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Episode Stats

Japanese Episode 151: "Waninoko wa Dare no Mono!?  Satoshi VS. Kasumi!"

      (Who Gets to Keep Waninoko!?  Satoshi VS. Kasumi!)
English Episode 346:  "The Totodile Duel"
Pokemon Dare Da?  Waninoko (Japanese), Pichu (English)
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Sand
Japanese Air Date:  June 8th, 2000
American Air Date:  May 5th, 2001

While fishing on the side of a river one day, Satoshi-tachi spot a happy Waninoko.  Satoshi and Kasumi argue over who should get the pokemon, and the two constantly bicker while the pokemon happily dances.  The two trainers each throw the Lure Ball given to them by Gantetsu, and the pokemon is captured!  However, no one is able to determine whose Monster Ball caught the little water pokemon, so Takeshi proposes that the two have a tournament to decide who will keep Waninoko.  Satoshi thinks that he'll be able to beat all of Kasumi's pokemon with his Pikachu, but Kasumi's Togepi sucks the fighting spirit right out of the little pokemon.  The tournament continues as Kasumi's Nyoromo evolves into Nyorozo, but even her new pokemon can't win her the tournament.  After Satoshi wins, the Rocket-Dan appear and try to capture all the weakend pokemon, but Satoshi sics the well-rested Waninoko after them.  Both Satoshi and Kasumi have new pokemon, and they continue to Kogane City with no hard feelings.

Hey, a Jouto League episode that I LIKED!  That's a rare thing!  Even though this episode is really just the Jouto version of "Who Gets to Keep Togepi?", the pokemon who is the prize in this episode is a thousand times less annoying than that little egg thing.  I really like Waninoko, and I'm glad that it'll stay on the team for a long while.  Satoshi's and Kasumi's constant bickering were humorous, and I just love the way they messed around with the split-screen thing while trying to capture Waninoko (y'know, when they're both hitting the other person's half of the screen, making theirs bigger?).  Edit-wise, we get the standard god coverups and rice ball coverups.  Been there, done that. 

I also believe that this is the very last episode we see Kojirou cross-dressing.  Oh...darn...

Dialogue Edit
When Kasumi is going on about her ambitions to learn everything about water pokemon (when we see almost every water pokemon in existence behind her), she gets on her knees and looks up at the spotlight.  Kinda looks like she's praying, doesn't it?  Kasumi is basically asking the "Mizuke Pokemon no Kami-sama" (literally, "The God of Moisture Pokemon," though I think "Water Pokemon" sounds better) to help her achieve her goal.  In the dub, Misty isn't praying--instead, she continues listing her aspirations...on her knees...in a beacon of light coming from above...with her hands in the prayer position...riiiiiiiiiiiiight...

Dialogue Edit
Onigiri, that funny Japanese food that Musashi-tachi are always eating, isn't given a stupid nickname in this episode!  While the Japanese episode identifies the food as onigiri, the dub simply calls it a "delicious but non-nutritious snack treat."  Well, I'll take that over "donut" any day.

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