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Japanese Episode DP 182
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 182:  "The Night Before the Fierce Fighting!  The Big Gathering of Satoshi's Pokemon!!"
American Episode 1325:  "An Old Family Blend!"

Japanese Air Date:  June 24th, 2010
American Air Date:  November 20th, 2010
Important Characters:  Tamaranze-Kaichou (Mr. Charles Goodshow)

Satoshi and his friends have arrived on Suzuran Island!  After Satoshi registers for the Pokemon League, he contacts Orchid-Hakase and tells him that he wants to use all the pokemon he's caught up until now, not just the friends he made in the Shin'ou Region.  Satoshi sends over everyone but Pikachu for five of the pokemon at Orchid-Hakase's lab, but the attendants at the Pokemon Center run off with Satoshi's Monster Balls!  The workers turn out to be the Rocket-Dan in disguise, so Satoshi 's Pikachu uses its 100,000 Volts attack to send the trio packing.  The explosion also sends the Monster Balls flying through the air, so our heroes work to retrieve Satoshi's pokemon.  Satoshi's Heigani, Waninoko, and Kabigon are found without any problem.  As our heroes search for the next missing pokemon, they bump into Jun and find out that he's competing in the League as well.  Eventually, Satoshi's Bayleaf is found.  Elsewhere, Satoshi's fifth missing pokemon, Hinoarashi, finds itself being chased by the Rocket-Dan's newest robot.  After Satoshi and his friends catch up to the Rocket trio, Hinoarashi evolves into Magmarashi and uses Eruption to defeat its pursuers!  Later, the Shin'ou League's opening ceremonies take place.  As the opening torch is lit, Satoshi confirms that Jun, Naoshi, Kouhei, and Shinji will all be competing in the League.  The line-up for the first round is announced, and Satoshi's first opponent will be Naoshi!  Will Satoshi be able to defeat the pokemon bard and make his way to the next round?  To be continued!

Well, that only took about four years.  Let's start the Shin'ou League!

I really like that the writers decided to have Satoshi compete in the league using all of his pokemon instead of just his Shin'ou friends.  I felt the Houen League suffered from the lack of variety, and I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way.  Seeing a lot of his old pokemon again was great, and I can't help getting a rush of nostalgia seeing Satoshi command them in battle once again.  I know each series exists primarily to promote the current set of games, but I love it when the writers throw us bones like this one every now and then.

I wish Hinoarashi had gotten an evolution ten years ago, or that it got more than one battle in the Shin'ou League (OMG SPOILERS!!), but I guess what we got is better than nothing.  Also, Magmarashi is a really cool looking pokemon.  Another thing I liked is how unexpected its evolution was.  In a time where we have everything spoiled to us weeks in advance, it's nice to actually be surprised by this show every now and then.

This episode also features, sadly, the last funny Rocket-Dan robot of the series.  Luckily, the trio goes out with a bang and creates one of the most ridiculous robots in recent memory.  My favorite part about this particular mecha is the fact that its powered up version is holding a squeaky hammer and a triangle ruler.  Y'know, just because.

Speaking of the Rocket-Dan, I wonder how they were able to infiltrate the transfer counter at the Pokemon Center.  The first time I saw this episode, I assumed they had jumped the real worker and tied him or her up in a closet somewhere, but that theory went down the drain the second the worker returns to her post.  So I guess the security in Pokemon Centers is really shitty, or something?  Were the Rocket-Dan masquerading as Pokemon Center workers while that woman was on a bathroom break?

The English version is actually fairly well done.  A lot of the Japanese music is kept, including Pokemon Symphonic Medley 2, and the script is pretty decent as well.  I'm not a fan of Quilava's voice at all, but it'll go away again before long so I don't mind too much.  The only other thing I feel like bringing up is the fact that TPCI didn't censor the chainsaw being held by the Rocket-Dan's mecha.  Even though it looks like a toy and is in no way violent, the fact that it's a chainsaw would have gotten 4Kids to break out the digital paint software and turn it into a King Dedede laser saw or something.

Satoshi's Bayleaf and Heracross keep their Japanese voices.

Dialogue Edit
After arriving at Lily of the Valley Island,

Dawn:  "Wow, Piplup, what a crowd!"
Piplup:  "Piplup!"
Brock:  "Yeah!  And they're not just Trainers here, either.  There are also media reporters, and Pokémon fans here from all over the world!"

Takeshi tells us that there are trainers there from many different regions.  Brock, on the other hand, tells us that trainers from all over the world have come there.  I feel like all the regions in the pokemon world that we know about so far make up one nation (we don't say International Pokemon Zukan, after all), so saying that trainers are coming from all over the world instead of from all over the nation is a difference worth pointing out.

The name of the area where everyone stays during the Shin'ou League is the senshuu mura (選手村), or "participants' village."  The dub changes this unofficial name to "trainers' village."

The next little speech by Team Rocket is so different from what the Rocket-Dan says that I'm going to have to break out another side-by-side comparison.

Japanese Version
English Version
Kojirou:  "Amazing!  All sorts of pokemon have been gathered from Shin'ou!"
James:  "What a Sinnoh sight!  Piles of Pokémon packed in from all over Sinnoh!"
Musashi:  "We've just got to think up of a quick strategy to get them all!"
Jessie:  "Let's put a plan in place and poach those Pokémon!"
Nyasu:  "A quick strategy, nya?"
Meowth:  "Yeah, sure.  Right after lunch."
Musashi:  "What!?  I'm right, aren't I?  We'll grab them all up and bring them to Sakaki-sama!"
Jessie:  "Keep the sarcasm to yourself.  Our reason for living is to send bunches to the boss and get rich!"
Nyasu:  "That's right, nya.  Our mission will be done for Sakaki-sama nya!  Alright!  Let's think of a quick way to get them all!"
Meowth:  "Right!  Gotta keep the old eye on the ball!  Let's hit this one outta the park!  We'll be so rich from my plan we'll buy the park!"
Musashi and Kojirou:  "We'll conquer Shin'ou, have speedy success..."
Jessie and James:  "Batter's up, and batter's swing!  Batters win!"
Nyasu:  "And it'll feel great!"
Meowth:  "That's right!"

The first two lines are the same types of edits we always get where Team Rocket will more or less say the same thing the Rocket-Dan does but in the most obnoxious way possible.  Meowth's first line, however, is where it starts going downhill.  "Right after lunch?"  Um...OK...no idea why you want to wait around, but whatever.  And then Jessie starts going on about wanting to be rich, and then Meowth starts making baseball metaphors for no reason.  Couldn't they have just, I dunno, translate the dialogue instead?

Back at the Pokémon Center (I guess?), Professor Oak recites a poem:

Professor Oak:  "This moment calls for a poem.  Muk wants to be, your first call or my teardrops fall!"
Muk:  "Muk~"
Dawn:  "So cool!  Way to go, professor!"

The original senryuu is Betobeton, okuttekure to naku ko ka na (ベトベトン 送ってくれと 泣く子かな), which translates to "Betobeton, if you send it over, it'll cry (tears of joy)."  That's a lot ot fit into the mouth flaps, sure, but I wish TPCI had come up with something that wasn't so much of a grammatical nightmare.

Hikari's response in the Japanese version is that the poem is just what she expected from Orchid-Hakase.  She thinks of him more as a poet than a pokemon professor, remember?  We don't really get that vibe from the dub at all.

In the second half, Barry finds out that it was one of Ash's Pokémon who bumped into him:

Barry:  "I want a fine in ten seconds!  Nine!  Eight!  Seven!  Six!  Five!  Four!"
Ash:  "Sure, later.  See you Barry!"

Jun only gets up to eight seconds in the Japanese version because he actually takes the time to say the words "seconds before (I expect payment)."

Finally, during the opening ceremonies:

Announcer:  "And with the lighting of the Sinnoh League flame, the Lily of the Valley Sinnoh League is officially underway!"

The term used for the flame in the Japanese version is seika (聖火), a word that means "sacred flame" but is also the term used to describe the Olympic flame.  The dub avoids using the term "sacred" and goes with "Sinnoh League flame" instead.

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