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Episode Stats

Japanese Episode 147:  "Moero Zenigame-Dan!  Hono'ono you ni!!"

    ("Burn Zenigame-Dan!  In Order to Blaze!")
English Episode 342:  ""The Fire-ing Squad"
Pokemon Dare Da?  Houndour (English)
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  ???
Japanese Air Date:  May 11th, 2000
American Air Date:  April 21st, 2001

Satoshi-tachi are at the Pokemon Center, giving their pokemon a rest.  As Takeshi flirts with the Joi behind the counter, Joi excuses herself by saying that she has to prepare for the Shoubou GRAN PURI  ("The Firefighting Grand Prix"), a competition where various water-types prove their ability as firefighters.  Russel, the leader of Team Kameel whom Satoshi and Kasumi met in the Orange League, is going to enter his team in the competition.  Being the competitive person that he is, Satoshi decides that he will too.  Using his Zenigame, along with some of Kasumi's pokemon, Satoshi enters the tournament.  Zenigame sees that its old gang has also entered, but their performance is really lousy.  Without their leader, they just aren't the same Zenigame-Dan, so Satoshi's Zenigame steps in and whips them into shape. The tournament begins, and Satoshi is taken out in the first round due to Koduck's bungling antics.  The Zenigame-Dan are next, and Satoshi's Zenigame coaches the team to victory.  The Rocket-Dan intrude after the match, and Zenigame steps in AGAIN and defeats the Rocket-Dan.  After Musashi-tachi are taken care of, the Zenigame-Dan face Team Kameel.  Zenigame wins the match, and Satoshi decides that it would be better if his Zenigame stayed with its group.  After reflecting on his good friend, Satoshi walks off, waving goodbye.

Well...I actually don't have the Japanese version of this episode.  Rats.  I'm sure there was nothing edited out, seeing as how this is a Jouto League episode.  In fact, I think the back of the Zenigame-Dan's coats were as blank in the Japanese version as they were in the dub!  I guess the gang went out and bought new coats, these without the "ze" symbol on the back.

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