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Episode Stats

Japanese Episode 148:  "Upaa ga Ippai!"

    ("Full of Upaa!")
English Episode 343:  "No Big Woop!"
Pokemon Dare Da?  Upaa (Japanese), Skarmory (English)
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Kameel
Japanese Air Date:  May 18th, 2000
American Air Date:  March 31st, 2001
Important Characters:  Sanae (Olesia)

On the way to Kogane City, Satoshi-tachi come across a house in the middle of the forest.  There they meet a girl, Sanae, who takes care of a bunch of Upaa.  Sanae receives a phone call about her sick mother, and she must go to the hospital to look after her.  Satoshi-tachi say that they'll take care of the Upaa, so Sanae gives them instructions before she leaves.  When they return from seeing Sanae off, they notice that the Upaa are missing!  A trail of water leads to the house, where the Upaa threaten to tear the place apart.  Togepi, using a tamborine, calms the Upaa and is able to lead them back to their pond.  However, there's one Upaa missing!  It's still inside the house, so Satoshi and Kasumi try to catch it.  It gets away and leads them all over the forest.  The water pokemon comes across Musashi-tachi's campsite, where they're cooking a bunch of mushrooms.  The Upaa eats the Rocket-Dan's food, so an angry Musashi-tachi try to capture it.  Sanae returns and commands her Upaa in battle, and the water pokemon surprises everyone by being really powerful.  The Rocket-Dan are defeated, and Satoshi-tachi continue their journey.


This is basically the Jouto version of the episode where Satoshi catches Fushigidane, only with cuter pokemon.  The Upaa are really like little kids, and I'm sure AAML got a kick out of watching Satoshi and Kasumi babysitting the pokemon.  The edits are the same as most other Jouto episodes (as in almost non-existant), and other than the usual music covering up silence thing, it fared pretty well.

The Upaa keep their Japanese voices.

Dialogue Edit
When Brocks sees Olesia for the first time:

Brock:  "I feel our meeting was destined to happen, and your Wooper was the cupid that brought us together.  Don't you feel exactly that way too, Olesia?"

What's wrong with this line?  Well, Brock calls Olesia by her name, yet she never introduced herself in the dub.  Ash and Misty do the same thing later on in the episode, and everybody just seems to *know* that this girl's name is Olesia.  In the Japanese version, Sanae introduces herself right after Takeshi falls off the cliff, so it makes sense that they would call her by name.  Laaaaaaaazy editors...

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