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Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode 084:  "The Airship's a Hardship!?"
American Episode 229:  "A Scare in the Air"
Pokemon Dare Da?  Daruma Doll (Japanese), Vulpix (English)
Japanese Air Date:  February 4th, 1999
American Air Date:  January 8th, 2000
Important Places:  Dai Dai Island (Velencia Island)

Satoshi-tachi stop for food on their way to Dai Dai Island when they discover that going to Dai Dai Island by blimp is faster than walking.  Satoshi can't afford a blimp, but he wins a contest for a free blimp ride to Dai Dai Island, so now he's all set!  Meanwhile, Musashi and Kojirou are assigned to the blimp section of the Rocket Dan.

Satoshi-tachi go to the blimp, but find it to be a run-down wreck.  The maintenance workers tell Satoshi that the blimp is haunted and that he'd have to be crazy to ride that blimp.  Just then, Musashi and Kojirou pop up, in stewardess outfits, pushing Satoshi-tachi onto the blimp.  Outside the blimp, Purin sees the release switch and mistakes it for a microphone.  It accidently pushes it and the blimp takes off, with Purin hanging by a wire!  Inside the blimp, Satoshi-tachi see just how run-down the blimp is.

It's time for dinner, and the food isn't that good.  Then the blimp starts to teeter.  Musashi and Kojirou go see who's piloting it, and it's no one!  (Nyasu is busy cooking the food).  The Rocket Dan go to the control room and find out how to work the blimp by reading the instruction manual.  They try to restore balance to the blimp and finally succeed after much tilting and teetering.  Then they start to fly into a storm and can't get away!

Meanwhile, outside, Purin climbs up into the blimp.

Inside, Satoshi-tachi get settled after the bumpy ride only to find that Togepi's disappeared.  They search and search for it while Purin wanders around. It sees a candle on a table and mistakes it for another microphone and goes to climb up the table.  But the tablecloth comes down and completely covers Purin.  Satoshi-tachi come across the Purin in a bedsheet and think it's a ghost, remembering the maintenance crew's warnings.  Meanwhile Musashi and Kojirou are looking for Satoshi-tachi (so they can catch Pikachu) and also run into Purin, thinking it's a ghost.

The Rocket Dan and Satoshi-tachi finally find each other.  They battle and soon discover that using Pikachu's electricity will could make the blimp explode.  Matadogasu is thrown out of the blimp by Ishitsubute, punching a hole into the blimp (don't worry, Matadogasu comes falling back).  Kasumi spots Togepi walking on a high beam, so Kasumi follows (with Fushigidane's vines being used to help her keep her balance).  Nyasu decides to climb after Pikachu (who's also on a high beam with Satoshi and Takeshi) when the blimp flies out of the storm.  The sunlight blinds Nyasu, making him lose his concentration and he almost falls!  Then the blimp shakes, causing Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu to fall out of the blimp.  But thanks to Nyasu grabbing some access cloth, they form a parachute and float down safely.  Purin follows.

Kasumi finally retrieves Togepi when everyone notices the gas leaking out of the blimp.  Satoshi and Takeshi release their pokemon to let their weight even out the blimp (remind you of the St. Anne episodes?).  They successfully crash-land the blimp onto Dai Dai Island!  Lucky!

*This isn't really a cut or edit, but notice how the sign at the very beginning of the episode (with Kabigon on it) has convenience mispelled?  It's spelled "Convinience."

The game Satoshi plays that wins him the tickets has Fukubiki, the Japanese word for "lottery," written out in our alphabet.  It's whited-out in the American version.  So not only is Japanese letters not allowed, but apparently Japanese words aren't allowed either.  o_O

*When Kasumi's looking for her Togepi, she picks up a red round thing instead.  That red thing is a Daruma doll.  What you do with these dolls is that you set a goal, and then draw an eye on it.  Then when you accomplish your goal, you draw the other eye.  A person with a lot of one-eyed dolls isn't a very productive person.  The story behind the doll is that a Buddhist monk, Daruma, meditated under a tree.  He meditated so long that he lost the use of his limbs, and then became a ball!  Because of his determination, he became enlightened.  The doll starts out with no eyes (and cannot see, or is unenlightened) and when you finish your goal, you are able to see (and are enlightened).

*The music played when Nyasu climbs the ladder is from the song "Roketto Dan yo Eien ni" (the part before the motto)

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