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Episode AG 091
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 091: "Pokemon Kontesuto!  Minamo Taikai!!"

      ("The Pokemon Contest!  The Minamo Convention!!")
American Episode 363: "Lessons in Lilycove"
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Achamo
Japanese Air Date:  August 26th, 2004
American Air Date:  September 10th, 2005

Haruka's in trouble!  When her Wakashamo's fire attack comes spiraling toward the young Coordinator, some quick thinking turns a potential disaster into a chance to incorporate the flames into her performance.  Haruka is rewarded with a somewhat lower score than she would have liked, so she watches the remaining Appeals, hoping the competition won't be too tough.  After Kanata's Buupig wows the crowd with its psychic attacks and Musashi relaxes it with Chiriin's Soothe Bell technique, Haruka worries about her chances of making it into the second round.  The Appeals round wraps up, and Haruka is among the Coordinators who are able to advance to the next round!  As the battles commence, Haruka's Wakashamo defeats Musashi and Chiriin and advances to the final round, where she has to face Kanata.  At first, the native of Minamo City seems to be controlling the battle, using her pokemon's psychic abilities to reflect all of Wakashamo's attacks back at it.  However, Haruka takes advantage of a hole in Kanata's strategy to reflect a powerful fire attack at the pig pokemon, causing it to lose its concentration.  The five minute time limit runs out, and Haruka is declared the winner of the Minamo Convention!  Now that Haruka has her third ribbon, she and Kanata promise to face each other again in another Pokemon Contest.

The third Contest Haruka wins is alright, I guess.  I suppose the battle kept my attention and all, but I do kind of feel like they spent too much time with the Appeals round.  Did we really need to spend so much time watching Kanata clap along with the crowd?  Or everyone commenting on how great Chiriin's Soothe Bell is?  If the first part had been condensed more, the anime producers would have had more time for a better battle.

The dubbed version is extremely boring as far as reporting edits goes, but that'll change with the next episode.  But did anyone else laugh at how Grumpig would sing its name in the second half of the episode?  It was like "Grum-piiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~g~~~~!!!!" each time. 

Cut--5 seconds
The first three seconds of the episode are cut so Kids' WB! can cram more commercials in.

Then, two seconds are taken away from the episode's title screen.

Dialogue Edit
People might use this next line as evidence of something, but it's dub-added, so it doesn't count:

Vivian:  "Now, it is our great pleasure on behalf of the contest committee to present the Lilycove ribbon to you, May and Combusken!  This year's winner of the Lilycove City Coordinator Contest!  Congratulations!"

In the Japanese version, Vivian doesn't say anything that suggests that the Contest only takes place once a year.  She just says that Haruka and Wakashamo win the Minamo Convention and nothing more. 

I realize it's a pretty nitpicky thing to bring up, but I'm just trying to prevent people from using this line in the dub to "prove" that each Contest is only held once a year.

Cut--3 seconds
Three seconds are trimmed from the episode's TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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