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Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode 047: "Rakkii no Karute"(Lucky's Clinical Records)
American Episode 045:  "A Chansey Operation"
Pokemon Dare Da?   Arbok
Japanese Air Date:  June 4th, 1998
American Air Date:  March 6th, 1999
Important Characters:  Dr. Doku (Dr. Proctor)

Pikachu's up in a tree, picking apples, when it suddenly falls from the tree.  Kasumi brings this to Satoshi's attention, and Takeshi thinks something's stuck in its throat.  There isn't a Pokemon Center for quite a distance, so they have to go to a regular hospital.  The doctor, Dr. Doku, was asleep and doesn't want to help.  But he sees Kasumi's cute face and decides to help out.  He finds out that there is indeed something stuck in Pikachu's throat, so the doctor shocks Pikachu.  This makes it gain its consciousness.  Now Dr. Doku reaches in and pulls the offending object out, an apple! 

After the operation, there's a phone call coming in.  Dr. Doku says that he's off-duty and won't answer.  Satoshi picks it up, and Joi says there was an accident involving a lot of pokemon (which the Rocket Dan caused ^_^).  Dr. Doku says he'll take care of it, and then hands Satoshi-tachi doctor coats.  They'll have to help because the hospital's shorthanded. 

A crying Kara-Kara is the first to be brought in.  Dr. Doku tells Satoshi to keep the patient under control, so Satoshi lets out Fushigidane and tells it to use its vines to keep the patient under control.  Kasumi then takes Kara-Kara to get its fractures healed.

Next up is a Ratta with broken teeth and Musashi's Arbok.  Musashi is afraid that the Ratta will bite her Arbok, so  Lucky takes Ratta out of the way.  Now the doctor can tend to Musashi's Arbok...it's all tied up.  Arbok is wheeled in when Satoshi-tachi see Musashi and Kojirou.  Satoshi doesn't want to help at first, but is soon convinced to help because doctors are supposed to heal everyone, no matter whether they're good or evil.  Lucky gives Arbok a sedative and the doctor fixes Arbok.  Dr. Doku asks Musashi if she would help them, and she agrees (along with Kojirou).

Meanwhile, Nyasu can't find his koban ("charm") and is very distressed.  While this is going on, Satoshi's pokemon are helping out along with the gang.  A Kairos's horn is fixed, a Biriridama stuck in an Utsudon, and a Dodrio are all helped.  But while helping the Dodrio, one of the heads knocks a needle out of Dr. Doku's hand and he accidently sticks himself!  The drug will put him out for a good while, so Satoshi-tachi are on their own.  They do a good job for several hours.  Then, the Rocket Dan decide to stop helping and steal the weakened pokemon in the hospital.  They bind Satoshi-tachi with a special stretcher and Kojirou's about to stick Satoshi with a giant needle when a Lucky gets in the way.  The Rocket Dan order their pokemon to attack, but they won't hurt the pokemon who helped them get better.  Just then, Dr. Doku comes in (the drug's worn off).  He reveals a lot of scissors, needles, and other doctor equipment that could be used as weapons, so the Rocket Dan run off.  They managed to get a Biriridama, but it explodes and sends them flying.  When they land, Nyasu's koban grows back! 

Satoshi-tachi leave the hospital, thinking about their experience.

There's some kanji by the door of the hospital when Satoshi's knocking on it.  I think it says "Closed Today" or something to that effect.  In the dub, it's been painted over and reads "CLOSED" in English.

*The doku in "Dr. Doku" means poison.  So his name is basically "Dr. Poison."

*Nyasu's ordeal with Lucky and his konban ("Charm") is a big Japanese pun.  Lucky keeps bringing items that rhyme or sound like konban.  First, Lucky brings him rice ("gohan"), then a board game  ("go"), then a police box ("kouban"), and finally a pokemon ("Konpan"). 

When Dr. Doku's needle is knocked out of his hand by a Dodrio, the needle actually sticks him in the arm.  But in the Kids' WB! apparently didn't like that, so 4Kids had to censor this.  What they did was show the needle falling towards his arm, and then the picture freezes.  So the needle's just floating in mid-air for several seconds while the sounds of everyone's reactions are heard in the background.  It looks really cheaply-done. 

Also, in the next scene, when the doctor's pulling the needle out, the scene was zoomed in a LOT for the NA dub.  In the original, you could see the rest of his arm (with needle sticking out of it), Takeshi to his right, and Satoshi to his left.  Takeshi and Satoshi both look worried.  But Kids' WB! had 4Kids zoom in so that we just see Doku's head and the very top of his shoulders.

Something interesting to note is that supposedly, the videos released by Viz have this scene as-is, uncut by Kids' WB!. 

*In the dub, the needle will put him to sleep for six hours.   In the original, it puts him out for nine hours.  Maybe 4Kids was afraid that people would think that 10 and 12-yeard olds working nine hours shouldn't be shown on TV?

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