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AG Episode 046
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 046: "Kachinuki Famirii!  4 VS 4!!"
      ("The Kachinuki Family!  Four vs. Four!!")
American Episode 318: "Candid Camerupt"
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Magcargot
Japanese Air Date:  October 9th, 2003
American Air Date:  October 9th, 2004
Important Characters:  Kachinuki Family (Winstrate Family), Mitsuko (Vicky),
Ryouhei (Vito), Yasue (Victoria), Haruhiko (Victor), Aki (Vivi)

Satoshi and his friends are traveling through a desert on the way to Hajitsuge Town.  The gang faints due to the intense heat, and when they wake up they find themselves in the home of the Kachinuki Family.  The eldest member of the family, Mitsuko, explains that they don't get many visitors out in the desert, so they are happy to have the company.  She also tells Satoshi and his friends that she has a grandson, Ryouhei, who had left a few months before to become a Pokemon Trainer.  Satoshi asks the family how he can thank them for their hospitality, and Mitsuko responds by asking Satoshi and his friends to participate in a four vs. four pokemon battle.  They agree, so everyone moves out to the battlefield in the family's back yard.  First up is Takeshi vs. the Kachinuki father, Haruhiko.  Haruhiko's pokemon, Zigzaguma, surprises Takeshi by using Thunderbolt against his Mizugorou, knocking it out in one blow.  The second match-up pits Haruka against Yasue and her Roselia.  Yasue's pokemon reminds Haruka of her archrival, Shuu, so Haruka battles furiously with her Agehanto.  After Haruka wins her battle, Masato battles with Satoshi's Heigani against Aki and her Marill.  Heigani quickly knocks out Aki's Marill, leaving one more battle to go; Satoshi vs. Mitsuko.  Mitsuko has a Bakuuda, who is able to resist all of Pikachu's electric attacks.  Suddenly, the pokemon's humps begin to glow, and lava shoots out of the camel pokemon!  As the pokemon runs around in a rampage, Ryouhei uses his Fuudin's Rain Dance to quell the camel pokemon's rampage.  The attack works, and after Ryouhei uses his Ohsubame to stop an attack by the Rocket-Dan, Mitsuko figures out that her grandson is nearby.  At the end of the day, Mitsuko and her family thank Satoshi-tachi, and the gang continues on their way to Hajitsuge Town.

In a rare occurrence, a group of trainers from the games are showcased in the anime.   The Kachinuki Family was a neat little attraction on the way to Fuen Town, and I'm glad the anime took this opportunity to show them off.  Highlights for me include the Masato battle and Haruka freaking out over Yasue's Roselia.

It also seems like the anime has decided to rework the Houen map.  In the game, you don't run into the Kachinuki Family on the way to Hajitsuge Town; you run into them on the way to Fuen Town instead.  In addition, it looks like they put the Kachinuki house in the middle of the desert on Route 111, when in the games the house is in a grassy area a little distance away from the desert. 

The dub actually realizes that these characters appear in the video games, so they use the names that they were give in the English versions of the video games instead of making up their own names.  After 4Kids renamed Lorelei, Tabitha, and Shelly, it's refreshing to see someone in the anime keep the same name they were given in the video games.

The Trainer's Choice sucked (Nuzleaf beats Camerupt!?) and Camerupt had way too much of a southern accent for my tastes, but other than that the dub was fine.  I especially liked one of Team Rocket's lines when they arrive at the Winstrate residence:

Jessie:  "Doesn't look like anyone's home."
James:  "Unless they're very tiny."

I think Eric Stuart's delivery of that line is what made me laugh so much.

Cut--3 seconds
Three seconds are cut from the first scene of the episode.

Cut--2 seconds
Two seconds are cut from the shot right after the title screen.

Cut--2 seconds
Two seconds are cut from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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