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In the episode known in the U.S. as "The Battle According to Lenora!" the Gym Leader Aloe had her apron removed.  This edit was most likely made by the original Japanese animators because the older design for Aloe used in this episode resembles the Mammy archetype.

Images from the original Japanese TV airing are on top, while images from the English TV airing are on the bottom.

For the three shots of Aloe and her apron in the episode's recap, the producers probably just reused the footage from the previous episode instead of editing it again.

The original animation in this scene was of Aloe putting on her apron.  It'd look pretty silly for the apron-less Aloe to be doing the same hand movements and everything, so they drew her with her arms crossed instead.

Aloe's walk toward the camera had to be redone as well.  Originally, the animators just moved the image of Aloe up and down, using the fact that the apron covered up her legs to get out of actually doing any real animation.  They couldn't do this same shortcut with her legs exposed, so the walk had to be completely re-animated.

Luckily for the team tasked with reanimating this episode, this shot of Aloe throwing a Monster Ball is reused a lot.




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