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Japanese Episode DP 150
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 150:  "The Red Chain!  The Ginga-Dan Starts it Up!"
American Episode 1245: 
"Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!"
Japanese Air Date:  November 5th, 2009
American Air Date:  March 27th, 2010
Important Places:  Asatsuki Town (Daybreak City), Tatara Ironworks (Fuego Ironworks)

Satoshi and his friends pass back through Sono'o Town on their way up to Nagisa City.  After a quick stop by the Pokemon Center, where Hikari learns about a Pokemon Contest in Asatsuki Town, they continue onward.  Suddenly, they spot the Rocket-Dan's Nyasu, injured and alone!  After Takeshi nurses his wounds, Nyasu tells his enemies that his teammates, along with the international police officer Handsome, were taken hostage by the Ginga-Dan.  Nyasu says that the trio was captured inside the Tatara Ironworks, so the young trainers head toward the factory.  Meanwhile, Jupiter discovers that Pluto had finished creating the Red Chain, meaning that they only have to capture the lake trio to make their boss' dreams a reality.  Later, Satoshi and his friends infiltrate the Ironworks.  Jupiter tells them that the three of them were chosen by the lake trio - Emrit, Agnome, and Yuxie - before calling out her pokemon to battle.  Jupiter quickly runs away, so Satoshi and his friends decide to look for Handsome before pursuing her.  Some time later, Hansome and the others investigate the foundry to find out what the Ginga-Dan was using it for.  At the Ginga-Dan's headquarters, Akagi contacts Pokemon Hunter J and tells her to capture the lake trio.  Preparing for the trio's inevitable capture, Akagi heads toward Mt. Tengan to make the final preparations for his grand plans.  Will Satoshi, Hikari, and Takeshi be able to stop the evil team once and for all?  To be continued!

To date, I think this trio of episodes - DP 150, 151, and 152 - is the most epic thing the animated side of this franchise has ever done.  And I don't mean "epic" in that overused Internet sense; I mean actual, dictionary version epic. 

The way I see it, this finale shows us just how far the writers have come since those early Kanto days.  There were obvious signs that they were making things up as they were going along back then, but now, that doesn't seem to be the case at all.  With the Shin'ou saga, the writers seem to have had a grand plan for everything from the beginning, and we can see that with the start of this episode, all of those hints they've been dropping and all of the events they've been setting up actually meant something.  It's certainly a step up from the Magma-Aqua fiasco, that's for sure.

As far as this particular episode goes, it's nice to see Jupiter get a chance to shine even if it is so late in the game.  Better late than never, right?  Her flirtations with Handsome at the beginning were pretty entertaining, and I found myself sharing the same annoyance she had for Pluto.  I'm not fond of the way she just randomly starts blabbing about the lake trio to Satoshi and his friends when she had absolutely no reason to, but that's really a small gripe in this otherwise amazing episode. 

There are so many other amazing things I could bring up about this episode, like Nyasu's determination to save his friends on his own and all the great Hansome stuff, but I'll just end this here because I don't want to write this twenty page essay about how great this finale is.

I also really liked the Tsubomi cameo.  I wish the series would do more of those.

The dub goes back to giving us all Japanese music again (well, for the most part), something that I'm very happy about.  I honestly cannot imagine any other music being used for this episode, and luckily, it seems like TPCI agrees.  The dub also upgrades Asatsuki Town from a town to a city, which is kind of weird, but whatever.

Dialogue Edit
I don't really like to harp on how the Rocket-Dan is rewritten.  Yeah, I'll bring it up whenever it's relevant, but for the most part, I don't like to harp on it too much.  It's a dead horse, and I imagine that you guys would be just as tired of reading me complain as I would be doing the actual complaining.  It's a lose-lose.

But, well, I feel like this is relevant:

Meowth:  "Thanks for the save, twerp."

I'm bringing this up because in the original version, Nyasu doesn't insult his saviors.  He simply says "thank you," while bowing politely, before walking off. 

In fact, that entire Nyasu scene is played quite differently in the dub because of the way TPCI chooses to write Meowth.  They can't just have him say anything plainly, like a normal person; they always "punch up" his dialogue, giving him unnecessarily long-winded lines peppered with outdated slang.  It's not that big a deal when it's in most other episodes because most other episodes aren't as serious as this one.  But here, it really stands out in a bad way.

It's also incredibly jarring because every other non-Rocket character is given lines that accurately portray what their character is like.  Ash is written accurately.  Dawn is written accurately.  Brock is written accurately.  Looker is written accurately.  Every member of Team Galactic is written accurately.  But Team Rocket is written in such a way that you would think the show has two sets of writers - one for Team Rocket, and one for everybody else.  And, quite frankly, the ones who work on Team Rocket suck.

Later, in the second half of the episode:

Looker:  "So Team Galactic escaped again?  Then that means my work here is finished."

...and then he proceeds to do his job and investigate the Ironworks.  What?

Originally, Handsome said that since the Ginga-Dan escaped again, then that means that their work there is finished.  Not his.  Their.

Finally, I wanted to laugh at the police headquarters guy because he sounds like a bad Richard Nixon impersonation.  What an odd, odd casting choice.

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