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Japanese Episode DP 038
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 038:  "Explosive Birth!  Cycling Road!!"
American Episode 502: 
"One Big Happiny Family!!"
Orchid-Hakase's Big Encyclopedia:  Bipper
Japanese Air Date:  June 21st, 2007
American Air Date:  November 24th, 2007
Important Places:  Yosuga City (Hearthome City), Cycling Road (Cycling Road)

Satoshi and his friends are on the way to Yosuga City, the site of Hikari's next Contest.  As they ride rented bicycles on Cycling Road, the egg that Takeshi got from the Pokemon Transformation Convention begins to glow!  The Breeder takes the egg to the nearest Pokemon Center but is surprised to see the hospital in disrepair!  The Center's Joi is found beating herself up, blaming herself for the lack of visitors to the Center.  She tells our heroes that ever since the Cycling Road opened, everyone just rides past the Center.  Takeshi, hoping to cheer Joi up, asks her to take care of his egg for him.  After a bit of persuading, Joi agrees to help.  Before long, Takeshi's egg hatches, and a baby Pinpuku is born!  As Takeshi happily welcomes the new life into the world, the Rocket-Dan plot to kidnap the pokemon so they can open up their own Rocket-Dan Pokemon Center.  Later, Takeshi goes outside to find some a rock to give to Pinpuku, explaining that the pokemon like to carry a round object in their pockets to imitate the way Lucky carries an egg in its pocket.  Takeshi finally finds a rock suitable to give to the pokemon, but the Rocket-Dan snatch the pokemon away before Takeshi can give it his present!  After the Rocket-Dan escape in their hot air balloon, Satoshi sends Mukubird out to find the trio.  While they wait, a bunch of wild pokemon in need of medical attention appear, and Takeshi tells Joi that even though nobody comes to the Pokemon Center anymore, she should keep it open to help the wild pokemon.  Eventually, Mukubird finds the trio and leads Satoshi-tachi to their location.  There, a battle that shows Pinpuku's superhuman strength ensues.  The Rocket-Dan are sent blasting off again, enabling Takeshi to be reunited with his pokemon.  After the former Gym Leader gives his rock to Pinpuku, our heroes head back on the path to Yosuga City.

I liked this episode quite a bit.  Pinpuku manages to balance "cute" with "not being a completely worthless piece of shit" (*coughTogepicough*) quite well,  and the part about it wanting a rock to be more like its evolved form is a nice touch.  I also really liked the throwback to "Happinas' Happy Nurse!" since references to old episodes (much less Jouto episodes) is pretty rare.  I'm surprised they went to the trouble of redrawing it instead of just using clips from the actual episode, but after the non-digital animation in "The Blue Badge of Courage" was removed from the dub, I guess the anime producers didn't want to risk having these scenes erased as well and decided to redo it.

The dubbed version keeps nine pieces of music, which for PUSA is actually pretty decent.  Still, that's not even half the music heard in the episode, so it's a rather shallow victory.  Other than that, everything is pretty much on-par with the way it always is. 

Cut--2 seconds
A transition scene thingee before the first Rocket-Dan scene is removed from the dub because of the commercial break Cartoon Network put in between that scene and the one before it.

Remember the days when Cartoon Network used to air only one commercial break per show?  The good ol' days...

Dialogue Edit
During Team Rocket's fantasy about staring up their own Pokemon Center, Jessie says that Meowth will help them out of health insurance claims.  In the Japanese version, however, Musashi says that Nyasu will translate what the pokemon are saying.

Later, during the Rocket-Dan's second battle against Satoshi-tachi, Kojirou calls out Sabonea, dodges, and says "Nice try!" in English.  All of this happens in the dub yet, for some reason, James doesn't comment on Cacnea's attempted hug!  You'd think that English dialogue would be kept as-is, but I guess not.  Huh.

Added Footage--3 seconds
Three seconds are added to the TO BE CONTINUED... screen. 

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