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Japanese Episode DP 145
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 145:  "Fukamaru...I Got One!!"
American Episode 1240:  "A Rivalry to Gible On!"

Japanese Air Date:  October 1st, 2009
American Air Date:  February 20th, 2010

Satoshi and his friends arrive at a Pokemon Center and learn that a rowdy Fukamaru in the area has been causing trouble.  Satoshi wants to catch it because he thinks it'll strong while Kazunari wants to catch it so he can raise it to be a powerful Gablias, so the group of trainers - sans Takeshi, who stays behind to help Joi - set out to look for it.  They run into the pokemon before long, but it proves to be way too strong for our heroes' combined attacks.  New strategies are formed that include "fishing" for the pokemon using pokemon food as bait, but nothing seems to work.  The land shark pokemon eventually heads into a cave, so Satoshi and the others follow.  Inside, the various pokemon who live in the cave start to attack, sending everyone running in separate directions.  As Satoshi and Hikari reunite, Kotone becomes scared and begins to call out to Kazunari.  The Breeder in training is eventually able to track down his friend and, when they're found by Satoshi and Hikari, lead them out of the cave.  As they leave, Kotone thinks to herself how much Kazunari has grown since the incident at the power plant.  Outside, our heroes run into the Fukamaru again, but this time, a newly confident Kazunari steps forth to battle it.  His Waninoko is able to out-endure its opponent, weakening it enough for its trainer to get it.  After Kazunari captures the Fukamaru, our heroes return to the Pokemon Center to get some much-needed rest.

I'm not one of those crazy, frothing-at-the-mouth "OMG GIBLE!!!1!" people, so to me, this was just another capture episode.  And as far as capture episodes go, this one was pretty decent.

I think the part I liked the most about it was all the character interactions Kotone had with the various cast members.  I think "shipping" is the dumbest thing ever - I never understood why people got so worked up over the love lives of a bunch of fictional ten-year olds - but I was still amused by Kotone constantly trying to pair everyone up.  It's something we don't really get to see in this series all that often, so I'm all for it.  Variety is a good thing.

I also liked seeing the usually strong, confident Kotone lose her cool and act like an actual kid for a change.  Her little breakdown in the cave pretty much saved the otherwise dragged-out cave scene and really fleshed her out as a character.  That'll all be forgotten about by the next episode, of course, but it's still nice to see even for this brief moment.

As for Kazunari, I kind of felt like he was being really out-of-character (well, as out-of-character as someone who's only been in two episodes so far can be) the way he's suddenly all super confident and useful.  I mean, yeah, Kotone has that line about Kazunari growing since the events of the last episode.  But why in the world would him being trapped in a supply closet, whining the whole time, and then doing nothing to help everyone escape suddenly change his personality?  Are we supposed to assume that his drive to capture Fukamaru - which came out of nowhere, mind you - is so strong that he suddenly becomes un-boring?  The way I see it, Kazunari is just like that Breeder he admires so much in that he does nothing for a few episodes and is only competent and proactive whenever the writers decide to center an episode around him.  But don't worry!  He'll sink back into the background in time for the next episode!

And speaking of Takeshi, what is up with the writers just ditching him at the first chance they get?  I can understand they didn't want him around because he'd be a fifth wheel and would get in the way of all the implied relationships going on in this episode.  Still, the writers could have found a better way for him to disappear than helping out Joi.  She's really going to let some kid who admits to stalking her just wander into her Pokemon Center and starting treating her patients?  Isn't there, like, some protocol you have to go through first?

This is the episode, in Japan, where TV-Tokyo started airing the show in letterbox format for those still stuck with analog TVs.  Up until this point, they had been cropping the show, just like Cartoon Network is doing in the U.S.  So at least now, Japanese fans are getting the show in the proper aspect ratio.

The dubbed version has more of the same, really.  I could bring up the music or the cropping for the millionth time, but I don't really see any point in doing that.  Piplup's voice still sucks, but at least Gible sounds alright.

Dotchi ~ Nyo? replaces Moeyo Giza-Mimi Pichuu! as the ending theme as of this episode.  Also known as "one of my favorite ending themes replaces one of my least favorite ending themes and I couldn't be happier."

Nuckler and Zubat keep their Japanese voices.

Cut--1 second
A one second long clock wipe gets removed from the dub during the latter part of the episode.

Like every other scene transition cut, I'm assuming this one was made because of the way the commercials are placed in the dubbed version.

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