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Episode Stats

Japanese Episode 149:  "Purin VS. Buruu!"

    ("Purin VS. Buru!")
English Episode 344:  "Tunnel Vision"
Pokemon Dare Da?  Purin (Japanese), Azumarril (English)
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Beedle
Japanese Air Date:  May 25th, 2000
American Air Date:  April 7th, 2001

In order to contine on their journey, Satoshi-tachi must pass through a cave full of Iwaku.  Wanting to save the cave until the next morning, the trio decides to camp out for the night.  Before going to bed, the gang sees Purin again.  The little pokemon puts everyone to sleep with its song, including Buru, who just happened to be wandering by.  When it awakens, the bulldog pokemon is shocked to see its face marked up with marker and, seeing that Purin was the one who marked up its face, decides to steal the marker from Purin.  Afterwards, the bulldog pokemon continues its search for Nyasu's tail.  The Rocket-Dan find it and decide to keep it for themselves, replacing Nyasu with the bulldog pokemon.  A rejected Nyasu finds the microphone-less Purin, and the two relate their sorrows with one another.  Satoshi-tachi and Musashi-tachi catch up with Nyasu and Buru, and a battle ensues.  The Rocket-Dan lose (as always) and blast off, with Buru following behind.  In its pursuit, Buru drops Purin's microphone, enabling the little pokemon to sing again!  Purin sings, putting everyone to sleep.  When Satoshi-tachi wake up, they decide to tackle the Iwaku Cave, only to find that all the Iwaku are fast asleep!  It seems that Purin's been through the cave before them, and Satoshi-tachi continue on their journey to Kogane City.

What do you get when you combine two pokemon, who have already had episodes devoted to themselves, face off in a random cave not featured in any of the games?  You get another uninspired Jouto filler episode!  The only thing remotely special about this episode is that this is the first time we get to see Sonansu as part of the Rocket-Dan motto.  Other than that, it's just more boring Jouto stuff.

Side Note
4Kids seems to have gone crazy with the music in this episode.  More music was replaced in this episode than in most, and except for two or three spots, most of the music was changed. 

The writers also went a little pun-crazy in this episode.  While the meaning of nothing was drastically changed, we do get a slew of bad puns.  I guess 4Kids got in one of those moods...

One last note--the Rocket-Dan don't want to go through the Iwaku cave because no one has any water-type pokemon to fight all the Iwaku, right?  Well, what about Kojirou's Utsubot?  It's a plant-type, and last time I checked plant types were strong against ground-types.  A few Razor Leaf attacks and the Rocket-Dan would be through the cave already.

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