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Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode 83:  "Masera TAUN!  Arata na ru Tabi Dachi" ("Masera Town!  A New Journey")
American Episode 81:  "Pallet Party Panic"
Pokemon Dare Da?  Pijyotto
Japanese Air Date:  January 28th, 1999
American Air Date:  December 1999

Satoshi is celebrating making 16th place in the Pokemon League in Masera Town.  The peace is disrupted when Mushashi and Kojirou attack the town with bombs.  Satoshi sends Pijyon into battle, but it is easily beaten by Mushashi's Arbok.  Then Lizardon is called and throws the bombs back at the Rocket Dan.  The bombs explode and send them flying far away.  At Dr. Ookido's lab, Satoshi is looking after Pijyon.  Ookido tells them of Dr. Uchikido and asks him to go ot Daidai Island to retrieve her GS Ball.  The GS Ball cannot be transported to Ookido (as normal Monster Balls can) so he needs it to be delivered by hand.  Satoshi agrees, and soon leaves Masera Town.

On the way, Satoshi is attacked by an Onidrill.  He figures out that the Onidrill that's attacking him is the evolved form of the Onisuzume he hit with a rock in the first episode.  He's picked up by Onidrill and is carried to the top of a tree, where he sees the Rocket Dan.  They landed in the tree after their last defeat, but can't leave because they are surrounded by Poppo and Pijyon.  If Satoshi tries to leave, the Onisuzume and Onidrill flying above the tree will swoop down and attack the frightened Poppo and Pijyon.  So Satoshi shakes the tree, causing the Rocket Dan to fall and drawing the Onisuzume/Onidrill away.  With Satoshi free, Pijyon tries to attack the Onidrill group, but is knocked down.  It then evolves into Pijyotto.  Satoshi rides on the bird pokemon as Pijyotto and Pikachu work together to defeat the bird gang.  At the end, Pijyotto decides to stay with the other Poppo and Pijyon and Satoshi leaves for Daidai Island.

The Rocket Dan own a food stand during Masera Town's celebration of Satoshi's placing in the Pokemon League.  Actually, except for Satoshi's order, everything is kept as is!

First, Ash's order is different.
"I'd like three super-size orders of everything you've got, please."

Satoshi's not as piggish as Ash is.  He orders three yakisoba (noodles) and tako (octopus).  Then the Rocket Dan decide to spice up his order.

"Our Team Rocket pepper-upper oughta fire this up"
In the original, he says it's just some really spicy sauce.

"And just wait till they get a taste of my molte-lava mustard."
Kojirou actually does put karashi (mustard) on the octopi.

"And a little super-strength wasabi sauce will make their mouths go ballistic!"
I did a double-take when I heard this one.  They actually said "wasabi sauce" on an American broadcast dub!  Nyasu does put a wasabi topping on the yakisoba.

Later on, after their motto:
"I'd be glad to give you my secret recipe for those nuclear-noodles."
"And my mustard-plastered meatballs!"
Meatballs?!  Well, I guess tako would be considered a ball of meat (octopus is a meat...), but it sounds like Kojirou's talking about the beef variety!

    The blaster balls return!
"Blasters away!  Blasters away!"

What is so bad with saying "bombs away!"?  Anyway, you know they were throwing bombs, right?  Right?!

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