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Episode AG 123
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 123: "Nettou!  Gurando Fesutibaru (2)!!"

           ("Fierce Fighting
!  The Grand Festival (2)!!")

American Episode 393: "Deceit and Assist"
Japanese Air Date:  April 7th, 2005
American Air Date:  February 25th, 2006
Important Characters:  Tonpei (Anthony)

The Grand Festival is underway!  As Harley and Haruka train with one another, Satoshi is busy with his own training, trying to teach Yukiwarashi how to control its Ice Beam attack.  He comes across a Coordinator named Tonpei who has lost his Contest Ribbons and Contest Pass, so Satoshi decides to help him search for them.  As the Coordinators participating in the Grand Festival are made aware of the stolen ribbons, Haruka and Harley continue to practice.  Haruka's rival praises Eneko's ability to use Silver Wind with its Cat's Hand (Assist) technique and urges the young Coordinator to choose it for the next round.  The Appeals round begins, and Satoshi and Junsa wait backstage, hoping the person who stole Tonpei's ribbons will show up.  When Tonpei's name is called, Musashi appears, dressed as the young man!  She is quickly exposed and begins to battle, but Kojirou and Nyasu step in and take here away before she gets herself beaten.  Later, Haruka's turn to take the stage comes, and at first her Eneko is doing very well.  However, the young Coordinator gets in trouble when Eneko accidentally hits itself with Petal Dance attack and becomes confused!  Thanks to some quick thinking, Haruka is able to snap her pokemon out of it, but she isn't able to save herself from a low score of 79 out of 100.  After Haruka steps off stage, Harley expresses his desire to see Haruka fall on her face.  As the Appeals round finishes up, the final 32 Coordinators are announced, and Haruka, Shuu, Harley, Tonpei, and Robert all make it to the next round!  Haruka discovers that her first match will be against Harley, who is all too eager to defeat her in front of the Grand Festival's crowd.  Can Haruka defeat this deceitful rival?  To be continued!

The Grand Festival continues, and I think it's progressing nicely.  Tonpei's character was a bit pointless (especially since Haruka defeats this "rival" so easily in the next episode), but he didn't waste as much screen time as he could have.  It was also nice to see all of Haruka's old rivals (especially Eriko, which Kids' WB! still hasn't gotten around to showing) because it prove that the writers do have a memory.

In Japan, this episode aired as part of a two-hour special that also included parts one and three of the Grand Festival in addition to a 30-minute special about Myuu and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario and the Pokemon theme park in Nagoya.

The dub is fairly boring, edit-wise. 

Cut--5 seconds
The first two seconds of the episode are trimmed out.

Two more seconds are cut from the title screen.  Then, another second is cut from the shot immediately following that.

Dialogue Edit
During the montage of Appeals before the Trainer's Choice commercial break, we see shots of May and Drew, each one thinking about how the competition is going to be tough.  In the original version, they didn't say anything at all.

Cut--6 seconds altogether
A second is trimmed from the shot of the stadium after the Trainer's Choice commercial break.

Then, another second is trimmed from the next shot of the stadium right before we see Jessie, dressed as Anthony, running down the hall.

Later, two seconds are removed from the shot right after Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

Finally, two seconds are trimmed from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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