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Episode Stats

Japanese Episode 150:  "DAAKU Pokemon Derubiru!"

    ("Dark Pokemon Deribiru!")
English Episode 345:  "Hour of the Houndour"
Pokemon Dare Da?  Derubiru (Japanese), Hitmontop (English)
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Koratta
Japanese Air Date:  June 1st, 2000
American Air Date:  April 14th, 2001

Satoshi's backpack is missing!  Joi's ham is missing!  Who is responsible for the latest string of thefts?  To find out, Satoshi-tachi set a trap in the middle of the night to lure the pokemon responsible.  The bait is taken, and the thieves are--Derubiru!  Satoshi's pokemon fight with them for a while before confronting the pack's leader.  As it starts its attack, a cry from afar causes the Derubiru to follow it.  Satoshi, wanting his stuff back, follows the pokemon to their den.  There, the Derubiru are being attacked by a Goronya.  As the rock-type pokemon is defeated, Satoshi spots his purloined backpack and Joi's ham.  The food had been stolen to help one of the injured Derubiru, whom they see lying on the ground.  Takeshi determines that the pokemon must be taken to a Pokemon Center, so Satoshi pleads with the other Derubiru to let him carry the pokemon to safety.  They agree, and the injured Derubiru is brought to Joi.  The pokemon is healed, but the Rocket-Dan attack right before they're about to leave.  Musashi-tachi are quickly defeated, and the pokemon safely return to the wild.

Hmm...this episode was OK-ish to me.  Yeah, it was pointless, but it wasn't all bad.  At least the Derubiru don't get a stinker of an episode that their evolved form (Herugaa) do.

By the way, the first bit of music that we hear at the start of the episode (in both versions, right before the title screen) is an instrumental version of Pika Pika-massai-chu, the ending theme to the first mini-movie ("Pikachu's Summer Vacation").

The Derubiru keep their Japanese voices.

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