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AG Episode 065
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 065: "
The Great Gokurin-Repelling Operation!!"
American Episode 725: "Gulpin it Down"
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Yamikarasu
Japanese Air Date:  February 26th, 2004
American Air Date:  February 12th, 2005
Important Characters:  Shakujii-Hakase (Professor Jacuzzi)

As our heroes are eating lunch one day, the stomach pokemon Gokurin appears and eats all of the gang's food!  Before they get a chance to react, Satoshi hears a siren that causes everyone in the town to shut themselves into their homes!  Satoshi-tachi eventually come across a bread shop, where a few dozen Gokurin have gathered to eat all the food in the shop!  The gang is overtaken by the pokemon, but they're pulled to safety by Junsa and her grass-type pokemon.  The police officer tells the young trainers that the Gokurin are threatening to eat all the food in the city!  She takes them to the city's Pokemon Center, where an anti-Gokurin defense center has been set up.  There, a man who has been studying the pokemon for 50 years named Shakujii-Hakase tells our heroes that he has a plan to get rid of the pests.  He has a specially-made Polock created to attract the Gokurin, but once the food is released and the Gokurin devour it, they return to their rampage of the city.  Shakujii-Hakase decides to get serious and utilizes a giant truck equipped with a beam that's able to suck up the Gokurin!  The pokemon are then launched away in the other direction to a far-off area, out of the city.  Shakujii-Hakase gets rid of all the Gokurin except one before his machine freezes up.  Satoshi decides to step in and have his Kimori take care of Gokurin, and so a battle begins while Shakujii-Hakase attempts to repair his machine.  The professor finishes his preparations after a short time, but when he attempts to resume sucking up the Gokurin, he sucks up Satoshi's Kimori as well!  Then Gokurin, who's at a subatomic size, uses a combination of Swallow and Spit Up, a combination which disrupts Shakujii-Hakase's machine!  As a result, Gokurin and Kimori are spit out of the large truck, but now they're the size of skyscrapers!  The giant pokemon begin to battle, and Satoshi and his friends try to figure out how to end Gokurin's rampage.  It is finally decided to capture the pokemon, so Shakujii-Hakase captures the Gokurin with a Heavy Ball.  Kimori returns to its normal size, and it seems as if the city can return to normal.  Satoshi and his friends now return to their journey to reach Touka City

Well, here's the episode everyone compares to "Sparks Fly for Magnemite."  There's a bunch of pokemon (Betobeta / Gokurin) who's causing havoc, but that's really the only similarity I see between the two episodes.  The episode is more of an homage to classic movies like the ones in the Ultraman and Godzilla series.

As for the dub, it has some interesting points.  I really liked Professor Jacuzzi's voice, since it sounded so different from the usual scientist voice 4Kids likes to use.  I'm also surprised that 4Kids kept the rather uncommon piece of music that plays when Shakujii-Hakase is sucking up the Gokurin and firing them off into the distance, since they usually replace weird pieces of music like that.

Cut--10 seconds altogether
This edits in this episode consist entirely of time cuts.

The first two seconds of the episode are snipped away.

Another second is cut right after the episode's title screen.

Two seconds are cut from the shot after the Trainer's Choice commercial break.

Three seconds are cut from the pan shot after Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

And finally, the TO BE CONTINUED... screen is shortened by two seconds.

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