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Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode 234: "Neitio no Dai Yogen!"

      (Neitio's Big Prediction!)
English Episode 525:  "Xatu the Future"
Pokemon Dare Da?  Neitio (Japanese), Ledian (English)
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  ???
Japanese Air Date:  January 31st, 2002
American Air Date:  February 8th, 2003
Important Characters:  Mikoko (Calista)

Satoshi-tachi are continuing on the path to Chouji Town when they fall (literally) for one of the Rocket-Dan's pitfalls.  Satoshi-tachi land in an underground tunnel, where they meet a young fortune-teller named Mikoko.  She leads them to the surface, where a group of people eagerly await the prophecy for the day.  Mikoko is unable to come up with a prediction, so she retires to her forecasting room.  There, she tells Satoshi-tachi that the Neitio have been predicting a day when rain would fall and flood the area, but she couldn't determine when that day was.  Her computer says that there was less than a 1% chance of rain for the day, but the Neitio say otherwise.  Mikoko has an inner struggle as she tries to decide who to believe, and she comes to the conclusion that the Neitio are right.  After evacuating the area and thwarting the Rocket-Dan's attempt at stealing some treasure, everyone is teleported away by the Neitio just as the flooding starts.  The entire area is flooded out, so Mikoko decides to move on and pursue her next dream--to be a weather forecaster!  Satoshi-tachi 

Wow...it's amazing how little happens in this episode.  Not only do Satoshi-tachi not get any closer to the next town, and not only is there no character development, but Satoshi-tachi don't do a THING in this episode.  I mean, they don't even help out the character of the day--Mikoko would have done what she did whether Satoshi-tachi were there or not.  They didn't help, they didn't do anything...they were just THERE. 

Thank God this is the last filler episode for a while.  The next episode is the start of the two-part Red Gyarados story, and then after that we have a gym battle.  I'll be happy to be comparing some good episodes for a change.

There isn't much to report as far as the dubbing goes.  They even kept the commercial break in the same place, something 4Kids hasn't done for a long time. 

Dialogue Edit
Hmmm...censorship, an attempt at humor, or both?

Jessie:  "From the time I was a little girl I've had my fortune read 10,000 times from the four main sources:  dice, cards, a crystal ball, and women's magazines."

Originally, Musashi had her fortune told by dice, cards, a crystal ball, and tarot cards.  Not womens' magazines.  I guess that tarot cards are too "occult-ish" for the censors, so they changed the reference to womens' magazines.  Why it's OK in Fox's run of Escaflowne and not Pokémon is beyond me, but censors can be funny people sometimes.  Of course, they left the image of the tarot cards alone, so I guess we're to assume that Jessie's women's magazines just happen to have the image of the Tower card on the cover. 

It's that time again.  Thanks again to The Mozz for helping me out with the romaji.  You're the best!

Nani o surunda to kikare tara
Kotaete ageru ga yo no nasake
Sekai no hakai ga ataru ma hakkei
Sekai no heiwa ga ataru mo hakke
Ai to shinjitsu no aku o uranau
RABURII CHAAMII na kataki yaku
Juuni seiza kakeru Roketto-Dan no futari niwa!
Ryuusei no matsu o kagayaku ashita miterusei
Nya, Nyaante na

Like the last episode, I really couldn't decipher a lot of what was being said.  Anyone able to help?

Here's the English version:

I predict you prepare for trouble!
The crystal ball says make it double.
To protect the future from devastation.
To unite all psychics within our nation.
To denounce the evils of nonbelief
To read our fortunes from a green tea leaf.
Team Rocket, searches for mystical truth at the speed of light!
Surrender now, and tell me your side, or prepare to fight fight fight.

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