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AG Episode 066
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 066: "Isshokusokuhatsu!  Bakuongu VS Juputoru!!"
      ("Explosive!  Bakuongu vs. Juptoru!!")
American Episode 338: "Exploud and Clear"
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Yorunozuku
Japanese Air Date:  March 3rd, 2004
American Air Date:  February 19th, 2005
Important Characters:  Guy (Guy)

Satoshi and his friends are relaxing outside one day when the young trainer from Masara Town notices that his Kimori is acting a bit strange.  As he tries to figure out what's wrong, a rampaging Doghomb charges through the area.  It turns out that the pokemon belongs to a green-haired trainer named Guy, who tells Satoshi that he's on his own journey to collect Houen League badges.  However, he can't get his Doghomb to calm down, so Satoshi suggests that he should hold a battle to let it exercise.  Satoshi's Kimori volunteers to battle Doghomb, and so the battle begins.  The two exchange a number of blows before the two pokemon, who seem to be evenly matched, begin to glow.  Much to their trainers' surprise, Doghomb evolves into Bakuongu while Kimori evolves into Juptoru!  The newly-evolved pokemon continue their battle, but Bakuongu won't obey Guy's commands!  The pokemon runs off in a rampage, abruptly ending the battle.  As Satoshi-tachi and Guy search for Guy's pokemon, Takeshi guesses that the pokemon's change in personality has to do with its evolution.  Juptoru searches for the pokemon on its own, eventually finding the loud noise pokemon underneath a waterfall.  The battle resumes, but the Rocket-Dan appear and interrupt it when they attempt to capture Bakuongu.  The Rocket-Dan launch corks from a bazooka to plug up Bakuongu's holes, so Guy jumps in between his pokemon and the corks to prevent Bakuongu from getting hurt.  Guy's pokemon notices and decides to obey Guy as he commands his pokemon to send the Rocket-Dan blasting off.  Now that the Rocket trio is out of the way, Juptoru and a now-obedient Bakuongu are free to continue their battle.

Maybe it's a good thing we don't get the Next Episode previews in the English dub of the anime.  The Japanese preview for this episode (which played at the end of the previous episode) starts off with Satoshi saying "Kimori evolves into Juptoru!"  I mean yeah, we could have figured that out from the episode title, but it still doesn't spell it out for us the way the preview does (remember that at this point in the Japanese version, we're still using Advance Adventure as the opening theme, so we don't see Juptoru running through the field with all the other evolved pokemon).  

As for the episode itself, I didn't find it to be particularly interesting.  Guy didn't do anything to make him stand out to me, and the pokemon showcased didn't really leave any impression on me.  The animation was alright, but I quickly grew tired of the animators outlining everything so much.  The thick lines look better when used sparingly, but in this episode they went a bit overboard with it, making the episode look like it was animated using a magic marker. 

The dubbed version has some censors made, but other than that it's pretty so-so.  Guy got to keep his Japanese name, so I guess that's worth pointing out.

Cut--3 seconds altogether
Two seconds are removed from the opening shot of the episode.

Then, a second is cut from the shot of Kimori right after the episode's title screen.

Paint Edit
During Nyasu's Boss Fantasy, 4Kids pulls a Bizarro Jesus and changes Sakaki's wine into water.  They also changed the shape of the glass to get rid of the bottom.

Wine Water

You can click on each picture to see a bigger sized version.

Cut--about 1 second
A little less than a second is cut right after the Trainer's Choice commercial break.

Music Edit
When the Rocket-Dan use their Kibania gun to catch Bakuongu the first time, we hear the twelfth ending theme to the first series, Maemuki Roketto-Dan, play in the background of the Japanese version.  In the dub, it's replaced by instrumental music.

Paint Edit
This one was unexpected.

In the same scene with the music edit, the Rocket-Dan look at Bakuongu through their bazooka's lens before firing the corks.  Can you spot the edit?

Crosshairs No Crosshairs

See what happened?  4Kids painted the crosshairs away, which I guarantee they wouldn't have had to do if the show was given a TV-Y7 rating instead of a TV-Y rating.  Is our country really that picky when it comes to having guns in kids' shows?

EDIT:  Apparently, it is, since I've gotten word from a couple of fans that this is another Kids' WB!-only edit.  Apparently, the crosshairs are still there in the international version, which is the version that airs in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the American Cartoon Network.

Cut--3 seconds altogether
A second is cut after Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

And, of course, two seconds are cut from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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