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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Pokémon Chronicles

In the episode entitled "The Legend of Thunder - Part Three," 4Kids cuts out the entire ending of the special.

Kenta and his friends leave the Pokemon Center.  They've got a few scratches on them from their adventure.
The trio thanks everyone for all their help.

The adults all congratulate Kenta-tachi and tell them not to overdo it from now on.
Marina asks Kudou-san to say hi to Utsugi-Hakase the next time he sees him.

Kudou says he'll do that while he's giving his report to Utsugi-Hakase.
Everyone says their farewells before heading off.

Minaki and Kudou admire what all the kids managed to do.
Minaki gets overly poetic...

...prompting Kudou to wonder what Minaki's going on about.
Next, we get this establishing shot of some road somewhere.  The special's ending theme, Aratanaru Chikai, begins to play.

Well, this is where they say goodbye.
This reminds them of the first day of their journey.

Next we see this flashback of the day the kids got their first pokemon.  I really like how everyone looks a little younger here.

Everyone announces which way they'll be heading.
Kenta's the first one to go.

Jun'ichi promises to call Marina later.
Jun'ichi sets off, leaving Marina and Muma behind.

Muma lingers around for a bit before following its trainer.
The three trainers go off on their separate ways.

We see this shot of the signpost again before the end credits begin.

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