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Japanese Episode DP 036
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 036:  "The Shin'ou Space-Time Legend!"
American Episode 500: 
"A Secret Sphere Of Influence!"
Orchid-Hakase's Big Encyclopedia:  Rampard
Japanese Air Date:  May 31st, 2007
American Air Date:  November 10th, 2007
Important Characters:  Ginga-Dan (Team Galactic)

Our heroes have finally arrived in Hakutai City!  After visiting the local gym and finding it closed, Satoshi-tachi decide to kill some time in the city's museum.  There, they witness two thieves with a Kimawari take the Adamant Orb, a valuable crystal that's said to amplify the power of the legendary pokemon Dialga!  Hakutai City's Junsa locks down the museum and begins to search for the crooks in response.  As Satoshi and the others wait for Junsa's detective work, they run into their friend Natane and find out that she's the Gym Leader!  The museum is also visited by the Junsa from Tokiwa City, much to everyone's surprise.  A rivalry between the Kanto Junsa and the Shin'ou Junsa develops, and before long the search for the thieves becomes a matter of the police force's pride!  Hakutai City's Junsa's first suspect is Naoshi, the minstrel our heroes met back at the start of their journey.  The trainer/Coordinator is apprehended because he trains a Kimawari, but Naoshi insists that his pokemon is innocent.  Satoshi and his friends, unable to believe that Naoshi is a crook, decide to help in the hunt for the Adamant Orb.  Eventually, Naoshi's Kimawari, Satoshi's Pikachu, and Hikari's Potchama find the thieves and discover that they are none other than Musashi-tachi of the Rocket-Dan!  Everyone in the museum confronts the trio of thieves and battle them until they are forced to flee, leaving the orb behind.  After retrieving the treasure, Junsa apologizes to Naoshi for suspecting him.  As Naoshi accepts Junsa's apology, Takeshi wonders who the mastermind behind the theft could be...

How do you follow up featuring a Four Emperors member for no real reason?  Why, produce one of the most fanservice-y episodes ever, that's what!

This one had it all.  The gang finally arrives in a city with a Gym. 
An old character-of-the-day reappears.  A Gym Leader reappears.  An old character from friggin' Kanto appears.  Lots of appearances by legendary pokemon.  And, finally, the first appearance of the Ginga-Dan.

That last one was, for me, the biggest part of the episode.  And also the most frustrating.  The reason I'm annoyed is because, as of this writing, the gang has yet to reappear in any way, shape, or form.  What's the deal, anime producers?  You're following the games more than ever now, yet you're neglecting the main antagonists?  I can see that the writers want to play it safe, especially after the mess that was the Magma-Dan / Aqua-Dan, but come on

The dubbed version keeps quite a bit of music (most of it from the Lucario movie), but the music they don't keep really stands out in this episode.  A lot of the cues that Pokémon USA adds in just don't fit and are all over the place.  I'm talking "The Saffron Con" - level bad.  Other than that, Nando sounds better than he did in his first episode, but for some reason, Brock's voice sounds really off to me in this one.  Weird.

Skunpoo (whose Japanese name rocks :P ) keeps its Japanese voice.

Added Footage--3 seconds
Three seconds are added to the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.  It's particularly noticeable in this episode since the helicopter flying into the sunset just sort of freezes mid-air.

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