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Episode AG 120
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 120: "Kaitou Bannai to Ribon Kappu!!"

The Mysterious Thief Ban'nai and the Ribbon Cup!!")

American Episode 391: "The Ribbon Cup Caper!"
Japanese Air Date:  March 17th, 2005
American Air Date:  February 18th, 2006

Haruka and her friends are on a cruise ship headed for Kaina City, where the Grand Festival is to be held.  As our heroes tour the ship, they come across Junsa, who informs them that the Magma-Dan and the Aqua-Dan have disbanded.  She also tells them that the famous thief Ban'nai is onboard, bringing up memories of the Magma-Dan member who attacked our heroes at the Weather Research Center.  As Haruka-tachi continue their tour of the ship, Haruka's Gonbe runs into the room where the Ribbon Cup is on display and accidentally bumps into the case!  The collision causes the cup to break, but upon further inspection, it is revealed that the Ribbon Cup that Gonbe broke was a fake!  The real Ribbon Cup must have been stolen by Ban'nai, so a search to lure the thief out begins.  Junsa plans to lure Ban'nai out with a gold painted Monster Ball, hoping that the thief will think it valuable enough to attempt to steal it.  When Ban'nai inevitably steals it, Junsa is able to use the tracking device she placed inside the ball to track him down.  The Magma-Dan member is eventually cornered on the ship's deck, where Ban'nai dresses up as Junsa in an effort to confuse our heroes.  Takeshi is able to determine which Junsa is which and exposes Ban'nai, prompting him to return the Ribbon Cup and make a getaway.  Now that the Ribbon Cup is back in its proper place, the Grand Festival can continue as scheduled!

Eh, this episode was semi-interesting.  The episode was well written until the end, when Ban'nai just sort of decided to give up the Ribbon Cup for no reason.  It's not as valuable as he thought?  What the hell, Ban'nai?  It's pretty safe to assume that the thing was solid gold, yet you threw it out anyway?  If nothing else, selling the cup would have given you the money to replace the costumes you left onboard and the rocket fuel you used to escape. 

Also...was it really necessary to bring Ban'nai back?  I mean, what was the point of the whole thing?  To make him look even more like a poor man's Imite (Duplica)?  Lame.

Brody's dub voice still sucks, but I doubt we'll ever see him again, so I guess it's not that big a deal.  Jenny's voice also changed, making her sound more mannish than she ever has before.  The good thing with Jenny is that each Jenny our heroes come across is a different person, so if they ever decide to give her a more feminine voice, it would make perfect sense since they're all different people anyway. 

However, the scene where everyone's trying to advertise the golden Pokéball makes up for both these horrible voices.  I loved the over-the-top way everyone advertised the ball's importance, especially Brock.  Eric Stuart is really good at being a bad actor, and this time, I mean that in a good way.

Cut--8 seconds altogether
Nothing but time cuts in this one.  Amazing.

The first two seconds of the episode are trimmed away.

Two seconds are trimmed from the episode's title screen.  Then, in the very next shot, a second is cut.

There isn't another time cut until after Kids' WB!'s final commercial break, where a second is cut from the pan shot.

The TO BE CONTINUED... screen is shortened by two seconds.

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