields the Blue Badge (Cascade Badge)

Aspirations:  To be the world's best at everything

Video Game Appearances:  Pokemon Red (Game Boy), Pokemon Green (Game Boy), Pokemon Blue (Game Boy), Pokemon Yellow (Game Boy),  Pokemon Gold (Game Boy Color), Pokemon Silver (Game Boy Color), Pokemon Crystal (Game Boy Color), Pokemon Puzzle League (Nintendo 64)

Pokemon Owned (Red/Green/Blue/ Yellow):
Hitodeman/LV. 18, Starmii/LV. 21

Pokemon Owned (Gold/Silver):
Golduck/LV. 42, Nuo/LV. 42, Lapras/LV. 44, Starmii/LV. 47

Manga appearances:  Pokemon Dengeki Pikachu, Pokemon Special, Pokemon Zensho, Pokemon Comic Strip

First anime episode:  Episode 001, "Pokemon Kimi ni Kimeta!" ("Pokemon I Choose You!").  Kasumi leaves in Episode 275, "Good Bye...And, Setting Off!"  While Satoshi-tachi traveled around during Advanced Generation, Kasumi starred in three episodes of Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station: H08, "Hanada Gym's Revenge Match!", H18, "I Got the Blue Badge!", and H42, "Kasumi's Earnest Struggle!  She's Risking Her Life!?".  She comes back AG 44, "Kasumi Enters!  Togepi and the Kingdom of Illusions!" but departs one episode later in AG 45, "To the Other Side of the Mirage!  Togepi's Paradise!"

Pokemon Owned (Anime):
Koduck, Nyoromo---Nyorozo, Tattsu,
Tosakinto, Hitodeman, Starmii, Gyarados,
Togepi---Togechick,---Nyorotono, Saniigo

Information:  Kasumi is first seen in the anime fishing for water-type pokemon. Satoshi, running from a gang of Onisuzume, steals her bike to get away.  When the bicycle gets trashed, Kasumi becomes very angry and joins Satoshi on his journey in order to get her bike replaced.  She soon befriends Satoshi and Takeshi and forgets about her bike.

Kasumi is first seen as a young girl who just wants a bike from Satoshi, but she is soon revealed to be the Hanada City Gym Leader.  Her battle with Satoshi is interrupted by the Rocket-Dan and is never concluded, yet Satoshi won the Blue Badge anyway.  While in Hanada City for the gym battle, Satoshi learns about Kasumi's three sisters.  They constantly tease her, laughing at the fact that she returns with nothing when just a short while before she had boasted that she wouldn't return until she's a Pokemon Master.  Her sisters are a constant source of torment, especially during her childhood.  When she was little, she always got the hand-me-down Hinamarri dolls, never getting a set just for her.  When she enters her own Hinamarri competition many years later in her journeys with Satoshi, she is determined to win her very own doll set.  Her success in overcoming this childhood difficulty fills Kasumi with a sense of accomplishment.

Kasumi is a water-pokemon specialist.  She adores any type of water pokemon, finding beauty in pokemon others usually do not.  However, she detests bug pokemon and whenever she's confronted with one, she freaks out.  Togepi proves that Kasumi can like pokemon who aren't water-type because she loves it just as much as her other pokemon.  Kasumi is the first person Togepi sees, so it identifies Kasumi as its mother.  Kasumi forms a tight bond with the baby pokemon, protecting it as its mother would.  Togepi is to Kasumi what Pikachu is to Satoshi.

Despite preference for the calm water-types, Kasumi is a loudmouth.  She is always the butt of Satoshi's jokes, so she promplty responds to his childish antics by yelling and/or hitting.  When she's not pulling Takeshi out of a daydream or scolding Satoshi for being stupid, she's a kind and warm person who speaks her mind.  Kasumi is the worrier of the group--she spends all her time worrying about Satoshi, one of his pokemon, or somebody or something else.  She's very kindhearted, she just has a short temper to match.

There are many people going around saying that Satoshi and Kasumi have a romantic relationship.  While there are hints here and there throughout the series, most of it is just speculation.  One "fact" that people keep bringing up is "Misty's Song" on the "2BA Master" CD.  She says "I love you Ash" at the end of the song, and many people use this as "proof" that she's interested in him romantically.  Ignore it.  The song was not made by the Japanese creators, it was made by some American songwriters to fill out a CD made only to make money.  So unless someone can provide proof that Satoshi Tajiri or anyone else involved with the creation of Pocket Monsters helped write the song, this "fact" shouldn't be taken seriously.

After Satoshi finished with the Silver Convention, Kasumi receives a message from her sisters in Hanada City.  The sisters have to leave the gym to go on a world tour, so Kasumi has to return to Hanada City to look after the gym.  The Joi in Tokiwa City gives Kasumi her bike back, now repaired, and the young trainer says her goodbyes to Satoshi and Takeshi.  Satoshi gives her his hat as a way to remember him, and Kasumi rides back to her hometown.

When she arrives, she notices a bunch of reporters gathered outside the gym.  They inform her that if the gym remains empty and does not have a Gym Leader, it will be closed down.  She returns to the gym to find a Gyarados rampaging in the gym's pool, so she attempts to calm it down so that she can start rebuilding the gym again.  After a failed attempt at showing the pokemon that she's its friend, Kasumi is challenged by three trainers who have had a grudge against her since she was in Tokiwa City.  As the trainers cheat their way toward victory, Kasumi throws herself in the path of their pokemon's attacks in order to protect her own pokemon.  The Gyarados, who had been watching the battle the whole time, finally realizes that Kasumi is a good person and helps her eject the three trainers from her gym.  As Kasumi returns the now calm Gyardos to its Monster Ball, a member of the Pokemon Intelligence Agency declares that the gym can remain open with Kasumi as the Gym Leader.  She accepts challenges from trainers for a while, including Sakura (not her sister, but the kimono girl from Enju City) until her sisters return from their tour.  They declare that she doesn't have to stay there and reside as the Gym Leader, so Kasumi heads for the Togepi Festival in the Houen Region.

There, Kasumi meets up with Satoshi-tachi and meets Haruka and Masato for the first time.  However, their time together is brief as Kasumi is abducted by Musashi and Kojirou!  The two are working for Hanzou, a villain who's after Togepi for a special ritual!  After escaping capture, Kasumi rejoins the group and fights against Hanzou.  During the struggle, other Togepi from the Kingdom of Illusions helps her Togepi evolve into Togechick!  After Kasumi's Gyarados finishes off Hanzou's pokemon, the villain is arrested and Togechick leaves Kasumi to reign over the Kingdom of Illusions.  Soon after, Kasumi leaves Satoshi-tachi to return to the Hanada City gym.

Currently, Kasumi is traveling back to Hanada City.

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Ocean Breeze has a lot of neat information about Kasumi and looks at her sisters more closely than other sites.  The site compares manga Kasumi to anime Kasumi, shows video game stats, talks about her seiyuu, fanfics, and a lot of other things.

Thanks to:  MewHeart for the icons, Bryon Youngblood for the pokemon information, and Encyclopedia Pokemonica for the information on the origin of Kasumi's name.



Pocket Monsters was not created by me.  It was created by Satoshi Tajiri and the crew at TV-Tokyo.  Pokemon is (c) Game Freak, Nintendo, 4Kids Productions, Hasbro, Bandai, and a ton of other companies. When you have a popular anime like Pokemon, lots of people own it so it's impossible to list every company who owns a piece of Pokemon.  No infringement of copyrights is meant by the creation of the web site.  All images were gotten from official websites (Nintendo, TV-Tokyo, etc.) unless otherwise noted (I don't steal images from other sites!).