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Episode AG 103
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 103: "Dokutaa Moroboshi no Shima!  Kaseki Pokemon Arawaru!!"

The Island of Doctor Moroboshi!  The Fossil Pokemon Appear!!")

American Episode 374: "Where's Armaldo?"
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Kekking
Japanese Air Date:  November 11th, 2004
American Air Date:  November 19th, 2005
Important Characters:  Doctor Moroboshi (Dr. Proctor), Anne (Annie)
Important Places:  Wales Island (Wales Island), Izabe Island (not mentioned in the English version)

Satoshi and his friends stop by Wales Island on the way to Izabe Island, home to Haruka's next Contest challenge.  While Masato is gathering firewood in a forest, he spots a Yuradle in the bushes!  He tells Satoshi and the others, but they don't believe that the young boy saw a pokemon that's been extinct for hundreds of years.  Masato is confident that he saw what he did, so he runs off to find the pokemon, eventually coming across the lab of Doctor Moroboshi.  The professor, who later meets up with Satoshi and the others, is able to clone ancient pokemon using fossils that he's found along the way.  His assistant, Anne, tells him that one of the Anopth is ready to evolve, and so everyone watches as the old shrimp pokemon evolves into Armaldo!  After it evolves, the pokemon goes on a rampage, so our heroes chase after it to calm it down.  After a series of unsuccessful capture attempts, Doctor Moroboshi figures out that the pokemon is after a certain type of berry that it used to eat hundreds of years before.  So, our heroes run to the only part on the island where the berries still grow.  When they arrive, the Rocket-Dan appear and try to kidnap Armaldo!  Even though the Rocket trio has a mecha with a higher than usual defense, Musashi-tachi are still sent blasting off again.  Now that Armaldo has the fruit it was after, Haruka and the others can continue on the road to Izabe Island.

Ho-hum, another filler episode.  It really wasn't all that interesting, and the whole "keep trying to rescue a pokemon even though it couldn't give two sh*ts about you" thing is one of the most overused clichés in the series.  Plus, Anopth's and Lilya's debut were the most pathetic showcasing of a pokemon yet.  I really hope these pokemon get another chance to shine, because this episode just wasn't enough.

The dubbed version is pretty standard, so there's nothing to really report there.

Cut--3 seconds altogether
The first second of the episode is removed.

And, as always, the episode's title screen is shortened by two seconds.

Music Edit
So we know that 4Kids replaces a lot of the Japanese music with their own music, right?  Right.  Well, did you know that they'll sometimes replace one piece of Japanese music with another piece of Japanese music?

During the Rocket-Dan's Boss Fantasy scene, the Japanese version plays a piece of "comical" background music that's played all the time in the Japanese version but has never been heard in the dub.  However, in the dub, they play a different piece of Japanese background music - the "Rocket-Dan Boss Fantasy" music that's played in just about every other episode. 

4Kids has done this in other episodes (I forgot which ones, though...I don't feel like going through all my old comparisons to find out), but it's still an odd little change that I thought was worth pointing out.

Side Note
4Kids makes up for that horrible "Arbok evolves into Serviper" thing from last season:

Ash:  "Trainers, which pokemon was my original choice as a starter?"

The answer is Squirtle, which is actually correct if you go back and watch the very first episode of the first series.  This was a GREAT trivia question, and I hope that 4Kids can come up with more stuff like this for the future.

Cut--5 seconds altogether
Three seconds are cut right after Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

And two seconds are cut from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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